Ul Cul Approval T8 Led Tube 1200Mm 18W

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T8 LED Tube 1200mm 18W    


Quality,credit,Service,Value'is our core value
1. LEDEnergy saving*Super bright led , lumen efficiency 130lm/w (LED)
 *Choosing a narrow range of Bin to keep perfect color consistence (by ANSIC78.377A standard)
2.DriverGood performance* PF: 0.98, efficiency : 89% and THD<15%
Safty *Constant current isolated circuit design; output voltage 30-40V, which is safe for man-touch; with over-current , overvoltage and short-circuit protection
3.Warranty* 3 years warranty LED Tube




UL CE RoHS FCC T8 LED Tube 1200mm 18W Indoor Light
Model number  LED Tube Light T8 Specification
DimensionRated PowerInput VoltageLED ChipsLumensCRI(Ra)Efficiency of light
AOK-408-10WR1600mm*26mm & 2FT10WAC100~277V 50~60Hz84pcs SMD28351000-1100LM>80Clear lens:           >105lm/W

Frosted lens: >95lm/W
AOK-408-14WR1900mm*26mm & 3FT14WAC100~277V 50~60Hz132pcs SMD28351400-1580LM>80
AOK-408-20WR11200mm*26mm & 4FT20WAC100~277V 50~60Hz180pcs SMD28352000-2150LM>80
AOK-408-25WR11500mm*26mm & 5FT25WAC100~277V 50~60Hz216pcs SMD28352450-2550LM>80
AOK-408-30WR11800mm*26mm & 6FT30WAC100~277V 50~60Hz264pcs SMD28352850-2950LM>80





Description: T8 LED Tube 1200mm 18W Indoor Light
High quality T8 LED Tube Light is constant current isolated circuit design, Safty with Good performance.
The LED Light is a professional light manufacturer, we sincerelly willing to cooperate with every customer who liked our lamps.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to accquire more information if you ever interested. Sample test and OEM order is available.



Length Qty /carton Carton size (mm)
Weight Qty /20'GP container Qty /40'GP container
600 mm 25pcs /ctn660*220*230mm8.5KG16200pcs 36200pcs
900 mm25pcs /ctn960*220*230mm12.5KG12500pcs29600pcs
1200mm 20pcs /ctn1260*220*230mm15KG8500pcs19000pcs
1500mm 20pcs /ctn1560*220*230mm19.5KG6900pcs15350pcs


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Q:The ambient humidity of the LED daylight lamp is in the range
If you're in a particular high humidity environment, don't use an ordinary led fluorescent lamp, considering the safety of an led lighting device that USES waterproof dust
Q:Can a fluorescent lamp electronic ballast be powered by an led
All right, but this is something that is familiar to electronic technology.
Q:Can compatible inductance ballast, electronic ballast led fluorescent lamp tube which have to sell?
I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. According to the principle of the circuit, it's not easy to do it all.
Q:The T8 nominal 36W standard daylight bulb is only 18W
This problem is the output power of the ballast for not doing enough, main is not the problem of power factor. For the electronic ballast, the output of active power is low, requirements for the switch tube is low, can use low or inferior triode, such costs are lower. In addition, the output inductor can also be less a few rounds of copper wire, cost is low. So do electronic ballast to make money. The upstairs have their own design of electronic ballast
Q:The difference between the Ledt5 lamp and the temperature 3000k and 2700k
The color temperature of 300K is not very different, with the naked eye, it is very difficult to distinguish, using the instrument test · · the color temperature is high, the color is white, the color temperature is low the red, 6000-6500K is the positive white
Q:Which is better? In terms of power and price
I think this brother is not very clear about leds; In fact, the lamp contains the way of the patch Led lamp bead classification 1. Straight insert small power specifications are as follows: straw hat/helmet, round head, concave, ellipse, tombstone type (2 * 3 * 4) bullet, flat head, type (3/5 / flat bread) piranha, etc. 2. SMD patches are usually divided into (3020/3528/5050, these are positive luminescence) / 1016/1024, and these are the lateral luminescent sources. 3. Large power leds are not classified into the patch series, their power and current usage are different, and the photoelectric parameters are very different. Single single high power LED light source, such as no heat dissipation base (generally for hexagonal aluminum), its appearance and the average patch without too big gap, high power LED light source is circular, encapsulation mode basic and SMD patch is the same, but with SMD patch in the conditions of use/environment/effect has essential difference. Photosynthetic efficiency as to what you say, he is equal to the luminous flux/power is the power points, as we have 3014 (0.1 W), 3528 (0.06 W), 2835 (0.5 W)... The flux is also the customer's requirement, we have 5 to 60 lm here, of course the price is different. Hope is useful to you
Q:How many leds will be able to reach the 30W T8 lamp?
The fluorescent lamp is usually 45LM/W but half of the light is an invalid LED flashlight which is about 85LM/W.
Q:Electronic ballast tube lamp change led lamp tube how to change circuit how to do
It is not a direct replacement, it is a light source that is different from each other, and the driver is different. It is necessary to use the (complete replacement). Fluorescent lamp tube + ballast = former fluorescent lamp. LED lamp tube + drive (constant current or stabilized power supply) = new LED lamp. It is not only the size of the wattage, but also the variety of the lamp, which has high voltage, voltage and middle voltage, and the actuator must be used with the lamp. Leds must be aware of the following points when removing the installation: Leds should not be under too much pressure. The installation should be installed by an electrician or the person familiar with the circuit, to avoid the danger of electric shock. Please contact with the purchase manufacturer in time for any distortion or damage
Q:What happens to the daylight bulbs
Look first at your switch connection is not good Vanguard is loose, and then the lamp wire is loose or not The last check the fluorescent lamp is the aging change a new one
Q:Xinda is a popular led lighting tube
Led fluorescent lights are cheaper and cheaper. The long led fluorescent lighting is a high-end engineering quality, a 12-year brand

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