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Product Description:

Product name:  Intelligent Robot Vaccum Cleaner Mop

Advanced Cleaning Head:Designed with pet owners in mind, the new cleaning head provides superior performance for picking up pet hair, dust,dirt, allergens and more. Using patented cleaning process to vacuum carpets, hardwood, tile and linoleum floors on its own, automatically adjusting to different floor surfaces as it moves through your home.

 Clean under the bed and other hard-to-reach areas:Provides comprehensive cleaning coverage – vacuuming in tight spots, under and around furniture and along baseboards.


Detailed Features:

  • Ultra thin body design, it can dig into the bottoms of the furniture inconvenient to clean, such as the sofa, bed, tea table, etc. so using this cleaning robot you can easily clean the bottoms of the furniture.

  • Ultra low noise, the operating noise is not more than 50 dB, which is significantly lower than the transitionally cleaners.

  •  Wireless remote, that is to say the control of the cleaning robot won’t be affected by the obstacles, as the wall, the furniture, etc. So you can control the cleaning robot at will.

  • Equipped with static rag and cleaning brush, so the works of dust absorbing, cleaning and mopping can be carried out synchronously. And it can automatically clean the dust, dirt, particle, animal hair and other chips and leavings on the floor.

  • The computer guidance system, which can plan the cleaning route automatically without any manual intervene

  • Preset the cleaning times, that is you can select the cleaning dates to clean at regular times, it can clean you house automatically in time,despite that nobody is at home.

  • Clean automatically, so you can set to clean as soon as the charging is completed

  • Automatic recharging, if the electric quantity of the robot is less than the settings of the program, it can trace the charger automatically to charge itself. 

  •  Automatic checking of the rubbish, so it can focus to clean the relatively dirty areas.

  • Sterilizing with UV lights, so it can sterilize the area as it cleaning that area, which can really guarantee your family’s health.                                                                               

  • Anti-fall probes, with front case to avoid collision, so the self-protection is easily real

  • Changeable operating speed, you can set fast clean and slow clean according to your own needs.                                                                                                                      

  • Virtual wall induction, so you can easily limit the operating areas of the cleaning robot.

  • The cleaning robot can free itself when it is got stuck by the bottoms of the furniture and by other articles.

  • The function of clean along the wall can guarantee the efficiency of the whole room cleaning.



About Robot Vacuuum Cleaner

The idea behind domestic robotic devices like robot vacuums is to liberate people from unpleasant daily chores and free up their time. Vacuum-cleaning robots can be used not only for private homes but also for offices, stores, etc. Robot vacuums change the way we clean.The vacuum’s sleek design, automatic operations and high efficiency makes them a worthy investment.


How Robot Vacuums Work
A Robot Vacuum performs two essential functions - navigation and cleaning. Navigation of the robotic vacuum cleaner is controlled by the robots motherboard and sensors. With technology advancements, robot manufacturers have developed exclusive programming. This programming ensures minimum human input in executing robotic vacuum operations. Bumper sensors are provided on the front of the robot vacuum to avoid obstacles. These sensors constantly send signals that help the robot to turn back immediately when it is approaching or touches obstacles. The cleaning action of the robot vacuum is supported by dirt sensors. Cleaning brushes remove the dirt as the vacuum motor vacuums them up. All vacuumed waste is deposited in the dirt bin.


5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Efficiency, Ease of Use, Compact Design, Intelligent Technology, Affordability.

These are just some of the reasons that may urge you to get your own robotic vacuum cleaner. Just imagine the time you’ll save vacuuming your house’s entire floor area. You can do something else with all that time you should have spent cleaning. And in this fast changing world, time saved is definitely worth the price. 


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Q:vacuum to clean interior of oil burner?
If you're encountering soot it will pass thru the filter of most vacuum cleaners and you can end up with a mess. There is a soot sucker brand vacuum designed to vacuum soot.
Q:Is there any vacuum cleaner that can compare to the Dyson Animal that has a smaller price tag?
Nothing really compares to Dyson vacuum cleaners. They are high priced because they are the best - their especially helpful to those who have asthma as they pick up virtually everything (dust mites etc). They pick up so much from deep in the carpet - I've yet to see another one like that. You could try the cheaper end of the Dyson family. I own one myself and wish I would have got one years ago. Even the lower end of the scale is better than the other brand of vacuums. Like pookyluc said, try OKorder or other online places if you can if it works out cheaper.
Q:Please recommend a good & cheap vacuum for carpets and rugs.?
hey there- if you're cleaning carpeted stairs a gr8 idea is to use a rubber brush then a high quality dustbuster. there is one sold named xtreme power and it's awesome i have one
Q:Can science find a use for the scientific vacuity of intelligent design?
Yes. I have a very high military security clearance, so I'll have to ask you to keep this all under your hat ( or helmet or whatever), -- but the scuttlebutt is, that we're in the process of building, ( in Area 51 ), a very large concrete bunker where the government intends to bury all those things that the government certifies to be non-existent. The real hope is that it may be dug up, at such a time that science is able to produce something from nothing, and put it to good use by intelligent design. Remember you didn't hear it here.----Loose lips sink ships, ( or whatever it is they sink).
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors AND carpet?
Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors
Q:what is green light for on heritage II vacuum cleaners?
your unit is full?
Q:Can someone translate these words to spanish for me?
porfavor si pueden enchufar las aspiradoras cuando terminen.
Q:power cord replacement on a vacuum cleaner?
Hi its Darran at Dyson. I am sorry to hear that the power cord on your new DC24 Dyson vacuum cleaner is not quite long enough for your particular needs. The Dyson DC24 is our lightest and most compact upright vacuum cleaner and as a result the power cord is slightly shorter than on other models in our range. We would not recommend replacing the power cord on your machine as this will invalidate the Dyson warranty. Should you have any further queries regarding your DC24 or your warranty, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline on 1866MYDYSON. Kind regards Darran Dyson Customer Service
Q:how to clean the carpet? I mean the big one as on the ground, not the small one. Vacuum? Is it efficient?
If there are stains, you can use stain removers and brush your carpet. If only dirt, use vacuum cleaners. Check if a bad odor stays. If there is, clean your carpet by washing and brushing to. Then place it direct to sunlight to dry.
Q:My vacuum cleaner isnt working???? HELP!?
I would check the belt first. But, the beater bar on my hoover sometimes gets threads or my long hairs wound around the ends which prohibits it from turning. Then you have to take a pair of scissors and cut it in several places and pull it off. Also, check your filters. Mine sometimes get clogged with dust and dog hairs (mine is on the side of the vacuum) which really affects the suction. If you don't have a new filter, just beat the dust out of it on the side of a trash can.

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