Various Types of xlpe and PVC Insulation Power Cable

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Various Types of xlpe and PVC Insulation Power Cable

Main Structure of PVC Insulation Power Cable

1.Voltage: 1kv to 35kv 
2. ISO, CCC Certificate 
3. 22 years producing experience 
4.Professional service



Specification of XLPE  /PVC Insulated Power  Cable





CU or AL conductor ,XLPE/pvc  insulated PVC sheathed electric cable



Cu or Al conductor XLPE /pvc insulated steel tape armoured ,steel wire armor

pvc sheathed electric cable

 Datas and Information for PVC Insulated Power Cable 

XLPE insulated power cable 0.6/1kv
norminalsectional area insulati-on thicknessheath thickness(mm)

overal diameter

of cable (mm)

D.C resistance of conductor(km)                current rating
in air(A)direct in soil(A)


Attention: We can provide more info than above data, if needed.The above are just some examples.




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Q:Is there a set-top box video output cable and a DVD video output cable connected together and then output as a video cable connected to the TV's video input cable?
High-definition interface is best to use high-definition line connection, if not, should try to use color video cable and audio cable connection TV cable is relatively poor
Q:Bridge 380V strong wire, and now put into the cable to the signal interference?
In the manufacturers where the cable is on the number of meters, the retailer's words are, up to give you some preferential prices.
Q:Gold radius of the VT-300 NC red, FANUC system, the recent inexplicable "overtravel-X", the actual is not overtaking, and occasionally there will be "overtaking"
It means that the wire diameter of more than 2 mm above the wire can be used.
Q:What is the difference between the cable KVVP and KVVP2?
The meaning of the letter: W refers to the halogen-free, D refers to the low smoke, Z refers to the flame retardant WDZ is halogen-free low smoke flame retardant jacket power cable. WDZC refers to halogen-free low smoke C-class flame retardant
Q:Audio cable and video cable is not a common wire
In principle is not recommended, the two signals are different, the required transmission conditions between each other with the same wire is difficult to achieve transmission requirements
Q:Will the power cable and inverter control cable together, will affect the speed? Will it burn the control potentiometer?
RVVP2 * 0.75 * 10 is the communication line is a kind of power cable shielded wire, 0.75 square line
Q:On the same ditch laying high and low voltage cable doubts?
PVC pipe 6 points of course, more than 4 points in large, the score is in English, every 8 points is 1 inch, equal to 25.4mm, it represents the pipe diameter. 4 points corresponding to the tube diameter of .6 points corresponding to the tube diameter of .1 inches corresponding pipe diameter of 32. PVC type pipe with PVC pipe with PVC pipe has PVC electric tube JG / T3050-1998PVC electrical casing classification, divided into L type (light) M type (medium) H type (heavy) First, the implementation of standards: JG / T3050-1998 Second, the product specifications: divided into light -. medium -. heavy-type -405 three. . light -205 outside diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm. medium -305 outside diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm. heavy -405 diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm Third, the nominal diameter were: .... . the thickness of the product is as follows: .16 outside the light, medium and heavy thickness were: 1.00 (light, allowable difference +0.15), 1.20 (allowable difference +0.3), 1.6 (weight, allowable difference +0.3) The The medium and heavy (no light) thickness of the outer diameter of .20 are: 1.25 (medium, allowable +0.3), 1.8 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). .25 outside the diameter of the weight (no light) thickness were: 1.50 (in the allowable difference +0.3), 1.9 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). The light, medium and heavy thickness of the outer diameter of .32 are: 1.40 (light, allowable difference +0.3), 1.80 (medium, allowable +0.3), 2.4 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). .40 outside the light, medium and heavy thickness were: 1.80 (light, medium, allow the difference +0.3), 2.0 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). Fourth, the national standard wall thickness 16: I20: 1.125; 1.332: 1.540: 1.950: 2.263; 2.7 These are more commonly used.
Q:Is it necessary to protect the buried cable? What position is needed?
Do not specifically do maintenance, will be miserable, with the point of doing the hardware or software sales can also do things such as Internet cafes system maintenance and wiring and the like, start the fund is not very high, only the accessories as long as the common model accessories There are on the line, maintenance test tools also can not spend much money.
Q:What are the electrical equipment? What are the main parts of each device?
Oh, the chassis of this thing or belong to the "heavy industry" products, thin when the evaluation of electronic industrial products standards, the chassis does not apply
Q:How to choose the type of street lamp cable specifications, anxious
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