Vegetable Garden Sun shade Netting/PE Sunshade Net

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100000 m²
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10000000 m²/month

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Vegetable garden sun shade netting/hdpe sunshade nets

Vegetable Garden Sun shade Netting/PE Sunshade Net


greenhouse sun shade net 

Material: HDPE wih UV 

Weight: 65-230g/m2 

Shade Rate:70-95%; Width:1m-6m 

Packing in OPP bags                                                                                 Material:HDPE

Mode Number

Use:garden, vegetable field, carpot, balcony,ect.

Size:1*2m/pc, 1*4.5m/pc,2*5m/pc,2*10m/pc or as your request


Shade shade:70%



Color:Black, green or any color

Payment:T/T or L/C

Packing detail

1pc into one opp bag, 10 pcs/ inner carton, 50pcs/ export carton

Delivery Detail

30days after confirmed the order


Sun shade net / shade netting is made of HDPE can protect flowers and plants from bad weather and domestic pets.

At home, it can help us create a simple protection. With its eyelets, it is extremely easy to fix.


1. How many years can it be used?

At least three years, it can also be customized according to the customer's requirements.

2. What color is it made?

Black, Green, White, Dark Green, Bule o it is customized according to the customer's requirements.

3. How to transport?

Usually, we use the container by sea transportation.


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