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Ultra white glass is a kind of transparent and low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new type of high-grade glass varieties of a high quality, multiple functions, light transmission rate can reach more than 91.5%, with crystal clear, elegant and graceful, glass family "crystal Prince" said. All the ultra white glass at the same time with high quality float glass with the processability of physical, mechanical and optical properties ofsuperior, can undertake various deep processed like other high quality float glass as.Unparalleled superior product quality and performance of the ultra white glass has wide application and bright market prospect.

Ultra white glass can be like other float glass deep processing of various like, such as tempered,bending, laminated, hollow assembly etc.. Superior visual performance of ultra white glass, will greatly improve these processing glass and decorative function. Therefore, the ultra white glasshas wide application and bright market prospect.

In foreign countries, the ultra white glass is mainly used in high-grade construction, high-gradeglass processing and the field of solar PV curtain wall and high-grade glass furniture, decorativeglass, imitation crystal products, lamp glass, precision electronics industry (copier, scanner),special construction etc..

In China, the application of ultra white glass is expanding rapidly, used in high-grade buildingsand special buildings have been opened, such as the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, Beijing botanical garden, Shanghai opera house, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongkong Exhibition Center, Nanjing Art Center of Chinese hundreds of engineering application of ultra white glass.High-grade furniture and senior decorative lamps also began a large number of ultra white glass, furniture and processing machinery exhibition held in Beijing there are many glassfurniture selection of ultra white glass.

Ultra white glass as a substrate material, its unique high light transmittance, for the development of solar technology provides a broader space for development. In order to ultra white glass assubstrate solar thermal, photovoltaic system, solar energy utilization technology in the world is the breakthrough, greatly improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency. Especially in our country started the construction of new solar photovoltaic curtain wall production line, will use a lot of ultra white glass.

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Q:Is nano-glass insulated paint a lie?
Quite a mixed bag, not to say. But not nothing at all.
Q:Sound insulation glass how much money a square
According to the level of external noise, using our different sound insulation glass combination program, the general indoor can achieve the highest national quiet standard (0 level noise standard). In a large number of practical installation and application process, different degrees of outdoor noise by our professional staff of the measurement, analysis, judgment, using the most appropriate combination of sound insulation solutions, can reach 40 dB below, and some areas can even reach 30- 33 dB, the villa's basement is generally 28-32 dB.
Q:Tough glass film is good or matte film good?
In terms of economic benefits, matte film is the best choice, and from the phone side, the tempered glass film is the best choice. Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. The tempered film is to prevent the phone from falling when the screen is broken. Not to scratch. Ordinary film are the hardness of 3H, the use of a few months will not have too much scratches, the reason why the election of steel screen is because: high hardness and low toughness, the phone fell, can be a good shade screen. When the phone fell to the ground, bear the impact of a large, tension over the big screen on the broken. Low toughness of the tempered film When the phone is out of tension when the film will bear the tension so greatly reduced the main screen to bear the tension.
Q:Will the frame glass curtain wall, each frame size 1615 * 965mm, the use of 6 PCT tempered glass is dangerous?
Ming box curtain wall with a single piece of tempered glass in terms of security is no problem now a lot of design institute out of the drawings are used 6 +9 A +6 tempered insulating glass is mainly considered sound insulation environmental protection and energy saving
Q:If there is no air conditioning at home, how to make the room cooler,
I have a room is cool and no mosquitoes; 1, after getting up in the morning window breathable, before or at work or about 19 o'clock off the window, isolated from the outside air, summer high temperatures, reduce the house outside the air convection, the house temperature is low, Also reduce mosquitoes to enter. 2, after 2 pm in the window, try not to open the door, open the door when the time is shorter, but also to reduce the mosquitoes to enter. 3, check the gap between doors and windows, too wide to block the good. 4, occasionally come in one and a half, to be eliminated in time. 1. Hood the water to the wall. 2. Sooner or later the window or door, the day off and pull the curtains to avoid the sun into the home plant some green plants, if the surrounding air is better, to frequent ventilation. There can be a cooler (listen to colleagues said that the water can be blowing and air conditioning effect is almost the same cold) no air conditioning expensive, handling is also more convenient. After sweeping the floor, blow the fan. Tighten the day and pull the curtains, to avoid the sun into the frozen ice and the like in the basin, put the fan before blowing. Oliver (United States) architectural glass insulation explosion-proof film from the United States green products, comprehensive care of your home! Safe insulation, anti-ultraviolet, single view, translucent strong, energy saving
Q:I am a building glass clerk, travel time is very short, I would like to ask you how to run the older generation to run?
Go to the site! Although the opportunity is slim, but do not take the first step how to run the relationship? Relationship is running out ah!
Q:The state is the number of buildings above the tempered glass
7 floors and 7 floors above the building outside the window;
Q:What is the main part of the safety glass used in the building?
Doors and windows, curtain wall, interior decoration, furniture
Q:How to repair the architectural glass scratches
There is no equipment tools can repair the scratches of architectural glass, can only be replaced
Q:China insulation film which company is better? Is it really effective?
Must have some, after the home posted at noon obviously did not feel so hot, is the China Wu Zhuo glass film company posted

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