Ultrasonic Aroma Humidifier For Car

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Ultrasonic aroma humidifier for Car ABB402 



1. The ultra quiet design

2. Ultrasonic atomizing technology, use directly by taking out of the box

3. 0.3nm mist, easily absorbed, non-water

4. Automatic power off, make it safe to use

5. LED can be controled independently

6. Aroma Diffuser, for Car specifically.



Methods of Use

1. unscrew the cover

Gently twist the cover clockwise, and gently take off the cover. If there is water in the Cup, please pour with caution so as not to drip into the inside of the machine.


2. Add water 

Add water into the water tank, pay attention to the water level does not exceed the maximum water level line.


3. Drops essential oils 

Drops 2-3 drops of essential oil into the water, essential oils can be based on your individual concentrations.


4. Connect the power and turn on the switch

The USB cord plug is inserted into the DC Jack on the bottom of the machine, plugged into the computer USB jack at the other end (using the adapter connected to your home power), open the machines spray switch "MIST" at the bottom.


5. Adjust the settings

When connected to the power supply, the machine can start working.


During use process, you can reset the below functions:


----LED light control

Light does not light up after power on: Through “LIGHT” switches to control lights working, every time press the switch, the status change, converting between the highlight, half light, turns off; at the same time the buzzer send a "DI" sound, when turn off, the machine send "DI-DI " two sounds;


----Spraying time control

Atomizer does not work after power on: by atomized MIST switch to control the work time, and every time press the switch, the time changes once. The time changing between 30 minutes/60 minutes/120 minutes/OFF switch; at the same time the buzzer send a "DI" sound, when turn off, the machine send "DI-DI " two sounds;

 ----Low-water protection 

Automatically detect the machine shortages of water, atomization feature and LED lights will automatically turn off after 3 seconds, at the same time the buzzer sned "DI-DI" sounds


Important: Do not keep the machine to work continuously for more than 2 hours, if water levels are too low in the water cups, the machine will automatically stop working immediately, even if you restart the spray switch.



Pour out remaining water from the drainage hole location of the machine before or after use, keep the machine in a dry and cool place.


If the product has been used for several times, please unplug the power plug and pour away the water left inside, Clean the inside of the machine and supply-air outlet with a damp cloth.


If you want to change the essential oils, make sure that you clean the unit before using, in order to avoid different essential oil blend and then affecting the original fragrance of essential oils.


You can also clean with a mild detergent which you use to clean the kitchen, but make sure that no detergent left on the machine.


Important: Continuous use for an extended period may cause the machine to overheat, shorten the service life. When the body gets hot, please unplug the power supply.


Preventive Measures


In order to avoid electric shock, physical injuries or accidents such as fires while using this product, please read carefully the following points:


If overflow occurs:

1. Unplug the power supply and unscrew the cover;

2. Pour out the remaining water from the drainage hole location;

3. Gently shake the machine, let the water drain and air dry for 24 hours before use.


Note: Essential oils may corrupt the machine surfaces, if we are not careful drop the oil on the surface of the machine, wipe dry immediately with a damp cloth




Product Name: Car/USB Aroma Diffuser

Dimensions: 66mm (r) *116mm (h)

Weight: 150g (without adapter)

Cord length: 60cm

USB power supply: 5V  Car power supply: 12-24V 1000mA/5V 500mA

Power: 2.5W

Timer: 30/60/120 minutes, non-stop  

Cup size: 50mL  

LED lights: 3 

Raw material: PP

Vibration Frequency: 3MHz 

Accessories: USB Cable, Manual



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