UV light robot vacuum cleaner for home and bed handhold

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30000 PCS/month

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Quick Details


Vacuum cleanr


Hand Held

Bag Or Bagless: 



clean on bed and home



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Place of Origin: 

China (Mainland)


1)Great CCFL UV lamp kill dust mites 
2)Gearing punch with strong force of 15 N 
3)Multifuctional accessrores for clean home




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Q:what are some good cheap~ish handheld vacuum cleaners?
the best i've found has been dirt devil.
Q:What type of motors are used by vacuum cleaners?
Western house is best
Q:Vacuum bags or bagless vacuum cleaners?
Hi Lonely- bagless vac. Or brush-lol. lv Jo xx
Q:I'm trying to decide between these two vacuum cleaners...?
My concern between the two would be whether or not it has the various tools and attachments to do crevices, upholstery, etc. The Infinity states that it does; they Dyson does not state this, and it appears (if you look below it) that some of the tools have to be ordered seperately. The Dyson appears to have better reviews, but also costs a lot more. They both weigh about the same (a concern for lots of folks). Given that you have only about $300 to spend, unless you're willing to spend a good bit more for the vacuum and the accessories, I'd say the Infinity is the way to go.
Q:Mad Vacuum Attack!! My 14 mos old GSD Bear becomes an absolute maniac when I am trying to vacuum the house.?
Banshee, I have 2 GSDs, and, both of them, (one is a Female, other a Male) both act silly when I have my vacuum going also. One will bark at it, and, jump around also. The other wants to hang around and watch it thus not moving out of the way......he even will paw at it, and, defy it. My (F) Rottweiler just moves, and, stays clear, so, I guess GSDs in our case see a Vacuum as some form of invader or something. I just deal with it. My female is almost 9 y/o now, and my male is almost 6 y/o. I don't even try to change their behavior. I guess I'm glad they don't go running away and whining. I'd rather see them rather macho unlike my cats whom head to cover when they see me plug it in.
Q:I'm afraid of vacuums! help me!?
you have to realize, it's just a machine. It does one function- it sucks. You need to face your fear and desensitize yourself. That means, repeatedly turn on the vacuum each night and vacuum the place. Eventually, the fear will fade.
Q:I need to buy a new Vacuum and need some input please?
Hi, it depends on what sort of vacuum cleaner you like to use (Uprights, cylinder or even wet dry cleaners)? what sort of floor you have, carpet or hard floor? the cylinder's are better for hard floors the uprights are better for carpets.? We have been repairing vacuum cleaners of over 30 years now we think the best cylinder cleaners are miele very good suction also built very well for the uprights the sebo cleaners are very very good, quiet, reliable, good suction power robustly built. Both are not the cheapest cleaner on the market but you pay for what you get! both products are made in Germany, they do know how to make good products!
Q:In doggie he!! are the bad dogs?
LMAO! Probably! I'm giving you a star! Thats funny!
Q:best vacuum cleaners?
Oh boy, open a can of worms. Kirby lovers swear by theirs, Miele swear they are the best, Dyson lovers, ditto. Consumer Reports does not like any of those three. The Sears one (which one I don't remember) got good reviews. I've had an Oreck, it was OK for quick jobs, but dog hair did a number on the brushes and in turn tore the rubber belt. I got real good at replacing them. Eventually the machine fell apart as I was cleaning dog hair so frequently. I have a Rainbow which I like for baseboards, walls, etc and some carpet cleaning. However, my new Dyson does outdo the Rainbow on the carpet but I hate it for walls, area rugs, etc. (it is super powerful but awkward) The Dyson clogs with dog hair and their instructions aren't real good about finding the clog......it wasn't where it said it was but when I discovered where it was and super easy to access, Dyson 28 is back to being a good friend.......for awhile.

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