UV Coating Wood Grain Decorative Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Cement Boards) Description

1. High strength and light weight
2. Fireproof and waterproof
3. 100% free of asbestos
4. Energy saving.


2,Main Features of the (Cement Boards)


The raw materials of fiber cement board are cellulose fiber, silicate cement, quartz sand, water and some additives. It's a kind of high-tech product which formed through accurate dosing by computer program, hatschek craft and compressed by 14000tons hydraulic machine and autoclaved under high temperature and pressure.

It's 100% free of asbestos, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances and with excellent performance like high strength, large size, light weight, fire and water proofing, green and environmental friendly, high efficient and energy-saving. Therefore, this kind of new material is vigorously developed and recommended by the country.

Thickness: 3.5-30mm

Standard size: 1220*2440mm or 1200*2400mm

Note: other specification is available


3,(Cement Boards) Images

Fiber Cement Board


4,(Cement Boards) Specification


Moderate compressed



Water absorption (%)


Wet expansion (%)


Water penetration

No water drop on the board surface after 24hours

Modulus of Rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition


Frost resistant

No delamination and crack after 25cycles under freezing and thawing


High density



Water absorption (%)


Wet expansion (%)


Water penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hours

Modulus of Rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition


Frost resistant

No layers and no cracks after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing


Middle density


Incombustible Class A1

Water penetration

Back side without water drop after 24 hrs

Modulus of rupture

Air dried condition


Saturated condition




5,FAQ of (Cement Boards

1. Interior and exterior wall; Furred ceiling

2. Insulation materials, floor; Road barrier

3. Sound-adsorbing wall & suspended ceiling

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Q:Loft mezzanine floor with good or good cast steel
Casting is good, and can be caused by the site environment is not suitable for cast-in, are basically steel skeleton, flat plate can be used to make corrugated steel bottom, and then laying reinforced concrete pouring
Q:What is the prc in the building?
PRC Fiber cement board flame retardant foam concrete
Q:When installing tile and hardwood on a cement slab, do I need a vapor barrier down first?
Vapour barrier or damp proof should be done before the concrete slab. In this case floor tiles could be laid directly on to the floor slab, whereas hardwood floor on wp plywood or timber framework with vapour barrier beneath.
Q:what screws do i use with cement backerboard?
Anodized drywall screws
Q:Will the cement board on the decoration be used to blow it directly?
If the wall can be placed directly putty putty, putty on the general scraping three times; if the wall is not flat on the first use of plaster gypsum leveling, and then scraping putty.
Q:Do you have a living room with a cement board?
Fiberglass cement ceiling, also known as fiber reinforced cement board, is based on fiber and cement as the main raw material for the production of cement cement plate, with its superior performance is widely used in various fields of the construction industry. According to the different fiber is divided into chrysotile asbestos fiber cement board and non-asbestos fiber cement board, according to the different molding pressure is divided into fibrous cement without pressure plate and fiber cement pressure plate.
Q:What is the cement pressure plate, what is the use of it?
Also known as fiber cement pressure plate or cement fiber pressure plate, is a natural fiber and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing, conservation made of a new type of building plate.
Q:do i need to put cementious backer board behind a fiberglass surround shower unit?
no,,not if its a full surround,,,use green board sheet rock around the edges though
Q:When installing ceramic floor tile is floating it better than cement board?
I've never went wrong with cement backer board. Any flexibility and your grout will crack.
Q:How to maintain cement board
According to the difference between the season and the temperature, the cement is fully hardened, that is, the maintenance of the general principle is 28 days, but the actual project which has a greater access, the specific maintenance period should be based on structural type, cross-sectional size, concrete label, cement varieties Temperature, humidity, evaporation, curing technology and other conditions to determine the specific, but the general summer curing of ordinary concrete 15 days is sufficient to achieve the winter sometimes, such as concrete pavement sometimes poor conditions or even two months are difficult to achieve sufficient strength, but no matter What concrete what curing conditions, the first 7 days must ensure that the cover insulation moisturizing conservation, for the harsh conditions of conservation can be used to warm water or even pressure water conservation.

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