Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board

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Packaging Detail:In pallet for shipment or in carton box.OR customized Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board
Delivery Detail:15 DAYS AFTER 30% DEPOSIT


1.Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board 
3.Easy to cut and install 

Vermiculite Fire Resistant Board Vermiculite fireproof board



fine fire insulation vermiculite board

size:various sizes

properties: heat-resistant,water-proofing

usage:widely use


Fine fire insulation vermiculite board



How to manufacture vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of boards that manufactured by expanded vermiculite and a certain amout of adhensives by hot-pressing or cold pressing.


What is vermiculite board?

Vermiculite board is a kind of new inorganic material. The main raw material is vermiculite and some adhensives.



building roof insulation (weathering course)

low roof feather weight sunken filling

Building roof and wall crack free plastering protect concrete roof from thermal shocks and cracks.

vibration absorbent

water leakage arrester

bio fertilizer for plants and terrace gardening



Vermiculit board sizes

common size: 2400*1200*15-60mm

Largest size: 2500*1220*100

density: 400-600KG/ M3

We can manufacture the vermiculite board referance to customers' request


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Q:Can i use vermiculite for a bedding box for my quail?
To find the amount of water you'll need just divide the amount of vermiculite by 6, and multiply by 4. This is because, with a ratio of 6:4, the water weight should be 4/6 the vermiculite weight. so 25.1*(4/6) = 16.733 g water
Q:how to measure out a 2:1:1 ratio of ingredients?
I can answer your question, but can't tell you anything about Venus Fly Traps (other than hard to grow and keep alive.) Vermiculite and perlite are different types of rocks that can be heated and pop like popcorn, producing what we see - light-weight pebbles. Because of that, although, technically they're different rocks, they serve the same purpose. If you can't find one, it's fine to use the other.
Q:Mites on ball python eggs ?
Coffee grounds are better I believe because it can turn into compost after a while and I'm not sure if vermiculite will.
Q:how much hatch-rite will i need for leopard gecko eggs?
You should be able to find vermiculite at a local plant nursery. You could even use potting soil or peat moss with no problem.
Q:What is the best substrate to use for a burrowing tarantula (Striped Knee Tarantula)?
How To Grow Magic Mushrooms
Q:which two of the following materials are mixed in the seeding medium to give good drainage and aeration?
Q:Iron powder. Water. Activated carbon. Vermiculite. Mineral water absorbent resin. After contact with air to human body harmful?
Iron powder will oxidize when it meets air, but it is harmful to people's health
Q:what type of soil mixture should I use for growing tomatoes in 5 gallon containers?
the white stuff was probably perlite. It's some kind of processed lava stone. It helps keep the soil fast draining. go to a local garden store or lowes or home depot, and look at the potting mixes they have. shipping would be really expensive for potting soil. get something without a lot of peat moss which will tend to hold water.
Q:Can Bearded Dragon eggs last a few days without an incubator?
hi there your going to want to candle them Weather or not there in the nesting boxes means nothing, Do this by taking a LED flash light and shinning it under the egg it should be red and almost like a bull eyes if so its fertile (if you didn't breed her to start with they cant be fertile sometimes they just lay eggs) Once you sort that out take them off the moss and on to the vermiculite, less water the better i Soak a little water in and squeeze out the water so its like a ball of vermiculite that should crumble apart.. set them in the vermiculite and set the eggs from 80F<females 83F -34F < a mix or 86F -88F Males. good luck it takes around 60 days Also if you would like to join a forum join its the best by far. Good luck!
Q:What can you root plants in?
I prefer adding soil amendments that have an organic content, like leaves, straw, compost, newspapers, lawn clippings, etc.. Perlite seems like an expensive soil additive. I didn't know you could still buy vermiculite, I thought it was mostly banned now because it has asbestos in it?? Well, maybe it's available where you live. Both perlite and vermiculite are/were used in potting soil, where the soil goes through regular cycles of being watered and then drying out. I suspect, though, that when they're in your garden, they're going to fill up with water, and then stay that way. Organic material does the same thing, costs less, and provides nutrition, too. For those reasons, I wouldn't use either perlite or vermiculite in my garden soil. Get some leaves, compost, manure, straw, newspapers, etc., and rototill them in now if you still can, and your garden will be fine by spring.

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