Under Liquid Sewage Pump

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The second-generation YW(P) series under-liquid sewage pump is a new and patented product latest developed by this Co.specially for transporting various sewages under harsh working
conditions and made by way of, on the basis of the existing first-generation product, absorbing the advanced know-how both at home and abroad and using WQ series submersible sewage pumps hydraulic model of  the most excellent performance at present.
      YW series under-liquid sewage pump not only has  the all su-perior performances of the WQ series submersible sewage pump but also greatly opens out the applocable working conditions and fields of use of the latter due to its unique form of installation.


      Suitable for steel works,  power plant,  coal works, mine, ho-spital, municipal works, chemical industry,  medicine, building, hotel, sea-wat er suction and drainage etc. trades  to transport the  
industrial sewage with grains and fibres,  the citys lovong sew-age or rain water and pure water, and also for some flow processes of chemical  industry.


        The second-generation YW(P) series under -Luquid  sewage pump is designed by taking durability, easy use, stability,reliability and free of main tenance as the target an d has the
following merits:

1 High Efficiency Non-block up
        The uniquely designed single, doubl e-ge at imp eller, opening model, double leaf model impeller is high effectiv e without block-up, the pump casing etc. flow- through parts optimizedly designed for completing with the impeller can be selected with their materials and models upon the t ransported media and can be made sure of the exce llent hydraulic performance and working life in the transporta tion of the media containing suspended grains and long fibres,corrosive and abrasive.
        The geat is wide and sm ooth and is suitable to tr ansport the solid grain of a diameter abo ut 50% of the pump aperture.Double mechanical seals in series are used as the mechanical  
seal to provide a double protection and the frictional  secondary one is a spiral seal made of anti-corrosive sinteredtungsten carbide or silicon carbide and of  a special structure and can thus  be
ensured to continuously run without leakage.  
2 Stable,durable without  vibration
      The pump is vertically  structured, the  drive unit(motor stand, clutch, drive shaft,  connecting stand, bearing)is modular  designed and can be superposed at  will along with the variation of  the under-water depth. Both pump casing and impeller can be placed under liquid by 0.5-10m and the motor above the liquid surface, then, via connection with the drive unit, direct ly drives the nonblock impeller to stably run without  vibration.
       At the pumps inlet  a suck-in barrel  is set, its  exquisite  design makes the sucked liq uids level as deep as possib e, without block-up and with a good anti-twine sewage-removal property.  
      The integral structure of  the pump is designed comp act, st-able, durable and easily mountable.
      The pump can be used with common Y series  motor and,  if fitted with Y,Y2 series outdoor-type motor,  it can be avoided to build a pump house, reducing the investment for consturction,  
and the motor  can be mounted on the ground,  leaving a convenient operation, overhaul  and maintenance.seal ring is used as  the static seal,  it settles the problem of leakage and greatly enhances the pumps life.
     The motor is not placed under water and the cable as  well. Able to transport  and suck the sewage of a temperat ure 80 C and below, ultimately satisfying the applocable occasion or  
the requirements of  use of dirty and oil resistance,  wearability and with a higher temperature.

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Q:water pump is constantly priming itself?
How old is the Pump ? Could the Impeller be worn out ? Is there a replaceable filter ? Could it possibly be stopped up ? Are there any leaks in the pipe leading from the well ? Is there a way that you could measure the current being drawn by the pump, with an Amp Meter, to determine if it's pulling more Current than it should be ? Until these questions are answered, it's probably just going to be a guessing game.
Q:How much would cost to have a water pump replaced?
$300... give or take $200
Q:A Salty Pool without the fancy Salt Water Pump.?
I don't think you or others really understand a salt water chlorination unit. The salt is added to the pool water through water circulation of the pool water the ION unit water passes past these two electrodes which in turn give off a chlorine gas which becomes the chlorine requirements for the pool On the ioniser is a dial that is set to a required setting to do with the volume of certain sized swimming pools. Even though one has this unit connected to their pool, they still have to add chlorine to their pool of the chlorine level isn't enough. This can be done in various methods, via a floating skimmer or have pellets put in hair lint pot or scattered over the pool surface, once dissolved in a bucket of warm water. Just by leaving the salt in the water as you suggest won't really do much other than help keep the water salty! This is my opinion I'll not get into a wage or wars over who is right who is wrong! Your trying to get others on your side, because you made the wrong choice purchased a salty pool chlorinator pump your dis- satisfied with your choice I am not going to agree or disagree with your statement other that to say your putting your families health at risk being a skin flint! So you think your doing the right thing, by putting your families health at risk for the sake of a few lousy dollars. Do it properly have a professional to come connect it all up for youin a proper manner!! Surely your families health means a lot more to you than risking a few lousy bucks on the proper unit! Cheers!!
Q:Does the water pump effect the car AC?
You must know water pump is for cooling your motor ,by moving water around inside , AC has a pump or a compressor , Inside is a gas , under pressure the gas get cold when the cold lines are put in a space with a fan it makes cool air for you inside your car!!! All you may need is some more cooling gas for your AC pump
Q:clutch fan or water pump?
well if it is the water pump you will have a small hole ( tale tale hole ) and it will be leaking water to let you know its out. and clutch fan there will be alot of play i have seen people stop them with there hand but i dont advise it
Q:What is the purpose of providing recirculation line & balance leak off line for a boiler feed water pump?
The feed pumps for most power plants are multistage centrifugal pumps. They have a minimum flow requirement or the balancing forces of the various impellers are lost and the pump is damaged. A recirculation line permits a minimum flow to be maintained at all times. It goes back to the deaerator so the boiler feedwater is not lost. Note: many of these pumps have the recycle automated so it is only in operation at very low flow rates. The leak off from the balancing line is recycled for the same reason.
Q:Pump adapter belongs to the system of fire pool equipment?
Does not belong to the fire pool system! Pump adapter is mainly used for fire engines through the adapter system pressure, outdoor fire hydrant fire with one hand, one hand is to provide water for the fire truck. According to the 10~15L/S calculation of each pump adapter
Q:Stop the engine immediately and stop the circulating pump and the condensate pump. What's the harm to the turbine?
The condensed water is also used to air pumping device, steam seal cooler as cooling water, according to rules of turn.The circulating water is also used to supply cooling water to the oil cooler, and the oil temperature will rise.Hazard: exhaust pipe, condensate pipe will burst tube, low pressure cylinder rising temperature for deformation, rotor (shaft seal) may be deformed.
Q:Help with new thermostat on new water pump?
Back away from that furnace and call your plumber.
Q:Help...Need a replacement water pump for my BioCube?
ok before replacing have you cleaned the inside, and if there are air bubbles comming out it is because it is running dry. Basically all biocubes do this, the filter pad is slowing down the water too much, so either rince it well or replace it. Also i would wash out the blue sponge right before the pump as that can hold alot of dirt as well. Then if not add more water. But if you want to replace the pump, try via aqua water pumps. they tend to be the best. owner of the BC 29 and BC 14

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