UL 2854 Spiral Shielded Flexible Cable Made In China

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Product Description:

UL2854 Electrical Flexible Wire


Description of  Lighting wire wiring UL2854:

Model Number: UL2854

UL2854 hook-up wire

1. Rated temperature: 80°C 

2. Rated voltage: 30V

3. According to: UL subject 758, UL1581

4. Solid or stranded, tinned or bare copper conductor 32-16AWG

5. SR-PVC insulation, PVC Jacket

6. AL-foil, tinned copper for shield

7. Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT-1 Vertical flame test

8. Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting

9. Environmental testing pass RoHS

10. Ground strap lead wire for the computer, internal wiring of electronic equipment


Advantage of Our Factory:

1. More than 5 years of producing many kinds of electric wires and cables.


3. Conductor can be used pure copper wrie or CCA cheap conductor.

4. MOQ 1000 meters, good service.

5. OEM are welcome. We can also produce standard or non-standard wires and cables.



Q: How’s your service?

A:1. Offer customers 24/7 service, whenever you need us, we are always here for you.
2. Immediate response. Your any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
3. Support small order quantity, for the first time cooperation customers, we can send you less quantity for trial order. 
4. Support third party inspection company to inspect and check the quality and quantity before delivery.





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