Vacuum Cleaner Paper Dust Bag

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this dust bag, used in vacuum cleaner

The Vacuum cleaner dust bag produced by specific filter paper  on the basis of Germany DIN Standard,The bag volume range is 10-100CM*6-50CM*5-30CM in L*W*H. The bag could be square or insert style in the bottom,  It could be in different specifation and types according to customer's requirement. 
We can make it into novel style,convenient and firm in using, high efficient for dust collecting and filling. The  products is of competitive in price and good selling in Japan, U.S.A and EUROPE MARKET.

Paper dust bag completely applied for various home vacuum cleaner and industrial vacuum cleaner. 

high strength, good air permeability,high filtration efficiency,low resistence,compact structure,all kinds of color


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Q:Can liquid filtration bags be cleaned and reused
Surface filter mainly adopts nylon monofilament filter bag, metal wire mesh filter bag), the surface of the filter the way for the hole interception, the interception of impurities in the filter material surface, the surface of the filter can be cleaned and secondary use. Remind: liquid filter bag this is a one-time product, under normal circumstances do not recommend repeated use, repeated use of a filter bag filter failure caused easily, at the same time also can cause cross contamination.
Q:What is the reason for the strong drop in the broken filter bag of the cement mill dust filter bag
Jam. The main reasons for the failure of bag filter bag are: The oil is in a jam. Oil mist blockage mainly boiler start-up and low load operation for oil fuel, not the filter bag protection or protection does not reach the designated position, this will lead to the residual resistance increase of filter bag, even the powerful soot cleaning is difficult to solve this problem. Dust jam. In the process of filter bag dust collector of fine dust can enter into layers of filter bag, but when the ash removal is not possible to these all back into the inside of the filter bag dust filter bag outside, so after years of running the residual resistance of filter bag will continue to increase, in addition low boiler load for a long time when the filter is not clear ash can also lead to the emergence of the problem.
Q:How do you clean a filter bag with oil stains?
1, the oil pollution in the filter bag is required to remove the oil by hand. 2, USES the high frequency vibration, will enter the filter filter bag inside the wall of the larger dust particles removed, will not affect fiber entanglement of fastness, keep the filter bag is good, easy tear of dirt. 3, extract the bag samples, using the professional instrument laboratory detection filter filter bag oil composition, to adapt to washing raw materials, the maximum cleaning filter bag and without causing any damage to the filter bag. Select the appropriate chemical preparation to soak the filter bag, remove the grease stain from the filter pocket, and increase the ventilation performance of the filter bag. Choose the appropriate washing materials and strict proportion. Low temperature water cleaning, the water is uniform, the strength is moderate, no mechanical damage to the filter bag. Use 110 degrees Celsius to heat air to dry, keep the size stability of the filter bag, and the filter bag is not deformed after drying. Finally, repair the damaged filter bag. The cleaning bag is basically the same as the new filter bag.
Q:How to unload the washing machine's filter bag?
I not sure, or find a professional to (although some make a mountain out of a molehill ^_^, but it wise to ensure that the "security" of the washing machine!!!)
Q:What is the cleaning method of the filter bag
A lot of businesses don't know how to clean the filtered bags, and I'll show you how to clean the filter bag. Consumers only need to see the dust on the filter bag is able to know how its dust removal effect, it's really useful in our lives is very big, can not only filter the air we breathe, make our life better, but also can The removal of some other impurities is relevant to the quality of our lives. It is also important to note that the filter bags also need to be cleaned properly, but the cleaning is very simple and will only be released when washing Into a bit of cleaning fluid, bath, ten minutes, can clean up all the filter bag impurities, attention is best when washing with warm water to wash, because it can wash clean,
Q:Can the filter bag be cleaned by itself? How to wash?
3, the filter bag cleaning: cleaning filter selects the appropriate washing ratio of raw materials and strictly, low temperature water to clean, uniform flow, moderate intensity, and there is no mechanical damage to the filter bag. 4, cleaning dust filter bag to dry, with around 110 ℃ hot air drying, keep the dust filter bag dimension stability and drying after the dust filter bag deformation and retraction.
Q:What is the line on the top of the filter bag?
The filter bags are divided into three types: the ribbon filter, stationary filter and twill filter.
Q:Choose what aspects to consider when choosing a filter bag
Dust and dust are collected in the outer surface of the filter, while the clean gas is filtered through the filter. The inside of the filter bag is used to support the filter bag to prevent the bag from collapsing, and it helps to clear and redistribute the dust cake.
Q:How does the filter bag work?
Mechanical vibration wave sootblower is often used in small single cartridge filter, it is the use of filter plate produced by the eccentric gear on shaking power to clear the ash, this action need downtime after operation.
Q:How is the filter bag chosen?
About high flue gas temperature compare, such as: chemical, carbon black (white carbon black), and iron blast furnace gas, cement kiln, and factory of calcium carbide kiln tail gas, forging, steel mills, asphalt concrete mixing asphalt smoke, refractory brick kiln gas, coking gas, etc., one is because of these gas containing dust dust because of restricted by resistivity is not suitable for electrical dust collector to collect, can only use dust filter bag or other methods to collect;
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