Underground XLPE insulated power cables and overhead insulated cable

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Q:Is the white stuff on my power cable dangerous?
Corrosion! caused by oxidation, not dangerous Buy new wires, cables ect. Before it's to late
Q:Can I use speaker wire for power cable in a small amp?
I trust DJ. additionally you are able to try your subs with a volt meter. turn the meter to ohm mode and touch the finally leads to your subwoofer pos. and neg. (it incredibly is unhooked from the amp). this promises you a analyzing which could be a mild one million,2,4,6, or maybe 8. If the extensive style bounces around ANY, then your subs are broken. you are able to basically be working 4 ohm whilst your amp is one million ohm reliable or some thing. in line with threat try rewiring your subs too when you do the flexibility. The decrease your speaker ohm load, the greater watts you get out of your amp. warning**** do no longer go below the cautioned ohm load of you amp. it's going to capture fire or blow fuses once you're fortunate.
Q:My PC crushes and it won't start w/o power cable unplug!?
Do a virus scan..
Q:My fuse holder melted and power cable is hot to the touch...what is going on?
short circuit. you need a bigger fuse in the inline cable coming from the battery. bigger fuse
Q:What is a good entension cable for the xbox 360 sata and power cables?
Open QuestionShow me another » What is a good entension cable for the xbox 360 sata and power cables? I am trying to modify my my xbox 360(put it into a pc tower that I have) but the DVD power and sata cables won't even come close to reaching. As well as the cables needed to move the rest of my peripherals. Please point me in the right direction or to a website that has these cables for sale. I need 10 inchers if possible. Thanks in advance!!!
Q:EVGA 8800gs Power Cable Confusion?
You can plug the standard 6 pin from your PSU the way it is and play a game and if the pc freezes or shuts off during game play then you know wehre the problem is. Do not worry about the exact specifics it wants. If you put the two 4 pin molex connections in so you can use one 6 pin then that might be more reliable as far as power flow but only do that after you try the standard 6 pin because of your limit on availible 4 pin molexs
Q:PC works after unplugging and plugging motherboard power cables. Why?
nicely it relies upon, feels like a heating concern... Your power furnish ought to have a fan on it, seem and hear be sure that is going, using fact it sounds like it is no longer, if thats the case you will the two ought to do some extremely tedius artwork removing the ability furnish and replaceing the fan, or purchase a sparkling one... yet once you particular the psu you examined it with works and the pc nevertheless didnt boot, nicely then it must be greater, be sure all followers and what no longer come on and attempt it
Q:Formula of current carrying capacity of electrical power cables?
There is no definite safe formulas for your cables because it depends on many factors like what conductor . what insulation, how many cores ,what is your load , where is your load and ambient temperature and so on. The best guidance will be from the particular manufacturer who would provide the tables under various conditions as above.
Q:Should TRS or TS cables be used for the powered signal in a 2 channel PA?
very interesting question
Q:What causes the power cable to my amp to smoke?
What it sounds like is you accidentally connected the wires to the wrong terminals. If current were an issue u would most likely blow a fuse. But dont rule it out, u could just need a thicker gauge power 12v line. And also remember to ALWAYS GROUND the amp. either way, if it is an amp desined for car use, youre batt would never be too much power. If it is a high watt amp, you should look into buying a capaciter. Itll help regulate voltage usage and extend the life of your batt and alternator.

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