Vacuum Forming Machines

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Detailed Product Description of Vacuum Forming Machines

RHC-600/500 plastic thermoforming machine adopts the most advanced plastic thermoforming technology and was developed to be a

forming machine of high production efficiency. It is a combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components and the whole was

controlled by micro PLC. The machine has man-interface operation. Combines heating, forming, cutting & stacking into one process.


Application Area of Vacuum Forming Machines


It is suitable for forming HIPS, PS, PVC, PET, PP sheet that can produce boxes, trays, fast food boxes, dishes, lids, cookies tray, mobile

phone tray & other blister tray.


Main Technical Parameters of Vacuum Forming Machines


Max. Forming Area: 600*500mm


Max. Forming Depth:100mm


Sheet Thickness Range: 0.15-1.5mm


Max. Sheet Width: 640mm


Air Pressure: 0.8Mpa


Speed: 360-1200 cycles/h


Heater Power: 32kw (Upper Heater)   24kw (Lower Heater)


Punch Pressure: 20tons


Upper Mold Table Stroke: 120mm


Lower Mold Table Stroke: 120mm


Max. Mold Depth: 120mm


Power: 3 Phases 380V


Max. Hydraulic Pump Pressure: 21Mpa


Max. Cutting Length: 8650mm


Machine Total Power: 72kw


Overall Dimensions: 7800*1400*2100mm


Weight: 4500kg

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Q:How much does it cost to buy a blister machine?
More than ten thousand, general fifteen, sixty thousand, new machine. Good expensive, 2289 million have, almost twelve thirty also seems. Two mobile phones are much cheaper
Q:How much money blister machine, online etc..
I use full automatic heating with low heating
Q:Advertising plastic suction machine can blister thickness of 0.6cm PVC sheet?
Should be OK, general blister sheet is divided into two kinds according to thickness:Pu blister sheet 0.14--5.0mm mainly used in electronics, cosmetics, hardware, food and other packaging;Thick blister sheet 0.14--8.0mm is mainly used in refrigerator inner container, advertisement lamp box, etc.
Q:Plastic plate embossed film sliding part is what reason? How to solve?
Glue less or suck when the temperature up, the board cool, and then zoned basically nothing, if the temperature is too high, long time, the board will be warped
Q:Should the suction machine be connected with the outside pipe? Where is the cooling water?
Hello! The plastic suction machine needs an external water pipe, because the suction machine is equipped with a water cooler, and the external water pipe is connected to the water cooler, and then the water cooler is connected to the equipment.
Q:Vacuum suction machine temperature in winter can be how much?
According to the material characteristics and thickness, the heating body surface temperature can generally be 200-550 degrees celsius.Shenzhen Ming Yu Yu plastic temperature control system in large-scale applications, can accurately control each hot spot, the temperature difference in the temperature range. Adopting frequency conversion principle, independent development, temperature stability, intelligence, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. It is the most cost-effective temperature control system at present.
Q:Plastic suction machine manufacturers?
The best is the Hongkong electric power industry. The price is expensive.
Q:What vacuum pumps are used in blister machines? Thank you
Using the vacuum suction produced by the vacuum pump, the thermoplastic plastic sheets, such as PVC, PET and the like, which are heated and softened, are absorbed by the mould to form a vacuum cover, a blister tray and a blister shell in various shapes.Vacuum equipmentVacuum system consists of vacuum pump, gas tank, valve, pipeline and vacuum meter, etc. in the vacuum forming, the vacuum pump is usually adopted. The vacuum degree of the pump should be above 0.07~0.09 Mpa (520mmHg). A gas tank is usually a cylindrical case welded with a thin steel plate, and the bottom is oval. The capacity of an air tank shall be at least half as large as that of the largest forming chamber.
Q:What is the difference between blister machine and heavy blister machine?
Our factory in Chongqing, in August in Shanghai Chun Bao Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. bought a thick piece of blister machine, but also to do pallets, with the use of good, and efficiency has been raised, I recommend you go to see kazakhstan.
Q:Cooling tower filler molding machine which produce?
I also want to buy a cooling tower filling machine A friend who wants to know can tell!
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