Vermiculite board for interior construcction

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Vermiculite board is a non-combustible board in which the unique cellular structure of vermiculite is maintained and controlled by a pre-treatment process. This gives excellent thermal insulation properties with dimensional stability at high temperatures. It is used extensively for the fire protection of structural steel elements in buildings to provide up to 240 minutes fire protection. It may also be used to protect sheet metal ducts and for the construction of smoke extract ducts.



Typical Vermiculite Board(VICUBO-700) 




Maximum service temperature


Bulk Density,dry



Cold crushing strength



Modulus of rupture



Loss of ignition



Linear reheat shinkage

12h # 900 degree celsius



Thermal conductivity

Mean temp.













Standard size and thickness



Length and width

2100x900mm & 1000x610mm

Other sizes are available upon request

Chemical Analysis

SiO2: 53.39%

Al2O3: 11.22%

Fe2O3: 3.41%

TiO2: 0.73%


MgO: 13.98%


Na2O: 6.90%




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Q:The role of vermiculite
Vermiculite can also provide the crop with its own K, Mg, Ca, Fe, and trace amounts of Mn, Cu, Zn and other elements. Vermiculite has the characteristics of water absorption, cation exchange and chemical composition, so it has many functions such as fertilizer preservation, water retention, water storage, air permeability, mineral fertilizer and so on.
Q:can i use vermiculite as a hermit crab substrate?
Ok, Take a plastic box, big enough for the geckos to stretch out in, this will be a good nest box. Cut a hole, about as big as a silver dollar. Carefully burn the edges, this will prevent the L.G. from getting hurt. The best thing you could use is perilite for the sybstrate. Use Three part water to one part perilite. EX. If you use a cup of water, use 1/3 cup water. Check the substrate every so often to make sure it is a little wet. If the eggs start to dent, add water. Pour a LITTLE water AROUND the eggs. Be careful, if you put too much water, you will drown the eggs. Keep the eggs between 75-79 degrees F. The temp. of the eggs will determine the sex of the babies. The higher the temp. the eggs will be male, lower temp will be female. The eggs will hatch in about 60 days; the higher the temp, the shorter the incubation period. Good Luck!!!!
Q:Can I use vermiculite for my lucky bamboo?
Tyler B is misguided. Eggs collapsing would not propose that they are infertile. in the event that they are infertile, they are going to turn moldy. Collapsing suited together as they are placed into the incubator means the humidity is in simple terms too low. I shop my eggs in airtight boxes with vermiculite or perlite. The eggs do no longer % plenty air. I open the boxes as rapidly as each and every week to enable clean air in and to income on the eggs. This keeps the humidity at a hundred%, this is what you pick. A field without lid makes it difficult to maintain the humidity intense. Get your eggs in a small, airtight field ASAP so which you do no longer lose them. additionally, confirm they stay suited section up. Mark the tops with a pencil.
Q:earthworms and compost?
yes vermiculite is enviromntaly frendly it breaks down in the ground .it is used in potting mixture yes it is a mineral it came from the earth
Q:Organic brown rice flour and Vermiculite?
Hello first off its never recomended that you don't hold any trarantula for yours and there safty as they can still bite if startled and fall as they can jump and even though a bite won't kill you you can have a nasty alergic reaction to th venom. However if you do want to handle your tarantula herar are som good tips. 1- use a soft paint brush to coax your tarantula out of the enclosure never put you hand inside have you hand laying flat and move the tarantula onto your hand. 2- if the tarantula goes into the threat posture leave it alone. 3- If it acts agitated moves away or strikes leave it alone. 4 - You can have him out as long as you want there isnt a time guide however i would at first keep it to 10-15mins 2x a week just to allow your self and the tarantula to get used to being handled and build up your confidence. 5- keep your tarantla low down in case it jumps or falls this will reduce the risk of injury. 6- If it runs see where it has gone use the paint brush to move it out if it turns defensive use a half cut bottle (large coke bottle) and move him into the bottle and put him back into the enclosure. 7- if he escapes use a heat sorce he should go to it as they go to warm spots. Mine escaped once and we couldent find him i put he microwave on to cook some food and when i went back he was sat on top of the microwave. The tarantula will rear up on to its back legs if its going into a defence mode and will strike. When it molts a good sign is boldness on the abdomen it will go its food and may become agitated and hide away. It will flip onto its back so don't touch it its not dead. make sure there is no food inside the enclosure the moltng can take up to 48hrs make sure you do not feed it up to a week to allow the new body to harden. If you need any more info please ask me i have lots of experience.
Q:Mushroom Substrate?
I'm not entirely sure about the vermiculite but i wouldn't think it would be a good idea, wouldn't straw or shredded newspaper be a better idea!
Q:my bearded dragon has laid 2 eggs then 1 egg a hour later and nothing the next day is this normal?
google square foot garden nice site
Q:Using Vermiculite and/or Perlite?
........and........? Vermiculite add some water holding, perlite loosens and fluffs the soil. If you are thinking sand, no, perlite is much, much larger than sand. Adding sand to a soil can be dangerous...if added to clay you end up with an elemental concrete......not good. Normally adding organic matter does the same thing to the garden soil as does adding vermiculite and perlite.
Q:cleaning tarantula's enclosure?
Q:what is the best vermiculite to use in my bearded dragon cage?
You mean cocoshell fibers? Yes, they could replace bagasse in a soil-less mix. But most potting soils are actually soil-less mixes. Why not just get some? Using either bagasse or coconut fiber by themselves would NOT make a good planting media.

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