Vehicle side wall aluminum profile

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We are the largest aluminum profilemanufacture in China which specializing in industry aluminum profile. If you need some products,please feel free to send us the drawings or samples, we will supply you the good qualitywith best price, and we will serve you all the time.


Alloy  Aluminum 6063,6061,6005,6082 or customer nominated


T3, T4, T5, T6 and other


Anodize,  electrophoresis, Mill,etc




Not  more than 16 meters

Good Package

Inner plastic film /outside carton/wooden  pallets

Payment Method

T/T, L/C, etc

Delivery Time

Normally 2-4 weeks, Delivery time can be consulted.

Press  Machine

500-12500  tons all together 93 press lines.


1. Car  body; 2. Drilling; 3. Bending; 4. Cutting; 5. etc.




1.  Using our dies, no fee;

2.  Using customer drawing, opening dies, usually about 5~50 tons then the dies  cost can be refunded.

3.  Die cost is negotiable base on the order quantity


Annual  output 800,000 tons

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Q:L'OCCITANE hand cream is plastic tube or aluminum tube ah, 20
Dear, let me just tell you, L'OCCITANE hand cream you can go look at the counter, in addition to the 15ml trial installation of plastic packaging, 30ml, 75ml, 150ml as long as it is genuine are aluminum package, because L'OCCITANE is focusing on environmental protection, all have no genuine even plastic alone with plastic packaging. Taobao black heart seller also said what, 30ml is plastic, big branch is aluminum bag, put P. Admitting that it's plastic packaging doesn't make any difference to admitting that you sell fakes. And from the price can also see, and then cheap authentic, 30ml one will not be less than 50 yuan, genuine purchasing generally fluctuates between 55~70, if less than 50, even the aluminum packaging can not really.
Q:How are the copper tubes and aluminum tubes welded in the air conditioner?
Thin wall welding is known as the world's problems, there are objective factors. The melting point of copper is 1083 degrees Celsius, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees Celsius, which is more than 400 degrees Celsius melting point, is the result of the formation of aluminum, copper may be weak. It is more difficult, but also will be natural aluminum to form an oxide film on the surface, the refrigeration pipeline cleanliness requirements, clearing method of additive with this film is not clear, it is difficult to use physical methods, the oxide film layer and the melting point of 2000 degrees Celsius, the three different melting point, resulting in welding weld welding is not very easy to form even. In the past, using some special welding methods, such as explosive welding, diffusion welding, welding, friction welding method, by applying the auxiliary welding, welding can also be achieved, but these methods can only be completed or above 1 mm copper aluminum tube welding, or as a result of High cost and complex process, not suitable for industrial production. Some countries try to use copper and aluminum eutectic structure of weld, welding for thin walled, conducted extensive research, but did not realize the industrial application of refrigeration and air conditioning pipeline. The wall is very thin, only the invention of new welding method of welding production forming thin-walled copper aluminum pipe industrialization in order to realize, instead of copper aluminum in the air conditioning and refrigeration pipeline on the target."First we follow the copper eutectic structure of weld experiments, results show that the tube wall is too thin, the eutectic structure is very fragile, therefore, the weld quality is very poor, or even hand tear tear down. So, we started to look for new ideas." Zhao Yue recalled.
Q:Haier refrigerator is now using aluminum tube material,
The aluminium material used in refrigerator is because:Aluminum costs lower prices.Now the processing of aluminum tube material (such as molding, surface oxidation treatment, copper aluminum joints, etc.) have reached a relatively advanced level.In the assembly design, are basically installed in a relatively hidden and protected place.
Q:Brass or aluminium tube for internal and external air conditioner?
Some manufacturers for the cost on the tubes, each also has been used before, Rui tubes, not how many years
Q:Can anodized aluminum 6061-T6 surface be oxidized?
The so-called T6 is a kind of heat treatment, the main process is rolling solid solution and aging, these steps is to let the inner Aluminum Alloy changed, the metal can reach high strength and long deformation, anodic oxidation of our workpiece can have better conductivity and not the impurity content of workpiece the 6061 is too high, a low impurity content of his aluminum alloy aluminum is much less than, so the conductivity of aluminum has good ductility and high anodic oxidation and chemical polishing, is a good choice.
Q:Seamless tubes and welded aluminum performance is what is the difference between
In the case of aluminum tubes of the same material:1, seamless aluminum pipe can be used for fluid parts, such as: water stamping, air, hydraulic, machining, grinding and other important parts.
Q:Which tubs are heated by aluminium tubes? The plastic feels unsafe
Plastic pipe heating at high temperature, it is prone to explosion, security is not high. Have you heard it is not SOFO Soffer, aluminum heating, very good security.
Q:Can aluminum plastic pipes be used for solar energy pipes?
If the conditions, it is recommended to use the best copper, plastic contact with hot water is not after all very good, the harmful substances are good materials will decompose the dissolved in water is bad for health.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of steel tubes, aluminium tubes and stainless steel pipes?
You should first find out the material brand, and then find manufacturers to test specimens to do material reports, and then consult the materials manual or the corresponding national standards to control whether it meets the requirements of the standard!
Q:Now there are two kinds of air-conditioning connections, one is copper aluminum pipe connection, one is pure copper pipe connection, copper aluminum pipe connection quality, OK?
In contrast or pure copper, from corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, heat conduction, good toughness is pure copper, aluminum brass appears is actually in order to reduce the cost of manufacturing businesses, now is about social science has developed, but in the end is progress or retrogression?

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