USB swipe 3 Track Card Reader magnetic stripe card reader

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Product Description:

 USB swipe 3 Track Card Reader magnetic stripe card reader 


Product Description                                                                                                         



-This magnetic stripe card reader is hand swipe operated magnetic card reading  with USB interface,
-adopting high integrated magnetic card decoding chip.
-They have small electricity consumption and strong interference resistance.
-They comply with ISO-7811, 7812 magnetic card decoding standard completely.
-It can read card bi-directionally, has intelligent lights to alert if card data is read correctly.
-Exquisite magnetic installation structure makes card reading more stable and reliable, which is our patented technology.
-Reasonable product design makes products small and compact.


Features of magnetic stripe card reader

1. Small footprint to fit in tight places
2. Reads up to 3 tracks of information
3. Bi-directional swipe reading
4. Superior reading of high jitter, scratched, and worn Magstripe cards
5. Relibale for over 1,000,000 card swipes
6. Threaded inserts for mounting
7. Reads ISO7811, AAMVA & most other card data formats
8. Magswipe PC software makes configuration changes easy


Description of magnetic stripe card reader

Size: 90x 27 x 29 mm( L x W x H)
Color: black
Swipe speeds from 3 to 60 inches per second
Interfaces: USB
Housing: ABS
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60
Relative Humidity: 90% non-condensing
Works with: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 Android or many other USB capable operating systems


APPLICATIONS of magnetic stripe card reader

(1)POS terminal
(2)ID verification/Authentication
(3)Member management system
(4)Inquiry system

Technology parameters of magnetic stripe card reader
Card StandardISO 7811/7812 
Track Position ISO 1 (IATA) ISO 2 (ABA) ISO 3 (MINTS) 
Recording Density 210 BPI 75 BPI 210 BPI 
Recording Capacity 79Characters40Characters 107Characters 
Power Supply  DC +3.0V~ +5.0V 
Power Consumption 65mA(max.) 
Head Function Read only 1.5mm 
Card Thickness Plastic 0.76 +/-  0.08mm 
Operation Speed  10 ~ 150cm/sec 
Error Rate Lass than 0.5% 
Interface PS/2, RS232C,USB 
Operation Locus Indoors only 
Lifetime of Header 800,000 card passes (1 pass : one swipe) 
Weight Approx. 80g 


** LX-Mx0 Series Model Number Rules**

X=U=USB Interface
X=S=RS232 Interface
X=K=PS2 Interface
x=1=Read first track only
x=2=Read Second track only
x=3=Read Third track only
x=5=Read first and second track only
x=6=Read second and third track only
x=8=Read all track(1,2,3 track)
Example: LU-M80 means this a card reader is USB interface and read all three tracks.


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Q:how do i upload my pictures to my computer w/o a card reader?
Do you have the usb camera to comp cord that probably came with the camera? If so then just plug the respective ends in and then you can access the image files. If you don't think you have the specific cord, see if you have any other usb device cordsthere's one common model used for many devices. Hope this helps.
Q:How can I get a card reader for Bank of Scotland (Halifax)?
Bank of Scotland and RBS are different banks.
Q:SD card reader not recognized by PC?
in the journey that your Card reads SDHC then it ought to no longer, no longer all card readers will study them, the HC stands for prime ability, I extremely have one which wont study extreme ability playing cards both, i will purchase one which does notwithstanding, ask contained in the shop if that is going to formerly you purchase one.
Q:Can you transfer pictures FROM your computer onto a memory card using a card reader?
Yes, you can absolutely do this! Be sure to put them in the right folder (sometimes it's called DCIM or something like that), so that your camera will see them in its preview. The best way is to take a picture, then see where it goes.
Q:SIM card reader???????????????????????????
Company owned ATT retail stores are the only stores that would have a SIM card reader. Go to the link below and input your address, city, state, and ZIP and in the box that says Looking for something specific? select Apple iPhone (only corporate stores sell the iPhone) and then select a distance you would be willing to travel and select submit
Q:Card Reader Problem?
Compaq is HP they are the same company. The bios updates are not bad at all. They should have a file on the website. Try the memory card in a different computer to make sure it is not the card. If the card is fine then you might try the bios update, system restore, and or getting another card reader to try out if you are out of the warranty. If you are in warranty I would say call up the people at Compaq tech support so they can send you a new one out or see what magic they can work.
Q:Why can't my computer read my card reader?
You will need to open my computer and look for the removable storage device, double click it and you will see your pics. When you get ready to unplug the card, click the icon in the taskbar to safely remove your card.
Q:Trying to transfer files via SD card.?
SD speed type refers back to the cardboard's minimum sustained write speed. mostly, the playing cards with quick write speeds (from digital camera to card) actually have quick study speeds (from card to pc). CrystalMark is definitely a reliable application for attempting out reminiscence playing cards.
Q:What is the difference between a charger and a power adapter?
Charger is the use of power electronic semiconductor devices, the voltage and frequency of fixed alternating current into a direct current DC converter device.

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