UV Coating Wood Grain Decorative Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

1. High strength and light weight
2. Fireproof and waterproof
3. 100% free of asbestos
4. Energy saving.


2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)


The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatschek craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.

It's 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances and with excellent performance like high strength, large size, light weight, fire and water proofing, green and environmental friendly, high efficient and energy-saving. Therefore, this kind of new material is vigorously developed and recommended by the country.

Thickness: 3.5-30mm

Standard size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm

Note: other specification is available


3,(Cement Boards) Images

Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Moderate compressed



Water absorption (%)


Wet expansion (%)


Water penetration

No water drop on the board surface after 24hours

Modulus of Rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition


Frost resistant

No delamination and crack after 25cycles under freezing and thawing


High density



Water absorption (%)


Wet expansion (%)


Water penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hours

Modulus of Rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition


Frost resistant

No layers and no cracks after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing


Middle density


Incombustible Class A1

Water penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hrs

Modulus of rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition




5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1. Interior and exterior wall; Furred ceiling

2. Insulation materials, floor; Road barrier

3. Sound-adsorbing wall & suspended ceiling

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Q:I want to skateboard and i can ollie fine on rug but when i try it on cement the board moves and stuff?
Your pushing your board back with your feet. Try not to do this and practice. The only way to be good in skateboarding is practicing everything hard.
Q:What kind of hole saw should I use on Hardibacker cement board?
Will get back to you on that one!
Q:Fiber cement board and the difference between the water board
Water board, also known as decorative concrete, is a water concrete slab. Different from ordinary concrete, it is smooth surface, uniform color, angular, no damage and pollution, but in the surface coated with a layer or two transparent protective agent, it is very natural, solemn.
Q:breaking cement blocks?
So whats your question?
Q:Can anyone tell me how to remove barker board off of my bathroom walls. It was put on with contact cement.
Haha, I never ask them for a picture because I don't wanna freak them out. They might think Im like a stalker or a rapist or something. But if they ask me, I ask back! Yup, if I don't see a pic of them for a while I'll start imagining some kind of monster with purple skin and green hair and zits all over their faces. Lol, and then they end up looking NOTHING like that. [:
Q:Adhesive method of cement board and cement wall
1 , Repair screw holes. When repairing the surface of the screw hole, try to use the cutting cement board powder, with the yarn to filter out the fine powder At the end, plus building 107 Glue, stir and mix, and finally fill hole. (Also available tiles fill filler hole) The 2 , To be dry hole after the place, with sandpaper gently polished cement board surface, remove the surface of the plate stains. Brush the surface of the company Protection products: FOREX Cement board protection agent, brushing 2-3 all over
Q:should I use cement board or a leveling compound for my tile flooring?
On a wood floor use the backer board, on concrete use a leveling compound unless a 1/2 notched trowel can fill the gap with your thinset.
Q:I have ceramic tile grout that keeps breaking up from faulty cement board. Can I use something more flexible?
100% Silicone Caulk - White.
Q:Is it necessary to put down cement board when putting down ceramic tile in the kitchen?
You need 1/4 hardi board at least the seams will crack if the floor moves at all. I did a bath and there was one small 4 sq inch depression and the tile broke right at that spot in less then a week.I would say yes .I am not a pro tile man but a pro DIY guy
Q:why is gypsum always interground with cement clinker during the final stages of portland cement manufacture?
Gypsum is added to cement to control the setting. Cement contains C3A and C3S as the major constituents. These compound react very rapidly under water. This is not desirable as it reduces the workability of the cement past. In order to control this early setting, gypsum is added to form a secondary compound called Ettringite which kind of shields the C3A and C3S from reacting rapidly with the water.

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