Unsaturated Polyester Resin(196) for Spray Up,Hand Lay Up

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Product Description:

Product description of unsaturated polyester resins


UPR191 is a resin applicable with fiberglass products,is a common standard unsaturated polyester resin of medium viscosity and high reactivity,applicable to manufacture of common steel glass products, cooling columns, containers of dilute acid etc.

Excellent appliication properties,short application time,good fiber wet out,for hand lay up and spray up usage.

It is perfect for FRP PIPE,FRP PANEL production.


Specification of FRP Grating

2.General pupose resin,for fiber glass reforcement


Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87








Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%


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Q:How many kinds of epoxy resin are there?What are the characteristics of each?
Five major categories1. glycidyl ethers epoxy resins2. glycidyl epoxy resin3. glycidyl amine epoxy resin4. linear aliphatic epoxy resin5. alicyclic epoxy resin
Q:What are gypsum powder reinforced resins?
Humic acid sodium 0.3~0.5%, building material fiber waste liquid 10~12%, papermaking waste liquid 7.2~15.7%. Preparation and application of the above prepared aqueous solution, according to the ratio of gypsum and water ratio of 1:1.25-1:1.45 added to gypsum powder, after mixing good fluidity, pH control between 7.5~8 as appropriate, gypsum products into humic acid and its salts than gypsum molding water modulation flexural strength increased by 1.35~1.97 times, the compressive strength increased by 1.31~2.23 times.
Q:Is it harmful to human beings to drink water with resin?
Acrylic pigments are popular with painters. It has the following characteristics:(1) water can be used for washing.(2) quick drying. The pigment in the pen after a few minutes to dry, do not have to wait a few months to finish to be like painting as glazing. Painters who prefer slow drying pigments can use retarders to retard the drying time of pigments.(3) the coloring layer will lose its solubility rapidly after drying, and form a tough, elastic film without water seepage. This film is similar to rubber.(4) full color, dense, fresh and smooth, no matter how to reconcile, there will be no "dirty", "gray" feeling. The coloring layer will never be contaminated by oil absorption.(5) the permanence of the works is longer. Oil painting in the film for a long time, easy to oxidize, yellow, hardened, easy to cause cracks in the picture. The acrylic film will never be brittle in theory and will never turn yellow.(6) the biggest difference between acrylic pigment and oil painting is the operation characteristic of general water pigment, which can be used as watercolour and gouache.(7) the acrylic molding ointment contains granules, with coarse particles and fine particles, which is convenient for making skin texture.(8) acrylic paint non-toxic, harmful to the human body.
Q:What's the difference between plastic and resin?
It can be said that plastic is resin, and resin is plastic. Thus, the resin is one of the raw materials of plastic, plastic is the finished product of resin. In other words, the resin is not formed and molded into plastic.
Q:Fusible polytetrafluoroethylene and poly perfluoroalkoxy resin what is the difference?
Generally used for corrosion resistant pipelines, containers, pumps, valves, radar, high frequency communication equipment, wireless electrical materials, etc..
Q:There are 80128200 models, two differences and their respective advantages
Polaroid Polystone powder resin resin and powder mixture material, a cold resin. Cheap, less than cast resin price of 1/3, the English name is poly stone, is the early completion of the human form of the main material. Basically do not suitable for a practical enthusiasts material, is the most suitable GK model for material, impact resistance, heat resistance, hardness, weight is not particularly heavy, easy cutting, plasticity is not good. The color can be changed by adding toner, the weight is relatively heavy, and very brittle (because of excellent reasons), very easy to break. PVC Polyvinyl Chloride abbreviation. PVC material. Europe and the United States known as the soft material. Without coating component soft texture (the soft component) and the first class is different, this component is made of soft, low prices, the same shape can spend less money to buy,. In retrofitting, the freedom of the resin is greater.
Q:What kind of material is the resin made of?
Resins are made of natural resins and synthetic resins. Natural resin is an amorphous organic matter from the secretions of plants and animals in nature, such as rosin, shellac, amber, etc.. Resins are resins derived from the synthesis of simple organic compounds by chemical synthesis or by the chemical reaction of certain natural products.
Q:Is the resin lens good or glass good?
Besides, frames:According to the plastic material, the cheapest, 10 yuan, according to their metal distinction, to tens of million yuan, medium price of about 200 yuan.To sum up, a pair of glasses, medium price of 500 or less, to catch up with students holiday what, usually have concessions, choose moderate priced packages, about 300 will be able to win.
Q:The difference between gum and resin
Many trees secrete their body fluids to protect and heal wounds when their bark is injured. This body fluid can be divided into two broad categories, one is hydrophilic colloid, such as Arabia gum, gum and many other gum. The other one is hydrophobic colloid gum, such as dammar resin and rosin. The former is usually acidic macromolecules, polysaccharides, soluble in or swelling in water; while the latter is a high polymer, generally soluble only in organic solvents.
Q:What is resin? Where did it come from?
Some trees often form resin secretion, but is amber fossil resin, shellac, although is also regarded as resin, but the secretion of lac insect sediment on the tree. Made by shellac shellac, originally only used as a wood preservative, but with the invention of the motor has become the earliest use of insulating paint. However, after entering the twentieth Century, natural products have been unable to meet the needs of electrification, prompting people to have to find new cheap substitutes.

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