VCOM New Design Small White And Green USB Reader

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VCOM New Design Small White And Green USB Reader


1.Compatible with USB2.0/1.1                                 

2.Support for hot-swappable                                            

3.No external power supply                                           

4.The built-in current protection device                     

5.Support:SD,Micro SD/TF, MS , M2                                     

6.Small size so easy to carry
7.built-in LED power indicator
8.Mini data coasters
9.Supports the following speed data rate-full-speed(12Mbps)/high-speed(480Mbps)/superspeed(5 Gbps)  

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A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.
Q3: Do all electronics have silicon in them?
A: No but most modern ones do. Older electronics that don't require micro chips don't have to have silicon at all, and their mother boards are made from copper. Silicon is used in micro chips as a semi-conductor in modern electronics but some other semi-metals, like gallium and germanium can also be used. Silicon is just the most common because it is so plentiful.



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Q:How do you read a sandisk without a card reader?
go get a multi card reader. I have a SONY one, it was only ten bucks. My friend has one by Targus or something like that. OR you could find a product around the house (digital camera, cell phone, so on) and see if it has a USB port. So put the SD card in the device and hook it up to your computer.
Q:every time i plug my micro sd card into my card reader it wont load on my mac.any suggestions on what i can do?
It sounds to me like your memory card is an SD High-Capacity (SDHC) memory card. The first generation of R4DS card readers do not support SDHC cards*. Also, the card reader on your Mac may not support SDHC cards. When SD cards first came out, they had a maximum capacity of 4GB. When that wasn't enough any more, the group that manages the SD format came out with a new standard: SDHC. SDHC looks the exact same, but is completely different internally. And the internal differences make SDHC incompatible with SD card readers. Newer SDHC capable card readers can read both SD and SDHC cards, but older SD card readers can't read new SDHC cards. To see if your memory cards is SDHC check the packaging or label. Then, check if your model of Mac and/or R4DS support SDHC. To see if it is just the card that is broken, go to a computer store and ask if they have a computer up and running that has an SDHC card reader. Stick in your card and see if it works. If it does, your card readers aren't SDHC compatible. If the card doesn't work in the computer store's computer, the memory card is most likely damaged and needs to be returned under warranty. I hope this helps. If you need more help, please add more details to this question, or feel free to email me through my Yahoo! Answers profile. Good luck.
Q:psychics and card readers: Help please!?
Cooky. Awesome.
Q:Memory Card reader on PC wont recognise memory cards?
Hiya, Fairly simple this one, try the following:- 1. Switch off the computer, disconnect from power supply. now get a air canister, and direct the air blaster through the card reader holes. 2. leave the machine off for not less than 5 minutes - This lets the inside return to room temperature. 3. When 2 above complete -restart your computer. using a pen torch, check that no pins or wires seem out of place. if these look ok, then proceed to 4. 4. re-install the driver for your card reader. Using Startcontrol panelhardwaredevice manager - Locate the card reader section, and simply right click, select properties, then go through the tabs until you find update driver or re-install driver. Once this is completed, goto 5. 5. re-boot the computer, and try the reader with a different memory card. This is because your other ard maybe corrupted. Hope this helps, Alex
Q:Where can i find a sd memory card reader?
Highly okorder
Q:Does a card reader and a flash drive work the same way?
A card reader is use to read data off things like SD cards and other card formats. The card readers themselves do not store the physical information or data. If you want to back up your files without constantly reading and running applications from it, the best thing to do is get an external hard drive.
Q:i have bought a usb 2.0 combo card reader but its not saying no driver installed .please help?
Sounds like a problem with the USB controller, have a look in the device manager, see if there is a warning against the controller and update that driver.
Q:how do i put pics from my comp to my memory card?
i don't have Verizon, yet i latterly have been given a Samsung s3 via ATT, they copied each little thing over and went out to my motor vehicle to pair it with hands loose. All you need to do is ask.
Q:why can I not view my pictures on my canon 30d camera after I use a sandisk card reader?
Your camera should be compatible with a 16gb, most cameras available these days can hold 32GB's at a time. I don't have a 14.1 MP Camera, I do have a 12.1 MP camera though. I can take about 2,200 12.1 MP photo's on 8 gb's of memory. At 14.1 MP's, I would imagine you can take between 1,400 to 1,600 photo's. Like the other person said, having a second memory card would be useful, as if one card goes corrupt, you still have another card to use.
Q:anyone ever get freaked out by card readers?
The only problem that I have with card readers is that they have never told me anything that I didn't already know. Not saying they are fake, some of them probably aren't, but the majority might be.

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