Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Veneer, which comprises a board body, the plate body is a layered structure, including a pattern layer, the bottom paper layer, decorative layer, in pattern layer and a bottom paper layer between a decorative layer, the pattern layer, decorative layer, the bottom paper layer pressing and bonding as a whole. Because the utility model adopts the above technical scheme, the utility model provides the veneer, at the joint of the installation, do not need to use the edge strip, reducing the installation cost, for simple and convenient to install and avoid the emergence of the phenomenon of uneven stitching, also won't because of uneven stitching at the resulting in the use of the inconvenience, also in the overall effect, elegant appearance.

2.Product Characteristic

Melamine board can be arbitrary imitation of a variety of patterns, bright color, used for a variety of man-made board and wood veneer, the hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance. Melamine veneer chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, acid alkali, general grease and alcohol solvent. Melamine board surface smooth and clean, easy maintenance. Because the melamine board has the excellent performance which can not have both the natural wood, it is often used in the interior construction and all kinds of furniture, the cabinet's decoration. Melamine board surface smooth and clean, easy maintenance.


Name: MDF

Pine tree species:

Origin: Jiangsu

Grade: E2

Moisture content: 12%

Apparent density: 850

Bending strength: 11

Special features: not easy to split

Specifications: 2.3*1220*2440

Item: dnhfnq2.3NE2-850

4.Reference Picture

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

Various Specifications of Heat Transfer MDF Board Melamine Veneer

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Q:What are the requirements for wood exports to Europe and the United States?
From the export of logs to plywood, wood-based panel exports, and now to the main furniture exports, China's timber and wood products export value-added products are increasing.Currently, China's timber and wood products are the main features of wood-based panels and Wooden furniture exports accounted for a large proportion of the future, China's wood products export enterprises should be 'intensive cultivation' development. "Jinxiu wood chairman Cai Huixing that the domestic wood products related enterprises to do is to constantly adjust the industrial structure, Increase scientific and technological research and development to reduce dependence on the forest resources and destruction; the establishment of a more stable import resource base and channels to enhance the impact of fluctuations in the impact of international market prices; the establishment of a more standardized import order, to avoid self- Competition, weaken its competitiveness in the international market and undermine its image in the international market and so on, and strive to increase the added value of the product, the full open high-end market gap, from price to win to win.
Q:Why moldy wood products after cleaning will be moldy
As the household goods and more, to have to concentrate on every one to have a certain degree of difficulty, the most critical thing is to do a good job home moisture protection. When the air is wet, do not open the window, remember to close the windows, especially south and southeast windows, as well as the highest air humidity sooner or later. But if you think the indoor air can not flow, you can open the doors and windows at noon and afternoon Dehumidification coup Moisturizing box for wardrobe, shoe moisture absorption, generally containing calcium chloride particles, most also added the essence, so set dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew, deodorant and other functions in one. The use of absorbent bags is wider, in addition to dry clothing, but also on leather goods, books, cameras, computers, discs and other dehumidification. If placed in a confined space, the effect will be very good. Charcoal dehumidification is now the most popular moisture-proof way. Can be black wood charcoal in advance to boil for 10 minutes, filter out moisture, ventilated dry, put two days later placed in a breathable basket, placed in the room diagonal position can be. Each room put 5 to 10 kg or so. Charcoal cheap, and can be reused after the dry, affordable.
Q:How to prevent wood from "dehydrating"?
2, construction attention to detail In the home decoration, the quality of wood is the key to the construction, especially the details of the treatment: all wood products in the installation, to immediately brush once again paint. This layer is called "overcoat" paint, not only can protect wood products, but also play a role in isolation of water to maintain the normal moisture content of wood; binder can not be mixed. At present in the home decoration, the general use of white latex for wood products joints of the binder. Some workers in order to cut corners, in the white latex watered. This not only reduces the strength of the binder, and wood products absorb moisture, it is prone to quality problems; all the wood to be placed for a few days. You in the decoration with the wood to buy home, the best place in the decoration site for a few days and then use. The purpose of this is to make the moisture content of the wood close to the level of new homes.
Q:Maintenance of wood products
Wooden handicrafts generally use a long age, so usually to always protect the furniture surface coating, the best every three months, with a little wax wipe once, not only increase the furniture beautiful, but also to protect the wood. To keep the wooden crafts clean and tidy, clean the gauze to clean the dust. Should not use chemical brightener, so as not to damage the film sticky. In order to keep the brightness of the furniture film, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then three layers of gauze to oil polishing. To prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvent upside down. Otherwise it will make the furniture surface long "scar". Encountered on the surface of the furniture stained with dirt, use a mild soapy water to wash, dry, and then wax once to restore the original appearance, but should not use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvent-based liquid rub, otherwise it will wipe the surface The paint and lacquered luster. Walnut oil for maintenance furniture is only available for furniture that is not painted and waxed. The use of frequency should not be too high, usually 2-3 months to use once, in a relatively dry environment can be appropriate to shorten the maintenance interval, about a month maintenance time. But usually must pay attention to the amount of use. Oil has the characteristics of dust, the amount of dust will be too much to attach, resulting in greasy feeling.
Q:Can you bring wood products from New Zealand?
Can be kind, no creatures in China do not let them General wood material is not found after the inspection will allow transit
Q:What is good for wood preservative coating?
3, garden wood paint - garden wood paint from the natural preparation of special raw materials, rich in tung oil, with a strong penetration and adhesion. Its protective coating on the surface of wood has excellent ability to adapt to climate change and can resist resistance to ultraviolet radiation in the sun, delaying the aging of wood. Coated with wear, soft luster, feel comfortable, rich affinity.
Q:How to protect the outdoor wood products? What kind of paint can be anti-corrosion? How to build?
6. Wiping before the first clean cloth evenly, will be too much part of the wax oil; rubbing when the force should be uniform, can not be too heavy or too light, the first to be painted surface alternately Wipe a few times, the final ending when the direction of smooth rubbing wood, so that the full access to wood grain wood, standing dry; to be dry surface, in the surface of the paint was gently polished, wiped, the same steps once.
Q:How does pure handmade wood products sell?
4, and shop to buy crafts consultation, the production of their own handicrafts into others shop sales. 5, to participate in all kinds of crafts exhibition at the show sales. If you are lucky you can also receive bulk purchase orders. 6, into the major online sales, such as "handicrafts sales network."
Q:Is it possible to pay for the processing of timber?
Yes, yes, processing wood is to pay VAT. Second, note: 1. The acquisition of timber (belonging to agricultural products) to the farmers shall be issued by the acquirer to the farmers (the tax bureau only) to the farmers. The acquirer shall calculate the deductible input tax according to the acquisition certificate at 13%.
Q:How can the carved wood products make the surface smooth and anti-corrosion?
4. Before use, stir evenly, no need to dilute; if the product viscosity is high, but also into a small amount of special thinner, adding the amount should not exceed 10%. 5. Brush need to use soft brown hair brush, along the direction of wood texture evenly, thin brush again, after brushing to remove excess wood wax, brushing the amount must be less, can not be painted too thick; to be hard after the surface, Paint gently polished, wipe, 12 hours can be painted the second time.

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