Vacuum Cleaner with With permanent washable filter design

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Product Description:

Vacuum Cleaner with With permanent washable filter design


Rechargeable  bagless  handheld  vacuum  cleaner
Charging indicator light
With permanent washable filter design
Multi-accessories for different cleaning function
Including on board small brush
and crevice nozzle
Including Powerful pet hair design
Easy charging station design
Charging time: 8-10 Hours
Working time: 15-20 mins

Technical Data:

Rated adaptor voltage: 3.6V/4.8V

Power:  20W

Dust capacity: 1.2L

Adaptor: 1.8M cord length, comply with ERP

Vacuum Kpa: 2-3Kpa

Injection color with highlight spray


1pc per gift box

Gift box size: 450*130*210mm

4pcs per export carton

Carton size: 465*425*260mm

G.W/N.W: 9.8/8.8kgs

20’/40’/40HQ: 2016pcs/4200pcs/4848pcs

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Q:Can someone know why my vacuum cleaner won't suction?
If the bag is full they will not suck dirt try enptying the bag
Q:The Vacuum Salesman?
lol star for u
Q:Need help buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?
I have tried many vacuum cleaners over the years even Rainbow and I keep coming back to the cheapest Bissell from wal-mart. It does a great job on pet hair and for $40 you can replace it ever couple years if you need to and still feel like you have gotten you moneys worth. I have 8 dogs and I have had the last one for 4 years now and its still going strong. Good luck.
Q:Does anyone make really quiet vacuum cleaners?
The quietest one I know is a Ghibli. I have one. If you're standing beside it, you can talk to someone in a normal voice. Mine doesn't have a beater bar which is the noisiest part of a vacuum cleaner but has lots of suction and does a very good job on carpets without it. Go to a vacuum specialty store and see what they have. I understand that Miele is very quiet too. When you're checking out vacuum cleaners, note that most of them give a decibel rating in the specs
Q:Do I need to vacuum before carpet cleaning?
Vacuum first
Q:my computer freezes when i run the vacuum cleaner under my desk...?
You may be pulling close to 20 total amps on the circuit. The static electricity also may be jumping to wires. Its called signal jump. To much power in the motor of the vacuum cleaner can create a huge electric field which could overwhelm your components in the computer. Shut the computer OFF when vacuuming.
Q:Cats and vacuum cleaners?
It like nothing they have been around before. Its loud and on the floor moving. It looks mean to them and makes a lot of noise. They see it as a threat and like a monster and they dont want it in their house. Its scary to some animals. Its just unknown to them and the moor they are around it the more weired the strange device gets.
Q:People!, Why many people buy USA Donald Trump vacuum cleaners? Why?
Because he is the best at sucking. No one sucks better
Q:If pizza hut sells pizza, sunglass hut sells sunglasses why does fingerhut sell vacuum cleaners?
Why, are you in the market for fingers?
Q:I have 2 vacuum cleaners, both need new electrical cords! How do I replace them?
There's not a whole lot to it. Follow the existing cord into the housing. Remove the screws that hold the housing together and pull the housing apart. You'll see that your white wires are typically wire-nutted together and your black wire from the cord will probably have a 1/4 female spade connector and is connected to the switch. The other wire on the switch runs to the motor. All you need to do is buy a replacement cord(assuming you can't just cut the bad part off the old cord) and route it in the same manner that the manufacturer did and make the connections just as they did.

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