Vermiculite board for fireplace/ vermiculite wall panel

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:15kg/bag or jumbo bag or as your detail requirement
Delivery Detail:10-25 days


Product Description

Specification for Vermiculite Board


1 size: 1000*600 /1000*1200mm 

2 thickness: 5-70mm

3 density:600-800kg/m3



Raw Material  for Vermiculite Board


Vermiculite is the generic name for laminar, hydrated ferromagnesian-Aluminum-Silicate minerals that resemble mica in the crude form. It has a great number of industrial uses by virtue of its expansion behavior on heating.


When heated rapidly to 900-1,000 D.C, its interlaminar water turns to steam and causes the minerals layers to exfoliate or sepreate into worm-like pieces. This forms a material with Lower Density, Excellent Insulation properties, Good Absorption, Iron Exchange Capacity, Chemically Stable and Non-toxic. 


The above properties make it widely used in Construction, Agriculture and Horticulture and Industrial application.




Raw/crude Vermiculite


Brand name



Vermiculite type        : golden yellow or silver white.

Vermiculite products : Raw vermiculite, Exfoliated vermiculite, Vermiculite board etc.


1. Lightweight concretes and screeds

2. Vermiculite plasters

3. Loose fill insulation

4. Fire protection

5. Horticulture

6. Refractory & high temperature insulation

7. Friction linings

8. Special coatings, gaskets & seals

9. Swimming pool liners

10. Packing material

11. Animal feed



Size             :



Appearance :

golden yellow/silver white


Type (I) , Fe2O3 content 5-13%:gray-silver-white, similar in colour to South African material

Type (II) , Fe2O3 content 16-22%:golden-yellow, similar in colour to Australia and India etc



Raw Golden/Silver Vermiculite








In 1/1.2 MT jumbo bag for shipment

Loading quantity

20-24MTs/1*20'ft container


Within 7-15days,also depends on your quantity


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Q:what excatly is vermiculite?
Mix vermiculite and water 50/50 by weight (not by volume!) to provide the proper medium in a sealed incubation container. Make sure the eggs are kept at the proper temperature. Humidity should be 90 to 100% or so, but it is very important that water never directly contact the eggs.
Q:What is the thermal conductivity of vermiculite and vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, which is blocky, flaky and granular. It is the product of weathering and alteration of natural mineral such as biotite. The interlayer water molecule is ignited at high temperature, and the volume is increased by 18-25 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, silicate and other ingredients.
Q:Where can you buy Vermiculite?
Sometimes vermiculite can come from minerals that cause it to be slightly alkaline. That wouldn't be good for fly-traps but most vermiculite should work just fine. Both vermiculite and perlite are used because they hold water well. It is probably something else bothering the plant but pH is still a likely problem. You might try using distilled water.
Q:Water resources are faced with the crisis of shortage and pollution. Can perlite and vermiculite be used for water treatment?
Because of the exchange function of the vermiculite cation, the heavy metal elements in snowmelt can be replaced, which can be used to purify the snow melted into the rivers and lakes. For example, they are designed for large snow parks that tend to store snow and carry out snow melt cleanup around railways and highways.The wider application of perlite and vermiculite, will require more processing equipment, will drive the processing industry forward.
Q:Magic mushrooms shot in the dark?
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Q:Reptile leopard gecko?
Organic refers to the source of the rice, that is, the farm where it grew. So, if it's from an organic farm, it's organic. Enriching it will not change that status. If it doesn't say brown rice on the bag, then it's just white rice that's been colored in the processing. Uncle Ben's may do that; I'm not sure. Brown rice has more nutrients and fiber than white rice, but is also more susceptible to mold. You have to keep it in a cool, dry place.
Q:rose hair tarantula habitat help?
My beardies too young to lay eggs but i think the best would be the crested gecko dirt from pet stores Is your beardie expecting if so congrats from my bearded dragon haha! :D Good luck
Q:I have a science project in which i need to remove pollutants from water- what is the best way to do this?
depends on the incubator realy. and just the batch of verm. iv had batches of verm that i had only to put a lil water in to make it moust enough for snake eggs.. and then theres been other batches that ive had to play mad scientist and add water.. and water and water and water every day in my fridge incubator and in the zoomed ones... it reay depends on the batch how old it is and just how well in general. personaly i check on my eggs every day or 2 for air. and i check the temps every few hours [just cause im super cautious] but the first day or 2 there in there when i check my temps i check the eggs a lil to see the moisture.. just depends bro.. gl
Q:what are really good insulators that are common items you can find or buy at stores?
Regular potting soil mixed with sand or just damp sand is fine. Her instinct is to bury the eggs and the sand or sand/soil mix will hold the shape better for that then the vermiculite. Vermiculite is better for incubating eggs.
Q:what is the temperature and humidity for bearded Dragon eggs?
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