Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

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Product Description:

1.Product Description

Packaging materials are used for manufacturing packaging containers, packaging, printing and packaging, packing and transport packaging of the products meet the requirements by the use of materials, wood packaging materials including wood products and artificial wood plate, such as plywood, fiberboard made of packaging, such as wooden box, wooden barrels, wooden box, plywood, fiber board box, plywood boxes and wooden pallets

2.Product Characteristic

1016mm ×1219mm  

1200mm x 1000mm      

1200mm ×800mm      

1140mm ×1140mm

1067mm ×1067mm    

1100mm * 1100mm


1) large wood packing box (500kg or above): mainly used in large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, instrument cabinet packaging.

2) small wooden packaging box (inside 500kg): mainly used in internal combustion engines and other small electrical and mechanical equipment, hardware parts, electronic components, sanitary ware, building materials, household appliances, sporting goods and food, fruit, and other packaging.

3) wooden base: application in the base of large mechanical and electrical equipment and large tank container.

4) wooden pallets: used in the packaging of the tray, such as chemical raw materials, daily necessities, food and other transport tray.

5) wood packaging materials: mainly used in the packing box bottom bracket, bracket, fixture, partition, wooden shaft wedge packing structure

4.Reference Picture

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials

Various Specifications and Types of Wood Packaging Materials


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Q:What are the inspection standards for wood products?
According to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine State Administration of Quality Inspection (2003) 987 notice requirements, from February 1, 2004 on the import and export of wood-based panels and their products in the detection of formaldehyde emission. Xiamen Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Technology Center Chemical Laboratory as the State Administration of Quality Supervision designated import and export of wood-based panel and its products in the formaldehyde emission detection laboratory (hereinafter referred to as special testing laboratories), in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, The project's special testing work, and issued a formaldehyde emission detection report.
Q:How to use wood products paint
2. White paint, with a base of gray scraping the bottom, the same as above. 3. paint, to use a special colored soil (building materials market have to sell) plug holes, holes, insect eyes nail eyes and other places, and then ibid If it is a traditional paint such as alkyd paint, etc., to the upstairs said the same. Diluted with water that day, spray can be.
Q:Do you want to provide a phytosanitary certificate? Timber import no phytosanitary certificate how to declare
Wooden packaging if it is plywood or fumigation tray can not be provided. If there is no phytosanitary normal clearance is not customs clearance
Q:Why do not you eat wood?
Because the rats belong to anechoids, their teeth and other animals are different, their teeth back to the continuous growth, if you do not find some harder things to molar, then ... I do not want to say You will know the results! Oh !, more to see the animal world it ~ just fine I just look at the above know.
Q:How to process woodwork
Processing methods and processing metal is the same, to use the top of the top. The difference is that the car is different, the car wood has a special woodworking knife!
Q:Taobao sell wood products with what packaging is better, what courier is better
This depends on your size, if the small wood products, then use the tin box, which is fixed with a good foam to prevent the pressure, if the big wooden products do not matter, and generally will not be pressure,
Q:How to protect the outdoor wood products? What kind of paint can be anti-corrosion? How to build?
First, the outdoor wood products with wood wax can be anti-corrosion. Second, the construction process is as follows. The following are the same as the " 1. Must be processed at temperatures above 8 ° C. 2. The wood must be dry and the maximum moisture content should not exceed 15%. 3. Texture of wood wax before the wood surface must be polished with fine sand, and wipe to the surface smooth. Wood surface if the fiber can be used wood sandpaper P240 or above gently sanding.
Q:Outdoor wood products, with wood wax good oil is good?
Outdoor, then, more common with the wood, mainly large amount of outdoor use, wood oil is much cheaper than wood wax, can reduce costs
Q:Wood products such as wardrobes want to use color on what?
Wood products are divided into mixed oil (polished clean in the surface after the save 2-3 times wooden products dedicated putty, and once again polished the last brush paint 2-4 times) and oil (polished clean brush oil 7-8 times)
Q:Wood preservative garden wood paint
garden wood paint from the natural preparation of special raw materials, rich in tung oil, with a strong penetration and adhesion

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