Vacuum IF (medium Frequency) Induction Furnace

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Packaging Detail:induction melting furnace is packaged in Standard export wooden cases and containers
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induction melting furnace
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Vacuum metal metallurgy Induction Furnace/Melting Furnace  

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The vacuum induction melting furnace is mainly applied to scientific research and industrial manufacture. In vacuum environment, this vacuum metal melting equipment utilizes medium-frequency induction heater to melt metals. Featuring small floor space, our industrial electric furnace delivers lucrative scientific research and industrial manufacture.

Our vacuum induction melting furnace is a batch-type furnace. This metal  metallurgy  equipment  is greatly recommended for melting and casting of alloy steel, nickel-based  alloy and rare  earth element  in vacuum or protective gas environment. It also finds applications in refining metals.

2.Technical parameters

Model    PowerFrequency




Dried furnace






rising rate



EF-3   30kW4000HZ 1650℃ 3kg6.67× 10-3Pa 6Pa/h IGBT
EF-1060kW 1500HZ 1650℃ 10kg 6.67× 10-3Pa 6Pa/h IGBT
EF-25100kW 2000HZ 1650℃25kg6.67× 10-3Pa 6Pa/h IGBT
EF-50100kW 1500HZ1650℃ 50kg6.67× 10-3Pa 6Pa/h KGPS
EF-150200kW 1500HZ 1650℃ 150kg6.67× 10-3Pa 6Pa/h KGPS
EF-200 250kW 2500HZ1600℃ 200kg6.7×10-2Pa 6Pa/h KGPS

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Q:What is the difference between industrial furnace masonry and ordinary masonry?
Furnace industry is not generally Mason walls, needs to have a professional operation and rich construction experience, high level of industrial furnace is difficult to get.
Q:What is the difference in structure between industrial furnace and boiler?
Industrial furnace: main heating, steel and other metal materials, or ore and other materials. An industrial furnace of higher temperature, such as forging or heat treatment. Therefore, the energy consumption is large, and the insulation layer is designed to be thicker, and the structure is designed for the final purpose of the production purpose, the product process and the production efficiency.
Q:How many kinds of industrial electric furnaces are there?
Industrial furnace according to the heating mode is divided into two categories: one is the fuel furnace, combustion heat with solid, liquid or gaseous fuel in the furnace for heating the workpiece; the second is in the furnace, the furnace converts electrical energy to heat the heat.
Q:What are the companies in the world that are currently engaged in metallurgical furnaces?
Each manufacturer has its own industry and technological advantages.If you say that the performance rankings, turnover, and so on, it seems that no one has done this ranking.
Q:What is industrial furnace masonry?
Pre construction and recording shall be carried out on complex and important parts of industrial furnaces,masonry of all kinds of masonry shall be made with staggered joint masonry.
Q:What are the combustion equipments used in industrial boilers?
The boiler is an energy conversion equipment. The energy input to the boiler has the chemical energy and the electric energy in the fuel. The boiler outputs steam with certain heat energy and high temperature water.
Q:Brief introduction to repair of industrial furnace
The industrial furnace is the main production equipment in the machinery industry. The repair of industrial furnace directly affects the quality, high yield, long life, low consumption and safe production of the furnace.
Q:Should the industrial furnace shell cool down?
If the furnace shell temperature is too high, it shows that the lining is not good or damaged, so it should be repaired in time. If you do not repair, take the cooling way, undesirable. Because this will cause a lot of heat loss, resulting in waste of energy, increase production costs, and affect the service life of the furnace.
Q:What's the role of anchor bricks in industrial furnaces?
The wall of an industrial furnace or flue is mainly composed of an inner lining layer, a heat insulating layer and an outer wall layer. The lining is a refractory brick, and the outer wall is an ordinary sintered brick.
Q:Heat treatment equipment (industrial furnace), which products generally contain what kind of, which industries need to use heat treatment industrial furnace equipment.
Heat treatment furnace is mainly for the mechanical processing and casting industry workpiece annealing, quenching, carburizing, quenching and tempering, heat treatment equipment.

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