Unsaturated Polyester Resin(196) for Spray Up,Hand Lay Up

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Product Description:

Product description of unsaturated polyester resins


UPR191 is a resin applicable with fiberglass products,is a common standard unsaturated polyester resin of medium viscosity and high reactivity,applicable to manufacture of common steel glass products, cooling columns, containers of dilute acid etc.

Excellent appliication properties,short application time,good fiber wet out,for hand lay up and spray up usage.

It is perfect for FRP PIPE,FRP PANEL production.


Specification of FRP Grating

2.General pupose resin,for fiber glass reforcement


Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87








Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%


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a, ISO 9001-2008 quality control system;

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Q:Why should the new resin be disposed of? How do we deal with it?
The above treatment, such as the use of 3m / h flow rate of flow treatment, the effect will be better. After the new resin has been treated, the stability will be improved remarkably.
Q:Can the resin glasses break?
The advantage of glasses in resin materials lies in:1, light quality, comfortable wearing.2, material elasticity is good, not easy to cause destructive deformation (for example, put on a chair, a butt sit up? Most resins, frames, glasses, and the possibility of continued use.3, the lens in the high impact of fragmentation, resulting in small hardness, edge than glass crystal debris sharpness is small, reducing the damage to the eye. High standard resin goggles are the standard safety protection equipment for foreign labor protection and shooting training. (some shooting goggles can withstand 6 mm gun shot front)4, lens grinding processing convenient, reduces the time of glasses.5, resin film adhesion performance is superior, so that ultraviolet radiation, radiation, glare, dizziness, film and dyeing (wearing sunglasses), greatly reducing the cost, is to promote and become popular.
Q:What is the "TG" point of the resin?
The glass transition temperature (glass transition temperature), refers to the amorphous polymers (including non crystalline part of crystalline polymers in the glassy transition temperature) to high elastic state or by the latter on the lowest temperature of amorphous polymer chain segment free movement, usually expressed in Tg. There are no very fixed values that change with the methods and conditions of measurement. For example, the glass transition temperature of PVC is 80 degrees centigrade. But he is not the upper limit of the working temperature of the product.
Q:The same toys, vinyl resin and the two materials which is better?
1. vinyl mold production process: drawings, mud - gypsum, wax, die die, die, die, the production of leather coat production (die size greater than the production of leather coat size is about 3---4%)2. vinyl furnace temperature of 250 DEG ~280 DEG vinyl for 2 minutes. The temperature of 100 DEG C to form 10 minutes3. Vinyl Composition (BOM content)3-1.PVC juvenile powder 8103-2.PVC coarse powder, C65V3-3. plasticizer (white oil) DINP (adjust vinyl soft hardness)3-4. hard oil, TXIB3-5. hard oil 57 degrees3-6. heat resistant oil ED-S3-7. stabilizer CE-1163-8. release agent
Q:What is the curing agent for acrylic resins?
One component acrylic resin without curing agent, can be air dryHydroxyl containing acrylic resins are often crosslinked with polyurethane resins such as Isocyanates (HDI, TDI)
Q:Are there any good solvents for epoxy resins?
Low molecular weight liquid epoxy resins can be toluene, xylene, alcohols (ketones) and ketones (Bing Tong) as solvents. Medium and high molecular weight semi-solid and solid epoxy resins are more suitable for the use of butanol, MEK, cyclohexanone and ether alcohols as solvents.
Q:Main component of resin?
Resins are usually amorphous solids, brittle, heated, sticky, soft, and then molten, burning with heavy smoke. Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. Partially or completely dissolved in an alkaline solution and insoluble in an acid solution. The resin is widely distributed in plants, such as frankincense, myrrh can invigorate the circulation of blood, pain, swelling, blood circulation, benzoin anti-corrosion, Styrax aromatic resuscitation, ferulic for dispersing rosin are carminative pain lump, etc.. Most Chinese herbal medicines contain a small amount of resin which is removed as an impurity in the manufacture of Chinese herbal preparations.
Q:Epoxy flooring construction program has several steps
Blow more than two times epoxy quartz mortar. Quartz sand and putty parts are used for leveling the base surface of the floor and increasing the coating thickness in order to improve the abrasion resistance of the floor. Because quartz sand filling rough, so floor paint mortar layer is relatively rough, there are more pores, the first mortar can effectively leveling floor paint construction surface.
Q:What is the density of unsaturated resins?
The density of FRP is 1.4-2.2g/cm3, 4-5 times lighter than steel, but its strength is not small, and its specific strength is higher than that of section steel, hard aluminium and fir. This is of great importance for products such as aviation, aerospace, rockets, missiles, ordnance and transportation. For example, Boeing 747 jet aircraft in the main structure of the FRP components of 2.2 tons, effectively saving aircraft fuel, increased speed, extended life time, increased payload.
Q:Can water make a thinner of transparent resin that day?
Other used such as unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin or AB water such as 8014 corresponding active diluents were styrene, propylene carbonate and polyester polyol / styrene, can dilute the viscosity of resin and become a part of crosslinking in the framework. That day, the water because there is no cross-linking structure, can only be said to open dilute, plus 5-6% is already the limit. Unless the material is in short supply, it is not recommended to use the water thinner as molding resin. I hope it will help you.

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