Vacuum cleaner with optional dust tank or dust bag filtration#JC611

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10000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: JC611


Middle sized bagless/bagged VC


1200W-1600W nominal power

Cord length 4.5m

Dust bag capacity 2.5L

Speed control on body

Automatic cord rewinder

Dust full indicator

Product size: 380*360*250mm

GB size: 430*390*290mm

Load qty (20'/40'/40H'): 750/1600/1700 pcs

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hehe made me laugh. Well i suggest you see a computer specialist about that trojan and personally I'd go for fridges. They have the ability to store food :D
Q:how many watts does a vacuum normally use?
If you mean a vacuum cleaner, it depends on model and manufacturer. I would doubt that most domestic ones use more than 750 watts, though. But there should be a nameplate with that information on it. Now, industrial vacuum cleaners can be a bit bigger and use more power - like hundreds of horsepower.
Q:Which brand is better – Miele or Dyson for vacuum cleaners?
I, I called up because a buddy of mine actually told me he went into their store and got a discount and got $150 off for calling up. Had it the next day in CT at $949 flat. Definitely would recommend Miele though. Germans always make the best
Q:What is your vacuum cleaners worst enemy besides neglect? Want to NEVER buy another vacuum filter again?
Thanks, my dog's hair ALWAYS clogs my vacuum
Q:Why are sewing machines and vacuum cleaners always repaired at the same shop?
It's because they're very similar machines with a lot of commonality in their potential client base. Both have small electric motors and often drive belts, so the tools and expertise needed to fix them is pretty similar and like someone suggested, there may not be enough demand for a shop than only works on one or the other in your area. Bearings, brushes, and belts wear out or loosen and knowing which to replace or service is the key, as well as having the manuals needed in order to order replacement parts. Modern sewing machines have a lot of electronic controls and make fancy stitches, but at the heart of the machine is a small, but efficient electric motor that has brushes, bearings, and belts that can wear out, just like a vacuum cleaner. Electric can openers, mixers, hair dryers, and blenders, in addition to all sorts of power tools, have the same type of motors, but they are often not worth the cost of a potential repair, especially for cheaper consumer products. Questions that start with Why can often be at least partially answered by looking at who is trying to keep, amass, save, or steal money, and this is no exception because there is a strong economic aspect to the answer.
Q:air purifier or air cleaner?
Air purifier/ cleaner are the same but if need some help with air purification system just heck the link below.
Q:What is it with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
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Q:I have a fetish for middle aged white women advertising vacuum cleaners?
Hahaha, at least you know what you want right? Perhaps you could be some middle aged vacuum selling woman's dream-man. Go get em mate. ;)
Q:vacuum cleaner for cleaning car and baby car seat on regular basis?
Best and on several other leading consumer sites. It offers strong suction with 5.5 amps and has a stretch hose that lets you clean upholstery, stairs, and cars with no problems. The revolving brush is powered by 1 motor while the suction is done by another motor. The Riser Visor is for carpeted stairs and there is an excellent crevice tool for hard to reach spots. The bagless filter and clean dust cup are easy to clean and the 20-foot cord is long enough for almost any job. Users say they love that it is lightweight (about 5 lbs), has lots of power, and it cleans pet hair off of fabric quite easily. A few people mention that the hose wand is a tad too short, but still say it manages to clean windowsills just fine. The Black Decker CHV1500 15-3/5-Volt HEPA Cyclonic DustBuster ($50) is a close 2nd and worth mentioning here. The Dustbuster from Black Decker has a HEPA filter and a cyclonic-action filter system. Owners say it charges fast, has powerful suction, and is a breeze to clean out. On board attachments include an upholstery brush and crevice tool while the translucent dust bin lets you see just how much debris, hair and dust you are collecting.
Q:What is a good hand vacuum?
a Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum is the best i could find.

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