Universial 3 Phase Frequency Converter, Frequency Inverter, VFD,15KW , 20HP

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Product Description:

Product name:  Universial 3 phase frequency converter, frequency inverter, VFD,15Kw , 20HP

EDS1000 inverter offers a compact package of power, control and operator interface, designed

to meet the demands for space, simplicity and reliability. This inverter provides a broad spectrum of

features, allowing you to easily integrate it intoyour architecture and configure it for most application



Features of EDS1000  frequency inverter:

   • Sensorless Vector Control develops high torque over a wide speed range and adapts to individual 

      motor characteristics.

   • 150% overload for 60 seconds or 200% overload for 0.5 seconds provides robust ovrload protection.

   •Timer, Counter, Basic Logic functions can reduce hardware design costs and simplify control schemes.

   •Two analog input channels, including PID capability,offer enhanced application flexibility.

   • Variable PWM allows the drive to output more current at low Frequencies(1Hz).

   •An integral keypad provides out of the box operation using the local potentiometer and control keys.

   • A relay pre-charge limits inrush current.

   • Integral RS485 communications let the drives be used in a multidrop network configuration.


Ratings of EDS1000 series frequency inverter:   

Specifications of EDS1000:



                                       Item Description                                                           

     Input Specification 

• 1 phase Voltage: 200V...240V

• 3-phase Voltage: 200V...240V, 320V...460V,586V...760V

• Frequency:47 to 63 Hz

• Logic Control Ride Through: >0.5 seconds, 2 seconds typical
• Voltage: Adjustable from 0V to rated motor voltage
• Intermittent Current: 150% for 60 seconds


Output Voltage Range/   

   Overload Capacity

• Voltage: Adjustable from 0V to rated motor voltage
• Intermittent Current: 150% for 60 seconds, 200% for 0.5 seconds
      Motor Control Volts per Hertz

Open loop speed conrol

Sensorless vector control


   Frequency Range          


• -10…50 °C (14…122 °F) with specified distance between  drives  or: -10…40 °C (14…104 °F) Zero Stacked

• Storage Temperature:  -40...70 °C (-40...158 °F )

      Frequency Accuracy• Digital input within + 0.01 of set frequency
• Analog input within 0.2 of maximum output frequency
       Control I/O• 24V sink or source control
• 3 dedicated inputs for start, stop and reverse
• 2 programmable inputs for functions such as preset   speed, jog,etc  0…10V and 4…20 mA
• 1 programmable form C relay output
     Dynamic Braking 7th IGBT included on all ratings

       Standards and


 CE   ISO9001:2008

• Input                       • Output                    • Ratings

Voltage Class                  Voltage Class               

200V...260V,1Ø          0...220V,3 Ø       0.4Kw...3.7Kw(0.5...5Hp)

320V...460V,3 Ø         0...380V,3 Ø      0.75Kw...55Kw(1...75Hp)

586V...760V,3 Ø         0...690V,3 Ø      11Kw...200Kw(15...250Hp)

    Communications• Integral RS485 with Modbus RTU/DSI


What service we can supply to our clients?

  • We have been specialized in these energy saving area for 10 years in China. And 7-year export's experience get good word-of-mouth from costomers.

  • All the products are approved by CE, ISO9001-2008 and in line with local import laws and regulations.

  • All the products are carefully packed to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

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Q:First reduce the frequency of about one-third of the test, not the case, then appropriate adjustments!
And the inverter is connected to the positive and negative bk-dk electrical Han Han device,
Q:Why the number of motor poles increased, the inverter capacity will increase
The power of the three-phase motor is equal to the root number of 3 times the line current and the line voltage of the product again good with the power factor. Can also be 3 times the phase current and phase voltage of the good product and then good to power factor. The frequency converter should match the rated current of the motor, not the power of the motor.
Q:Laptop power adapter in the ring is how is it?
Is the voice of the transformer, do not have to buy, will be used on the line.
Q:4 pole 380V 4-5.5KW frequency conversion motor and inverter about how much money, such as the use of electromagnetic speed motor comparison
About 2,000 yuan, electromagnetic speed and vector inverter can bring feedback
Q:Abb inverter s510 with water circulation pump why the motor fever. The motor is 2 pole
Running in the low frequency or other? Load it, the motor cooling mode is built-in fan or forced air cooling? Pump motor connection has not checked about, such as triangular error into a star and the like, hoping to have you help
Q:Lenovo g450 laptop power adapter specifications is what?
Lenovo G450 power adapter Model: ADP-90RH B LENOVO P / N: 36001681 Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz Output: 19V $ 4.74
Q:3.7KW inverter with 2.2KW 6-pole motor running to see the inverter shows the current is more than 4A, with the amount of clamp to 2.8A
Probably the error of the clamp meter. 4 more current is correct.
Q:How to lift Yaskawa inverter base blockade?
Note: the base blockade is to deal with ul or ce such a special application of security agencies, meaning that when the parking limit action after the base blockade even if the program can not malfunction, relative to the emergency stop loop more harsh, they will directly cut off the power power supply. In fact, it is a white protection function, if we are not difficult to find the analysis, when over-voltage or undercurrent, the panel will show BB alarm, BB is the base block, is the base blockade.
Q:Laptop power adapter output voltage is not the same as the current? What's the effect?
In the case of other conditions (rated output voltage, plug polarity, etc.) the same circumstances, the rated output current greater power adapter, can replace the rated output current is relatively small power adapter, which is not adversely affected. If the power adapter with a relatively small rated current is used instead of a relatively large power adapter with a rated output current, the power adapter will be "overloaded" and may cause damage to the power adapter.
Q:Do you want to pay attention to the number of poles of the motor when selecting the inverter?
Inverter is generally selected by the power, do not consider the number of poles, but the inverter output current is controlled by the module, so you can choose in the selection as much as possible in accordance with the rated current to select the inverter. And left redundant party B overload and other phenomena.

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