Ultra Thin 3200mAh Portable Power Bank for iPhone

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Battery Type:Li-Polymer
Suit For:Most mobile like Iphone ,Samsung,Nokia,HTC,etc.and other digital devices like PSP,bluetooth      


6.5mm , but 3200mah ,not only thin

1) High conversion rate >95%, 300time cycle.
2) Grade A cell and IC, make it more safe and durable.
3) humanized design for hand hold ,and extreme line .
4) 50 kg bearing and 1000 times friction testing.
5) More color can choose. Fashion.
6) Invisiable output cable .

Ultra Thin 3200mAh Portable Power Bank for iPhone

Ultra Thin 3200mAh Portable Power Bank for iPhone

Ultra Thin 3200mAh Portable Power Bank for iPhone


5000 times for USB port plug
1500 times for mirco USB port plug

Charging time
1 time for samsung note 3/s5
2 times for iphone 5s/5/4s/4

Optional accessories:
1 X DC 3.5 Switch Cable
1 X Micro USB
1 X Mini USB
1 X Adapter for iPhone
1 X Adapter for Nokia DC 2.0,
1 X Adapter for Samsung,
1 X Adapter for Sony Ericsson
1 X Adapter for LG,
1 X Adapter for PSP

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Q:Photos of my power supply and will this one fit?
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