valinge click vinyl flooring pvc flooring for children

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10000 m²/month

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Product Description:



PVC virgin material


2mm, 3mm, 8mm

Wear layer





Customized design


1 sqm

2.Certifications: CE,ISO14001, ISO9001,CTI.

1) PVC material,eco-friendly,safe,soft,comfortable

2) Super wear resistance,durable,long service time
3) Customized design, personalized cartoons

4) An-slip,injury prevention

5)Shock proof and noise absorption 
6) Easy installation and cleaning

7) Play function and educational.

8) Waterproof,moistureproof,anti-bacterial,fire resistance.


Kindergarten,school, parent-child center, children study/sleeping rooms,children activity/ library/ health recovery and training rooms,house corridors, halls and other grounds for children living and studying.

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Q:Sticky Kitchen Floors!??!!?
The problem is that you are sticking to what you are mopping with. When you mop you should use the hottest water you can get, dilute some cleaning solution that you use, (I use bleach since it also sterilizes) mop the floor applying the cleaner liberally. The dry out your mop and mop up the liquid that is on the floor. After you have cleaned the floor, rinse out your mop with clean water (very hot), wring as much water out or the mop as you can and damp mop to pick up the residue. Let it air dry.
Q:Eco friendly floor cover, warm and soft underfoot?
my old playgirl magazines are being recycled in the process the neighbourhood. each each so often i pay attention a super whoop from the old woman around the corner. the only you probably did on your birthday fit is a regular hit.
Q:How to repair the floor seam
Your floor in the pavement, the patchwork did not hit the floor glue, so it appears this situation, looking for sale to deal with it, be sure to make up on the floor glue, or even today you put it Tong Shu Jing cut neatly, and not a few days, and cracked the seam.
Q:What accessories are required for laying composite flooring?
What accessories are required for laying composite flooring?
Q:Cleaning a laminate (Pergo) floor?
Pergo has a floor cleaner you can purchase wherever Pergo is sold (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) White vinegar and water in a spray bottle was also recommended, I think by the Pergo company. Mop with a flat cloth type mop (mine's from Libman). White vinegar and water is the most economical, but I get the floor cleaner occassionally because I think it leaves little bit better shine. I sweep the floor first with a broom (5 minutes), then mop (5 minutes). Clean floor in 10 minutes. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use any kind of soap product or other floor cleaner as it will take the finish off the flooring! Vacuuming with a rotating brush vacuum will also take off the finish. We've had our Pergo flooring down since 1999 and people still think it looks brand new!
Q:Change in color on Vinyl Floors?
it yellowed from under. it is from water damage, improper glue or an incorrect situation when installed, or you put a rug down that discolored it. quit mopping.
Q:Cork flooring? linoleum flooring?
Cork is hypoallergenic as has a natural substance in it that makes it resistant to mold and insects. Cork is a sustainable environmentally friendly product and has a great appearance.I would phone a reputable flooring store and make sure you have someone that has experience install it. It is a personal preference of to what you choose, my friend loves her linoleum as she finds it so easy to care for. It looks like tile and I have seen people sitting at her table reach down and touch it. They have very realistic patterns. Hope this helps.
Q:What gets ink stains from a pen off the floor?
Take a can of hairspray, and a humid cloth. Spray and wipe, no would desire to scrub, in basic terms proceed spraying and wiping until its all long gone. I had a newborn take an ink pen and flow around the full room, writing on each wall, on sort new wall paper. I have been given in basic terms approximately each ink mark doing this. sturdy success.
Q:glueless laminate flooring?
Not a smart idea. The whole idea of a floating floor (another term for glueless laminate) is that the floor moves as it expands and contracts with temperature changes. That's why you have to leave a quarter inch gap around the parimeter when you lay the floor. Fastening anything permanent to the floor will limit that movement and eventually cause the floor to buckle. Always best to do it right the first time instead of cutting corners. Happy staircase building, I don't envy you!
Q:Vinyl Flooring?
Try using WD-40. Spray directly on the area, let sit a few minutes, and wipe with a towel. May have to use some muscle on it. I have yet to find a glue that it won't remove.

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