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Ultra white glass is a kind of transparent and low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new type of high-grade glass varieties of a high quality, multiple functions, light transmission rate can reach more than 91.5%, with crystal clear, elegant and graceful, glass family "crystal Prince" said. All the ultra white glass at the same time with high quality float glass with the processability of physical, mechanical and optical properties ofsuperior, can undertake various deep processed like other high quality float glass as.Unparalleled superior product quality and performance of the ultra white glass has wide application and bright market prospect.

Ultra white glass can be like other float glass deep processing of various like, such as tempered,bending, laminated, hollow assembly etc.. Superior visual performance of ultra white glass, will greatly improve these processing glass and decorative function. Therefore, the ultra white glasshas wide application and bright market prospect.

In foreign countries, the ultra white glass is mainly used in high-grade construction, high-gradeglass processing and the field of solar PV curtain wall and high-grade glass furniture, decorativeglass, imitation crystal products, lamp glass, precision electronics industry (copier, scanner),special construction etc..

In China, the application of ultra white glass is expanding rapidly, used in high-grade buildingsand special buildings have been opened, such as the National Grand Theatre in Beijing, Beijing botanical garden, Shanghai opera house, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongkong Exhibition Center, Nanjing Art Center of Chinese hundreds of engineering application of ultra white glass.High-grade furniture and senior decorative lamps also began a large number of ultra white glass, furniture and processing machinery exhibition held in Beijing there are many glassfurniture selection of ultra white glass.

Ultra white glass as a substrate material, its unique high light transmittance, for the development of solar technology provides a broader space for development. In order to ultra white glass assubstrate solar thermal, photovoltaic system, solar energy utilization technology in the world is the breakthrough, greatly improving the photoelectric conversion efficiency. Especially in our country started the construction of new solar photovoltaic curtain wall production line, will use a lot of ultra white glass.

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Q:I bought a tempered glass film online, but I will not paste, I will not paste around, how do?
Tough is the best paste is thick piece
Q:Is there a hmdso residue for the coated silica film?
1. Application in hard coatings: cutting tools, molds and wear-resistant corrosion-resistant parts. 2. In the protective coating applications: aircraft engine blades, automotive steel, heat sink and so on. 3. In the field of optical film applications: anti-reflective film, high anti-film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film. 4. Application in architectural glass: sunlight control film
Q:What is the material?
There are many kinds of translucent glass: 1. Coated glass 2. Scrub glass 3. Yusha glass 4. Upstairs that the principle of the film glass translucent glass (general building glass transmission ratio is 83-85%): 1. Coated glass: coated with a layer of metal on one side of the transparent glass to change the transmission ratio of the glass (coated glass transmission ratio is generally 18% - 60%) 2. Scrub glass is in the glass side or 2 side with diamond grinding Hair is smooth glass surface becomes rough, changing the glass's reflective performance (transmission ratio is generally 60% -90%) 3. Yusha glass is the glass bubble in the jade sand medicine, syrup corrosion glass surface is the glass surface reflection Performance changes 4. Membrane glass is a composite glass is 2 layers and more than two layers of glass sandwich a layer of frosted film to change the glass reflection performance
Q:What kind of glass is the glass?
Flat glass is not processed by other flat glass products, also known as white glass or clean glass. According to the production method is different, can be divided into ordinary flat glass and float glass. Flat glass is the largest in the building glass, the most used one, mainly for doors and windows, from lighting (visible light transmission than 85% 90%), enclosure, insulation, sound insulation and other effects, but also further processed into other technical glass The original film.
Q:What are the advantages of building a house entirely made of glass?
You can see outside? lol i can think of lots of disadvantages... like all the smudges to clean && the house could break! haha idk sorry i couldnt help
Q:Online LOW-E glass ok?
Personally think that online Low-e is better than offline, because the stability is good and easy to use monolithic, and can be thicker, such as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm have.
Q:how to clean scum build up on glass shower doors?
Automotive Chrome & Glass cleaner works extremely well, but takes a lot of effort.
Q:Building glass paste insulation film easy to use? Who used?
Insulation effect is obvious, especially the sun drying house, the summer is too hot. After film temperature can drop 2-3 degrees. Prices are different according to the actual situation.
Q:What is the characteristic of tempered glass?
Gold-coated film of heat-reflective glass also has a one-way transparent effect, that is, during the day to see the outdoor scene in the room, while the outdoor can not see the indoor scene.
Q:Was the glass skydeck built with the Sears Tower, or was it later added?
The Skydeck itself opened soon after the building opened in the early 70s and is actually part of the original structure (the 103rd floor). The enclosed glass ledges were added last year.

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