Urban communication cable of the whole plastics

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Type of the products: HYA- copper and core ethylene hydrocarbon are insulating, LAP protects a layer of urban communication cable HYAC- copper and core polyethylene hydrocarbon synthetically insulatingly, LAP synthesizes the sheath, bearing type urban communication cable HYAC- copper and core polyethylene hydrocarbon are insulating by oneself, LAP synthesizes the sheath, bearing type urban communication cable HYA53- copper and core polyethylene hydrocarbon are insulating by oneself, The urban communication cable HYAT53- copper and core polyethylene hydrocarbon of sheath of vertical bag of steel band of wrinkle are insulating, Packing type urban communication cable of sheath of vertical bag of steel band of wrinkle.

Type                                     of the cableUse                                     the occasion mainly
HYAImpracticable、Bury                                     directly
HYATCable                                     pipeline、Cable ditch、Bridge shelf
HYA53Cable                                     pipeline、Bury directly
HYAT53Bury                                     directly、Pipeline

Lay and require insulating and regularly with the performance of the electric wire:
1 Allow working temperature for a long time:
BV-90, RV-90 type are at the time of using normally, high temperature the most of conductor is 90
. Use as right to use of the cable environment can prevent from hot to mould and flow and permit and reduce insulating situation of resistance, The PVC mixture that can be used in 90 in succession , base on the premise of always shorten working timing, Its working temperature can be improved to 105 . Other types should not exceed 70
(2)The temperature of laying of the electric wire is not lower than O , allow the crooked radius: The person who smallers than 25mm should not be smaller than 4D for the external diameter of the electric wire( D), the external diameter of the electric wire( D) is not smaller than 6D for 25mm and the above person.

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Q:"Cable laying" cable cross-sectional area refers to the cable cross-sectional area, or refers to the copper core cross-sectional area
Low-voltage power cable, also known as: low-voltage power cable. The voltage rating is 0.6 / 1KV. National Standard No .: GB / T-2008. The voltage rating of the control cable is 450 / 750V. National Standard No .: GB / T9330-2008. The voltage rating of these two cables, the country has a clear standard. Can not be changed.
Q:How come my computer turns on just by inserting the power cable in the PSU ?
I accept as true with the skill furnish suggestion. once you're taking it out as pronounced by previous answerers, take it with you once you bypass get the hot one, with the intention to make certain you get the proper variety of skill furnish. regardless of what the terrific effect is or what the restoration finally ends up being, i can't rigidity sufficient the cost of having an Uninterruptable skill furnish (UPS) which between different issues, materials sufficient time to suitable close down your laptop in a blackout. IMHO, Belkin and APC are the terrific 2 on the industry.
Q:I have bought a new power supply for my PC, problem is with hard drive power cable?
You got the wrong power supply. Get an IDE to Sata power adapter.
Q:sata power connector cable?
Better okorder.com/
Q:What is that black box on power cables?
its a transformer to cut the mains plug voltage down to the same voltage as the battery which will be around 16volts to 20 volts for a laptop,the desktop PC will have the same transformer built into the tower casing beside the fan,but you just cannot see it, and there will be a voltage selector switch for the country you are using it in ie-UK =220-240volts, USA=110 volts or similar,both the laptops and desktops use the same internal operating low voltages,and mains voltage would fry everything inside ,that's why they are fitted with the transformers.
Q:How many amphs does the us ps3 slim's power cable have? It should be #A?
i don't know why youre trying to find this out but heres a chart. The power cable has different electricity usages depending on what youre doing but the average is 87 ish
Q:Where can I purchase a power cable for our Toshiba Equium laptop?
It is possible that your cable may have some broken wires inside that are causing your problem, or it may be the board as mentioned above. The board that is being referenced is the power connector inside your laptop and it's connection to the system board. What can happen is the electrical connections (solder joints) from the connector to the board become broken/loose and you have an intermittent connection. I have re-soldered these for friends when theirs go bad, otherwise a replacement system board would be required. I have also seen where the small leaf spring contact inside the connector becomes flattened and has poor contact as well (if this is the type of connector you have). You could check this with a good light and look inside the hole, there should be a center pin contact and a leaf contact along one side that should come down about halfway into the hole to the pin. To test where the problem is, connect your cord to your laptop, now hold the connection very still at the connector and wiggle, twist, push, and bend the cable at various points to see if the light at the front of the computer goes on or off. Now also test the plug at the computer by carefully moving it up, down, around in various ways to see if the light goes on or off. Wherever you find your problem is where you'll need to fix. If it is the power cable, yes, you should be able to buy a replacement. Try Toshiba's website or google the numbers you have to see what turns up. Hope that helps explain things better. Best of luck.
Q:Where can I buy an authentic XBox 360 Power Supply and cable?
Here's okorder.com/
Q:Is power cable of 2.5 sq mm sufficient for 1.5 ton window AC?
I asked this same question 3 times, and didn't get a good answer
Q:Where's does the power cable connect to on my SATA hard drive?
I believe that is the power connector. SATA data cables are 7-pin. SATA power cables are 15-pin. The old Molex cables are 4 pin. (Molex being what IDE drives use.) Some SATA drives have Molex ports on them for use with older powersupplies. (Just like some motherboards can use both 20 pin and 24 pin connectors.) If your powersupply doesn't have a SATA power cable, then you'll need to get a Molex-SATA power cable adapter. (See the Newegg link for one adapter.)

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