UV Sterilization Vacuum Cleaner Flexible For Home

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Product Description:

Flexible UV sterilization vacuum cleaner for home    

Our company supply many kinds of small kitchen appliance, household kitchen appliance with one-stop shopping service, high quality products and competitive price.



Our kitchen appliance including:


1)Rice cooker:  Multi-function rice cooker, slow rice cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice steamer,soup cooker.


2)Coffee maker: Drip coffee maker,Pod coffee maker,Espresso coffee maker,Capsule coffee maker, Automatic coffee machine.


3)Kettle: Electric kettle,Tea kettle, electric pot, water dispenser.


4)Grill: electric grill, electric grill pan,bbq grill, charcoal bbq grill, grill pan.


5)Blender: food blender, juice, grinder, food process equipment.


6)Fan: Water mist fan,electric fan, air cooling fan,ventilation fan.


7)Cooker: Induction cooker, ceramic cooker,pot cooker.


8)Oven: electric oven, bread maker, convenient oven.


9)Humidifier:Ultrasonic humidifier,etc.


10) Vacuum cleaner



Product feature:


1) High speed vibration plate:


High frequency vibration of 3600 times per minute, A fiber products such as blankets, carpets, sofa cover


The dust mites, bacteria, and shake it off, make sure the tiny dust and bacteria are not overlooked 


2) UV ultraviolet germicidal lamp:


The UV lamp is use PHILIPS and SANKYO Technology, the use of wavelength of 253.7 Nanometer efficient light waves, can kill 99.9% bacteria and other microorganisms.


Specific induction open Pass, bottom left when the machine is clean as stipulated Surface 1 cm, the UV lamp switch automatically shut down, really Safe to use


3) Garbage collection box:


Vacuum suction in hair, dead skin, dirt Impurities


filter is blocked In the garbage collection box, convenient user clean;


The second polymer composite materials can be filtered extremely


Fine dust and bacteria, and can ensure that release Pure and fresh and clean air.





- Package: 4pcs/ctn


- Packin size: 405*170*455mm


- NW: 2.6 kg/pcs


- GW: 15.5kg


- MOQ: 500-1000pcs


- Delivery Day: 20 days



Other Trade Information:


- Sample terms: 3-7 days after two times of sample fee received,

                               and the sample fee will be returned after place a normal order.


- Transportation: by sea, by air, by express or as your request


- Price terms: EXW/FOB guangdong port


- Payment terms: Paypal or TT 30% deposit in advance 



Why choose us

1/ Solid shop, Spot wholesale marketing, Support for small quantity wholesale.
2/ Diversification of products with factory pric.
3/ Guangdong Goods with high quality.
4/ Dedicated and professional sales group - more than 10 salesgirls to offer you one-to-one service to follow up your orders.
5/ OEM and ODM are always welcomed here.

What we offer (Guarantee)

1/ Strict quality control. Every item will be double checked before shipping.
2/ 100% guarantee for all exported products. Agree to 1:1 replacement or refund for defectives.
3/ Fast response within 24 hours.
4/ Place order within 10 days after you get our quotation, you will enjoy 5% discount.



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  • Okorder.com is a professional and reliable online E-market place

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We hold a very strict quality control system to check every connector of our products for your safety.

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Q:Why are vacuum cleaners so noisy?
It takes a powerful motor to create the suction needed to make a vacuum cleaner effective. There are quiet models, but they don't work as well. The best way to use a quiet vac is to go with a central, and have the canister mounted in the basement or garage. All you hear is the motor in the power head if you are vacuuming carpet, or the air moving if you are vacuum hard surfaces. Hope this helps.
most vacuums will scratch up hard wood floors so it is better to dust mop it.
Q:My mom has a vacuum cleaner that gets clogged up what can we do so it dosen't get clogged up any more?
First of all, unless your mother is very enthusiastic about her vacuuming, don't fix it for her birthday. Take her out to dinner, buy her a nice pair of slippers and her favorite perfume. Not a vacuum. All you can do is clean it out as much as you can. Look for larger objects that may have been sucked in and remove them. If it is clogged with a bunch of hair from someone or some pet, try and stop that hair from reaching the floor. Combing your pet on a regular basis and throwing away the hair not only helps your animal in the summer heat, but also keeps the hair off the floor. Good luck, and find a better gift for your mom than a working vacuum.
Q:I couldn't understand the meaning of the sentence. How can I say it in different way?
I have bought all the vacuum cleaners that John had. I have bought all of John's vacuum cleaners.
Q:What is the real reason Vacuum Cleaners have a head light on the front of it?
So you can see the sneaker lace just before the shoe comes flying out from under the bed and smacks the vacuum and breaks the light !
Q:What are the matters needing attention in vacuum cleaners?
When using a vacuum cleaner, be sure to pack the filter bag so that dust does not enter the motor room
Q:Mom's with crawlers...how often do you vacuum and sweep?
From what I've heard it's super common for babies to be scared of vacuum cleaners. Oddly enough, my son's always been in love with ours though. I kind of contribute it to the fact that I've always been a neurotic vacuumer (would do the floors every single day)... so I think he got used to the noise in utero. Either way, I'm lucky that it wasn't a problem in our house, and I still vacuum every other day... I'd just leave him in the middle of the room and vacuum around him while he laughed. Now that he's walking, he chases it everywhere and tries to tackle it. You could try doing it in the evening once he's sleeping if that wouldn't wake him up. Or, I'd just keep trying... eventually he won't be so scared of it. Try just turning it on and letting him touch it and get used to it instead of trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. Just a thought :-) Good luck though, and I wouldn't stress about keeping the floor perfect. It might just be easier to do a daily sweep on your hands knees to pick up carpet junk.
Q:What would happen if you vacuumed a vacuum cleaner?
they would implode from all the suction
Q:Nit picker on vacuum. Have you ever heard of this, would you use it for nit picking if needed?
Personally, I've never heard of a system like that. When I had nits, we had to use a type of shampoo and a nit comb every day.
Q:vacuum cleaners, i know nothing. :p?
The Bissel pet models have plenty of power, and a great non electric brush attachment for sofas etc. They are easy to clean and the filters are readily available.

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