User-Friendly Lint Roller For Household Usage

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$0.37 - 0.88 / roll
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1000 Rolls roll
Supply Capability:
300000 Rolls roll/month

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Product Description:



Product Functions:

  • Effectively remove pet hair (dogs & cats) on couch, car seats, bed sheets;

  • Stick away sand & dirt from pets paw;

  • Keep suits, sofa and sheets clean and neat;

  • A great helper when cleaning cars or house.


Product Features:

  • Help to avoid lots of troubles when cleaning the bottom of the sofa or the car seats;

  • Convenient and user-friendly cleaning tool to remove hair, dust and fuzz;

  • Saving cleaning time and troubles;

  • Plastic handles are resistant to rust;

  • Recyclable and Refillable;

  • 90 layers per roll, 3 rolls per set, handle included; a total of 270 layers.


Technical Dates:



Suitable for

 Sticky Roller ( Lint Roller ) for household use

 Basic Material 

 PE film


 White & Blue


 35 ± 5 microns


 10cm, 16cm, or customized

Number of sheets

 90 sheets / roller; or customizable

 Inner Diameter

 38± 0.5mm (plastic / paper core)

 Rupture Elongation Coefficient

 > 250%

 Adhesion Type

 Water based adhesive

 Tensile Strength

 kg /cm2

 > 170

 Adhesion Power

g /25mm

( 100 - 1200 ) ± 50


380 or 300 rollers / box


No air bubbles on the surface, Flexible without losing its shape

 Anti-dust effect

 Efficiency is 99.9%


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