Ultra Popular Jelly Lens For Mobile Phone/12 Styles Of Mini Jelly Lens/Wide Angle Lens For Phone And Compact Digital Camera

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wholesale Ultra popular 12 styles of Jelly Lens Cell Phone camera Lens, cell phone accessary Web camera lens, Digital camera lens 


12 styles:

No.1: Wide Angle Lens

- with a broader vision, with fish eye effect
No.2: Stretch Lens

- similar to distorting mirror, make people look like thin or fat
No.3: 6 Image Mirage Lens

- change 1 scenery into 6 same sceneries
No.4: 3 Image Mirage Lens

- change 1 scenery into 3 same sceneries
No.5: Heart Frame / Blue Filter Lens

- composed of two lenses,one lens makes the photo with heart shape frame,another is filter
No.6: Star/Antique Lens

- composed of two lenses,one lense makes the photo with star shape frame,another is filter
No.7: Polorized Lens

- elimination of reflective on the smooth surface, like glass, metal and so on
No.8: Close up Lens

- this lens has the effect of microscope,can make a big shot to small things

No.9: Soft Lens

- it can make the photo have a soft feel
No.10:Starburst Lens

- also called movement lens, make you feel the scenery is moving fast
No.11: Vignette Lens

- this lens make photo have a feel of water flowing through the glass
No.12: Spark Lens

- this lens is generally used at night,the lighting of the photo is very beautiful, a kind of star in the flash


>When the adhesive weakens,gently clean it with soap water

>Do not use the lens to view the sun at anytime,doing so many cause injury your eyes.



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Q:Nikon camera lens g ed vr what does it mean
ED: Extra-low Dispersion Ultra-low dispersion lens.       The general optical lens, with a lower spherical aberration, but relatively speaking, will also be accompanied by a larger light scattering, that is, color, ED lens can reduce color,  
Q:Why is the SLR lens so expensive?
Said the white lens is a few optical lens group, said white IPONE, computer, etc. These are some electronic devices, the cost is not high, why the cottage phone to sell hundreds, genuine to thousands. Said that the CPU is the point of silicon, many other chips are silicon, why CPU so expensive, the other chip a few dollars there.
Q:Who knows the camera lens on the m, ft What does that mean?
For example, the ft is the English abbreviation of the foot, and the corresponding line of numbers refers to the distance (in feet) of the current lens, that is, the number of feet of the distance from the lens to the subject when the current lens is exactly focused;
Q:Digital camera on the lens 24 ----- 70 / 2.8 What does it mean?
24-70mmF2.8L Meaning the shortest focal length 24, the longest to 70mm constant aperture F2.8
Q:The current high-speed camera up to the maximum speed of how high-speed camera with how the lens
High-speed camera has a lot of series ah ycgk see you shoot what 6 thousand wolf high-speed camera in many types of estimated you need
Q:Digital camera lens bad repair?
Fuji in the domestic sales done in general, less maintenance stations, and the most important is that these manufacturers generally do not provide in-depth maintenance, but for the whole set of components, like you wear this lens, they will not give you a replacement lens The replacement of the entire lens components, the price is very high
Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
In general, the lens is named by the focal length. For example, Canon 24-70, 70-200. That is, focal length 24 - focal length of 70 lens.
Q:Is the full-frame camera's lens available for full-frame cameras?
In two cases. Like Canon's lens group, the original words, APS frame lens simply can not install the full-size fuselage, then it certainly can not be used.
Q:Double lens reflex camera can introduce
Dual lens mirror viewfinder camera, referred to as "double reverse camera". This system consists of two sets of lenses with the same focal length. The top lens is usually unable to adjust the aperture, only the use of framing; the lower lens with a shutter shutter adjustment device for the actual exposure. Double reverse system structure is simple and durable, has been widely accepted by reporters and the public. But because of its inherent parallax and lens restrictions, is now less production and use.
Q:Can the camera lens be mounted on the camera for a long time?
pay attention to change the lens When: 1 remove the lens after the lens body interface down; 2 hand to change the lens at the same time to find the direction of installation; 3 hands at the same time operation 'gently' alignment mark, soft tight in place. Do everything for the fuselage does not enter the dust, the lens, both sides of the interface is not flawed.

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