Universial 3 Phase Frequency Converter, Frequency Inverter, VFD,15KW , 20HP

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Product Description:

Product name:  Universial 3 phase frequency converter, frequency inverter, VFD,15Kw , 20HP

EDS1000 inverter offers a compact package of power, control and operator interface, designed

to meet the demands for space, simplicity and reliability. This inverter provides a broad spectrum of

features, allowing you to easily integrate it intoyour architecture and configure it for most application



Features of EDS1000  frequency inverter:

   • Sensorless Vector Control develops high torque over a wide speed range and adapts to individual 

      motor characteristics.

   • 150% overload for 60 seconds or 200% overload for 0.5 seconds provides robust ovrload protection.

   •Timer, Counter, Basic Logic functions can reduce hardware design costs and simplify control schemes.

   •Two analog input channels, including PID capability,offer enhanced application flexibility.

   • Variable PWM allows the drive to output more current at low Frequencies(1Hz).

   •An integral keypad provides out of the box operation using the local potentiometer and control keys.

   • A relay pre-charge limits inrush current.

   • Integral RS485 communications let the drives be used in a multidrop network configuration.


Ratings of EDS1000 series frequency inverter:   

Specifications of EDS1000:



                                       Item Description                                                           

     Input Specification 

• 1 phase Voltage: 200V...240V

• 3-phase Voltage: 200V...240V, 320V...460V,586V...760V

• Frequency:47 to 63 Hz

• Logic Control Ride Through: >0.5 seconds, 2 seconds typical
• Voltage: Adjustable from 0V to rated motor voltage
• Intermittent Current: 150% for 60 seconds


Output Voltage Range/   

   Overload Capacity

• Voltage: Adjustable from 0V to rated motor voltage
• Intermittent Current: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 0.5 seconds
      Motor Control Volts per Hertz

Open loop speed conrol

Sensorless vector control


   Frequency Range          


• -10…50 °C (14…122 °F) with specified distance between  drives  or: -10…40 °C (14…104 °F) Zero Stacked

• Storage Temperature:  -40...70 °C (-40...158 °F )

      Frequency Accuracy• Digital input within + 0.01 of set frequency
• Analog input within 0.2 of maximum output frequency
       Control I/O• 24V sink or source control
• 3 dedicated inputs for start, stop and reverse
• 2 programmable inputs for functions such as preset   speed, jog,etc  0…10V and 4…20 mA
• 1 programmable form C relay output
     Dynamic Braking 7th IGBT included on all ratings

       Standards and


 CE   ISO9001:2008

• Input                       • Output                    • Ratings

Voltage Class                  Voltage Class               

200V...260V,1Ø          0...220V,3 Ø       0.4Kw...3.7Kw(0.5...5Hp)

320V...460V,3 Ø         0...380V,3 Ø      0.75Kw...55Kw(1...75Hp)

586V...760V,3 Ø         0...690V,3 Ø      11Kw...200Kw(15...250Hp)

    Communications• Integral RS485 with Modbus RTU/DSI


What service we can supply to our clients?

  • We have been specialized in these energy saving area for 10 years in China. And 7-year export's experience get good word-of-mouth from costomers.

  • All the products are approved by CE, ISO9001-2008 and in line with local import laws and regulations.

  • All the products are carefully packed to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

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Q:My inverter is the era TVF8000 series, the motor is 15KW6 pole motor, has been used for 3 years.
Motor current when the current 10A this has no effect on you, the rated current is 31.4A, your inverter is selected how many W, is the fan pump type or universal? Now the motor operating current reached 34-35A, more than the rated current, then the motor may have two problems, one is the motor leakage powerful, and in a motor is overload, resulting in increased current
Q:What is the adapter?
Easy Alliance Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. (eNetwork) currently has a different series, different types of adapters, original authentic, and sold at competitive prices.
Q:Does the teacher know the working principle of the inverter?
The frequency converter is an AC-DC-AC power electronic device that converts 50 Hz AC sine wave into straight high voltage direct current and then converts it into an AC power that can control the voltage and frequency, driving the three-phase AC motor.
Q:380V motor addition to the inverter, but also how to change its speed?
Rotary motor rotor series resistance adjustable speed. 4. Change the slip electromagnetic speed (slip motor)
Q:How to make the motor speed (control speed), can not use frequency
If you use AC asynchronous motor speed control in three ways: 1 / variable speed control. By changing the motor stator pole pairs to speed, not the linear speed for the sub-file speed, the motor structure and electrical control more complex. 2 / electromagnetic speed control. Driven by the magnet magnet, the electromagnetic coil through the variable size of the DC to speed, for the linear speed, but a waste of energy 3 / frequency control. Through the inverter speed, stepless speed regulation, speed control effect is good, but one-time investment. If the DC motor speed is to change the armature or the excitation coil voltage to achieve speed. Application in the relatively high demand, a one-time investment is relatively large
Q:Is the motor having a variable frequency motor and a variable voltage motor?
According to the way to start talking about a variable frequency motor and variable voltage motor
Q:What are the AC motor speed control methods? What are the characteristics of each
Pressure control speed, limited speed range is limited use of variable pole speed, change the motor internal wiring speed, speed is a very speed according to the motor factory set to brand speed to speed control, change the motor input Frequency to speed, are stepless speed is now more popular
Q:ASUS and dell notebook power adapter can be universal?
You do not indiscriminate use as well, we recommend that you contact the after-sales department for your service.
Q:First reduce the frequency of about one-third of the test, not the case, then appropriate adjustments!
In short, then connected to the bk-dk electrical appliances, is a resistor for the discharge effect
Q:B2b frequency how to speed
How does changing the power frequency to change the speed of the motor? When the motor is connected to the power supply to drive the normal operation of the load, at this time to change the power frequency, such as the current frequency down, the motor armature rotating magnetic field speed will decline, the rotor conductor cutting magnetic field speed decreases, turn from the induced potential , The rotor current decreases, the torque decreases, the load on the shaft does not change, the torque will be less than the load resistance torque, the motor rotor speed decreases, the rotor conductor cutting the magnetic field line speed increases, the rotor induced potential increases, the rotor current increases, The torque rises until it is equal to the load resistance torque, and the speed is smaller than the original. After stabilizing the work, the torque of the motor is the same as that of the original. (The motor torque is the same as the load torque, the load is constant and the motor torque is not changed)

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