UL 2854 Spiral Shielded Flexible Cable Made In China

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Product Description:

UL2854 Electrical Flexible Wire


Description of  Lighting wire wiring UL2854:

Model Number: UL2854

UL2854 hook-up wire

1. Rated temperature: 80°C 

2. Rated voltage: 30V

3. According to: UL subject 758, UL1581

4. Solid or stranded, tinned or bare copper conductor 32-16AWG

5. SR-PVC insulation, PVC Jacket

6. AL-foil, tinned copper for shield

7. Passes UL VW-1 & CSA FT-1 Vertical flame test

8. Uniform insulation thickness of wire to ensure easy stripping and cutting

9. Environmental testing pass RoHS

10. Ground strap lead wire for the computer, internal wiring of electronic equipment


Advantage of Our Factory:

1. More than 5 years of producing many kinds of electric wires and cables.


3. Conductor can be used pure copper wrie or CCA cheap conductor.

4. MOQ 1000 meters, good service.

5. OEM are welcome. We can also produce standard or non-standard wires and cables.



Q: How’s your service?

A:1. Offer customers 24/7 service, whenever you need us, we are always here for you.
2. Immediate response. Your any inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.
3. Support small order quantity, for the first time cooperation customers, we can send you less quantity for trial order. 
4. Support third party inspection company to inspect and check the quality and quantity before delivery.





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Q:Low-voltage distribution lines (three-phase or single-phase) single-core cable should not be worn alone in the metal tube
The problem is two questions . first explain why the wire cut inside why there are many things like gray, because the insulated wire core is PVC insulation, in the course of aging, the inside of the agent decomposition, or inside the filling In the use of a long time after the brittle aging will become dust, that is, the inside of the wire is actually due to the aging of the internal material. . the copper wire is very brittle, the first copper rod in the production of copper is very brittle when the strength is high, but the toughness is poor, the need for annealing to make copper wire becomes toughness becomes low, easy to pull and mass production, if the landlord Think this copper wire is very easy to break, you may not be in line with the national standard of the wire or the production process is not in place for annealing, for reference only.
Q:Apple 6splus charging may not support this accessories how to do
With yellow wax tube is not bad, but not standardized. In fact, the turning device into the PVC pipe need to turn the place, and then fold the PVC at any angle or any angle, then turn out the turn, PVC pipe on the turn, so do not need to use elbow, when the cable Also very smooth and convenient. You can try, hope to help you.
Q:What is the difference between wires and cables? Please provide a brief introduction
Should use 24 × 12 plastic trunking suitable GB-2011 "low-voltage distribution design code" Article 7
Q:Computer installed solid-state hard drive, installed in a mechanical hard drive power line is not long enough how to do, power is HuntKey 500
One-two lines at the same time when the work of high current, there may be some voltage drop is right, but the sound when the shutdown, it should be hard disk head power after the return of the sound, this disk I have one, but also this Sound, is normal, is not the reason for power supply. You use a sufficient power supply, shut down will be so loud. So be assured with it.
Q:Will the leaking water cause a short wire in the wall?
Can not find the system files, will be installed at the end of the first test, the hard disk problems will be prompted;
Q:12 cable to the weak box, not on the distribution frame is good?
Third, in the cable trench, tunnel, when both sides of the cable bracket, 1000 volts below the power cable and control cables should be as much as 1000 volts and above the power cables were laid on different stents Fourth, the height of the cable tunnel is generally 19 meters; difficulties, in the local area may be appropriate to reduce the length of the cable bracket in the cable trench should not be greater than 350 mm; in the tunnel should not be greater than 500 mm cable in the cable trench, tunnel laying when the net distance, should not be less than the specified value Cable trenches and wire tunnels should be waterproof; the slope of the bottom drains should not be less than O 5%, and should be set water puddle; water can be collected by the puddle pump, when the conditions, the water can be directly discharged into the sewer
Q:How did the wires cut off in the wall?
Buddies, looking for a remote control called "av" key (it may be other note, but generally "av"), do not confuse this is not a piece of the av, is the audio + Fork wedge often means the meaning of frequency. Press a few times to go to the vcd channel to go
Q:TC line and SC line tube What is the difference
6 / 1kv such as VV, YJV control cable is 450 / 750v such as KVV, KVVP general power cables are within 5 core is generally used for strong control cable core is more, sometimes the customer does not One, generally to the 37-core, but there are more cores, ============ The following is the relevant information Power cables in the power system trunk line for the transmission and distribution of large functional power, control cable From the distribution point of the power system to the direct transmission of electricity to a variety of electrical equipment, power equipment, connecting lines
Q:1 square wire can load how much power
You remember, a square of the copper core line can not allow more than 8A of the current through it, under normal circumstances, we take 5 to 6 years of current to count, remember too much, and trouble, only Disrupting our memory. This value is applicable in low voltage
Q:Where is the fiber patch panel used in general?
. see to see the packaging, the national standard of the wires are often done better, neat, hand up to have a sense of quality. . to open the packaging to see inside the wire, the GB of the wire 1.5 - 6 square wire requirements is thick skin (insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, too thick is the non-standard, and the corresponding core of his sure Not enough, you can pull the line of force, not easy to tear is the general is the national standard. . with the fire about 5s away from the extinguished, there is a certain flame-retardant function for the national standard line. . see the core, the core of the material (copper) the higher the brightness of copper the better, and the light uniform, shiny, no sense of hierarchy. GB requires the core must use oxygen-free copper. Non-standard, such as black rod copper, there may be hidden dangers. . the core of the thickness of the country have certain requirements, but not very strict. But not wrong a lot, but a little bit small, generally do not see the error with the eyes. . the length of the country must not be forced to play rice, but there are many manufacturers also played rice, playing rice is not necessarily the national standard, but the general national standard generally did not play rice. Non-standard playing rice that is just a means. . the state must have a certain mark on the wire, the maximum will not exceed 500mm will have the same logo to play the next, the general product of the trademark, the manufacturer name, the implementation of standards.

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