Variable Flow Constant Pressure Fire Tangent Pumps

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XBD-HY(HYL) series variable flow constant pressure fire tangent pumps are third-generation new products updated on the basis of XBD-HY(TB) series variable flow constant pressure fire pumps. Blended with the advanced technology from USA and Switzerland, and developed under the guidance of famous professors from Jiangsu Institute of Technology, this series of products are superior to the former kind of fire tangent pumps. Designed to the theory of partial emission pump, this product is the first of its kind at home, with its performance and technical specifications fully in compliance with the newly enacted standard of GB6245-2006 Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Fire Pumps.

1) The most distinguishing characteristic of XBD-HY(HYL) series variable flow constant pressure fire tangent pumps is variable flow constant pressure with flat flow and head curves, i.e. head remains almost unchanged (within 5%) when pump c:hanges in the range from zero flow to the maximum required flow, so as to ensure no overpressure under small or zero flow and to avoid failure of water supply under large flow. This characteristic meets the service requirements on fire control site to guarantee the normal work of fire control and to greatly improve the efficiency of fire extinguishment, the dependability of fire service equipment and the security of fire fighters.

2) This series of pumps cover vertical, horizontal and split fire pumps, which are featured by compact structure, small floor area, reliable mechanical seal, reasonable internal structure, high dependability, long service life, smooth running, little noise, maintenance free and lifetime warranty.

3) The drive motors of this series of pumps are Y series motors to achieve the function of constant pressure with no need to use pneumatic tank and variable frequency control, which has greatly lowered the cost of engineering construction. This is a great breakthrough in the technology of fire pumps in our country, which can bring remarkable social and economic benefit. The outlets of this series of pumps may be adjusted to the directions of 0°, 90 °, 180° and 270°.

Main Application:

XBD-HY(HYL) series variable-flow constant-pressure fire pump is mainly used for fixed fire systems in industrial and civil buildings, such as hydrant, automatic sprinkler and water spraying fire-extinguishing systems, as well as for water supply systems for domestic use, fire control and public domestic use, water supply for buildings, civil works, industrial and mining uses, boiler and so on.

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