Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Packaging materials are used for manufacturing packaging containers, packaging, printing and packaging, packing and transport packaging of the products meet the requirements by the use of materials, wood packaging materials including wood products and artificial wood plate, such as plywood, fiberboard made of packaging, such as wooden box, wooden barrels, wooden box, plywood, fiber board box, plywood boxes and wooden pallets

2.Product Characteristic

1016mm ×1219mm  

1200mm x 1000mm      

1200mm ×800mm      

1140mm ×1140mm

1067mm ×1067mm    

1100mm * 1100mm


1) large wood packing box (500kg or above): mainly used in large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, instrument cabinet packaging.

2) small wooden packaging box (inside 500kg): mainly used in internal combustion engines and other small electrical and mechanical equipment, hardware parts, electronic components, sanitary ware, building materials, household appliances, sporting goods and food, fruit, and other packaging.

3) wooden base: application in the base of large mechanical and electrical equipment and large tank container.

4) wooden pallets: used in the packaging of the tray, such as chemical raw materials, daily necessities, food and other transport tray.

5) wood packaging materials: mainly used in the packing box bottom bracket, bracket, fixture, partition, wooden shaft wedge packing structure

4.Reference Picture

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials


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Q:Wood products and iron products paint practice difference
Then you can try plastic wrap to see how the effect is Hope that the following protective measures to help you: 1. Oil rust. This method is too greasy and pollution. Not only beautiful and rust-proof effect is not ideal. Unclean oil rust-proof effect is lower than the desiccant And the traditional paper packaging and the cost is high 2. rust-proof paper rust: rust-proof paper is a kind of economical and environmentally friendly anti-rust packaging materials for small iron or non-metallic parts Packaging. Transport. Storage, rust effect is more rapid. Easy to use. With the best moisture. Anti-rust. Anti-corrosion function. Also has a long anti-rust. Use of safety. Packaging beautiful. Low cost, etc. At home and abroad It is widely used as an indispensable anti-rust material for industrial products and parts packaging.It is very suitable for the process and the storage of rust in the machining industry 3. Anti-rust film rust: (with the former) Spray wax rust: spray wax is sprayed on the surface of a layer of metal protective film. The metal surface and moisture isolation. So as to achieve the purpose of rust. This method is simple to use. Clear when the need for hot water cleaning. In addition to the above methods, the iron storage environment should be kept The humidity should not be higher than 50% Qi home network | to decoration, on the Qi
Q:Is the wooden product environmentally friendly?
Whether the wood products are environmentally friendly depends on the production process, whether it contains toxic and hazardous substances, whether the transition process waste a lot of resources.
Q:Wood products waxing
1, after waxing will be bright, bright color. Before waxing the best thorough cleaning, keep no dust, no foreign body.
Q:How to repair wood products broken
Because each kind of wood has an optimum moisture content, and less than the best moisture content, the wood will crack, more than the best moisture content, the wood will moldy. But also because many of the furniture in the country of origin, and the origin of wood environment are generally more humid. The home environment does not guarantee the optimum moisture content of the wood. At the same time the best moisture content of each kind of wood is also different. And wooden furniture in the transport and use will inevitably knock to meet, and then meet the changes in moisture content, and finally lead to cracking.
Q:Wood products in what kind of temperature and humidity placed the most appropriate?
Hello, your question is now displayed in the "bird and bird fish" this classification, it is recommended that you ask questions when you choose the classification, you ask questions in the question box below, the system to help you is not necessarily you want the classification , Your own classification of these problems in the "life" or "entertainment and leisure" below should soon find the answer, in this classification basically silent Oh,
Q:Wooden products marked above the letter engraved pattern with what machine equipment?
You can use carbon dioxide laser marking machine. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is specifically for non-metallic marking of a device, due to the relationship between the laser wavelength, marking in the wood products is particularly advantageous.
Q:How to protect pineapple grid outdoor building wood products?
Its main features are: First, the raw material of wood wax is natural raw materials. Does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and lead, mercury and any other toxic and harmful substances, is a real, veritable environmental protection products. Second, the production of wood oil on the energy and non-renewable resources, low loss, the production process of pollution-free waste discharge, no secondary pollution, the product of the waste is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, maintaining the ecological balance,
Q:Those stocks are the main wood products
Coronal Wood Industry: Branch of the wood industry plans to build timber processing projects, the main supply of the company's current production of solid wood flooring core wood, table and three solid wood composite floor semi-finished products, multi-layer parquet semi-finished products. Mulan factory wood processing capacity of the initial design: annual production of 20,000 square meters (can supply an annual output of 1.5 million square meters of solid wood flooring production); with an annual output of 1.5 million square meters table; with an annual output of 1.5 million solid wood composite floor Square meters. The project is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2008 and will be commissioned in the second half of 2008.
Q:Outdoor wood products with what paint
It is best to use raw tung oil. Now there is a water-based outdoor paint is also very good! Oily paint is only slightly better than acrylic paint.
Q:Wood products out of the United States is not directly open fumigation can prove that?
In international trade, countries to protect their own resources, some imported goods to implement a mandatory quarantine system. Wood packaging fumigation is a precautionary measure taken to prevent harmful pests from harming the forest resources of the importing country. Therefore, the export of goods containing wood packaging, it must be shipped before the wood packaging for pesticide treatment, fumigation is a way to deal with pesticides.

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