VC101A Portable Bed Cleaner bacteria in the bed

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Product Description:

1.Specially for eliminating the dust, mite, and bacteria in
   the bed;
2.Dual system with “suck” and “ flap” function, cleaning
   with high  efficiency;
3.Pearlized plastic housing makes an exquisite look;
4.Nanophase materials are used for dust collecting box,
   mite could be killed inside the box;
5.Over heat protection on the motor when the
   temperature is higher than 115  ;
6.Technical parameters;
   220-240V~50-60Hz        classⅡelectrical appliance
   Power: 400W                 Vacuum degree: ≥9.5Kpa
   Noise: ≤70dB                 Duct container capacity:0.25L
   Net Weight: 1.87kg         Gross Weight:2.6kg
   Cord Length: 3.5M
   Package Size (mm): 376X176X396
   Carton Size (mm): 740X395X425   4 pcs/ctn
   Loading quantity:920pcs/20’, 1860pcs/40’, 2232pcs/40H’

VC101A  Portable Bed Cleaner bacteria in the bed

VC101A  Portable Bed Cleaner bacteria in the bed

VC101A  Portable Bed Cleaner bacteria in the bed

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