Vacuum cleaner with uv light for bed handheld

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Product Description:

Product description:


Voltage : 220V 50HZ, 300w


Cable & plug : 4M VED Plug






1.UV Bed Vacuum cleaner with vibration pad

-UV 99% bacteria killing

-Dual suction entries patented

2.No telescopic tube, just for bed and sofa use only

3.Killing mites & bacteria through UV light

4.Universal wheel pneumatic to brush, It's easy to operate,nowhere for deep dust to hide 




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Q:Is there a term for phobia of vacuum cleaners?
vacuum phobia vacuum cleaner phobia dust-free phobia? suction phobia? dysonphobia? !*you can come up with your own*! ;)
Q:Why does my dog hate vacuum cleaners, broom and dust pans, mops, iron, ironing board, and mixer?
Weak nerved and yes, it is genetic. A strong nerved stable dog does NOT need to be exposed to such things, it is ready to deal with anything because of its genetics. I am also not surprised that most peoples dogs are like that, it says a lot about the current trend of where dogs are going and yes, it is a big deal.
Q:What are some inventions (etc.) that helped women's chores at home (post war)?
washing machine. but as we live in the present there are so many other things that women do that are made simpler by other things. imagine what it would be like without a vacuum and you needed to clean a carpet... i'd still say washing machine
Q:MAth question!!! 8th grade (:?
8X 500 = 4000 $
Q:Why are little kids and dog afraid of vacuum cleaners?
There just very annoying. My mom said I hated them even before I was born, when she used the vacuum cleaner I would kick the **** out of her from the womb. And if I hear one now its going out the window
Q:vaccum cleaner dust and bacteria?
Q:Does your dog like to be vacuumed?
My one Mastiff LOVES the vacume cleaner he runs to me and insists i run the hose with a funiture brush over him. He sits still and just drools he is so happy and when i stop he keeps nudging me to keep going. The other mastiff the female likes it when i vacume her but is not as silly to watch as the male is.. he is in love with the vacume down his back. I have never heard of a dog neing hurt by the vacume LMAO. Allot of pet groomers use a vacume brush on dogs, along with the blow dryers so if the dog is use to being groomed then they have no reason to fear the vacume. It sucks up the lose hair that would other wise shed from them. We used to have a golden retreiver that also loved it. And both my long hair cats have liked it. It is all in how they are treated while use of it and how it is a scare tactic or as a grooming.
Q:What happens when two vacuum cleaners fight it out?
Q:ohahahai, did Noah use dinosaur cranes when building the Ark ?
no but he had a lot of flood lights abord
Q:What pool vacuums/ cleaners works with Intex above ground pools?
Intex 635t

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