U Lock and Bike Locks

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Product Description:

1,Pass 9001:2000.


3,Good quality

4,Many models available

5,Product: U-Lock for motorcycles

6,Model No.: 223

7,Lock cylinder: brass cylinder

8,Lock body: alloy steel, chromed

9,Shackle: Φ13mm alloy steel, heat-treated, white zinc plated, rubber tube covered

10,Specifications: 319*116*25mm

11,Packages: blister paper card, 20pcs/ctn

12,Weight: 1.15kg/piece

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Q:When was the lock and the key invented?
We are now widely used in the ball lock, the United States is a small Nerus Yale invented in 1860. While the invention of the keys was later than the ancient Egyptians were the world's first to use the keys. Their lock is a wooden door bolt into a slot, the top of the groove there is a wooden bolt. When the plug is inserted into the groove, the wooden plug will be inserted into the hole of the bolt. In this way, the bolt will be very strong, you must use the key to open. As the Egyptian lock can only be used in the side of the door bolt is not conducive to the flexibility to open and close, so the Greeks on this basis, but also developed a lock from the other side can be opened. The keys made by the Greeks are a curved stick, shaped like a small sickle with a farmer. But there are some keys up to 3 feet, must be carried on the shoulders to move, quite heavy. The Romans can be said to be the most sophisticated locksmith of ancient times, and they have considerable research on the standard of making keys, and have learned that the nails at the end of the key are cut into various shapes.
Q:What brand of lock is good?
Cylinder top ten brands NO.5 solid GULI Solid strength, solid security products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province, high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, the door of the top ten brands of locks, Guangdong Province, the famous trademark, the world's leading door-to-door solutions. Lock the top ten brands NO.6 new New and more, China Xindu Group Co., Ltd., China Famous Brand, anti-theft door cylinder top ten brands, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang brand name products, world famous brand, China export brand. Lock the top ten brands NO.7 model Dili music (ASSA ABLOY) brand, the Group was established in 1973, the world famous brand, anti-theft door lock top ten brands. Lock the top ten brands NO.8 Merlot Is a collection of research and development, production and sales in one of the professional lock cylinder manufacturing enterprises, well - known brand of Cylinder, anti - theft door lock top ten brands, the industry influence of the brand. Lock the top ten brands NO.9 Hongli Hongli, from Zhejiang Hongli Lock Industry Co., Ltd., the only domestic independent development capability of the production of anti-theft locks hardware products integrated enterprise, with a number of national invention patents, anti-theft door cylinder top ten brands, well-known trademarks in China. Lock the top ten brands NO.10 ROCK An Heng An Heng, from Beijing An Hengli Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a completely independent intellectual property rights leading high-end building hardware products manufacturers, Zhongguancun high-tech enterprises, anti-theft door lock top ten brands, brand-name products in China.
Q:Security door in the A-level lock, B-lock, C-level lock What is the difference?
A-level lock: Currently on the market A-level anti-theft lock key is a word key and cross key. A-level cylinder internal structure is very simple, limited to the changes in the ball, the ball slot less shallow. Anti-technical open time 1 minute, the opening rate is extremely high. The ball structure is a single row of balls or a cross lock.
Q:Is the electronic smart lock safe?
Lock is the need for regular lubrication maintenance, otherwise it will open difficult, rust, and even twist the key, or the internal lock block stuck open.
Q:What is the three-point lock
The three-point locking door lock is characterized by having a right angle stopper, a gear, a two-tooth guide bar, a two-wheel roller and a locking frame, the gear being fixed to the lock housing, the center of which is a square hole, Is a block, the top of the installation of a small roller, the lower end of the rack, parallel to the gear teeth and gear meshing, with the gear rotation in the upper and lower two directions, the front end of the cylinder, square and the center of the gear The right end of the right angle stopper is fastened to the end of the door or door frame, and the fastener is fixed to the door frame or door, Small roller and straight stop position.
Q:Inside the hotel door lock called what lock
Chain buckle installed in the back of the door from the door near the place, one end of the chain chain fixed on the door frame, the other end is active, can be inserted into the back of the chain buckle lock. When the anti-theft chain, the door can only open to the maximum of 5 to 8 cm, people can not pass, the hand can not be reached from the door enough to the back of the chain buckle, which ensures that the owner in the door to confirm the visit When the identity, will not be the other side of the sudden attack.
Q:What are the characteristics of anti-theft lock
If the key lever is dazzle without teeth, this lock is a magnetic lock, in fact the key head of the whole set of a casing, remove the casing can see the above mosaic with three to five small dots. Magnetic lock is very solid, cross lock is very convenient to open. The market can buy special tools for opening magnetic locks and cross locks. With this tool, thieves can open most of the magnetic locks and cross locks in a minute or two. Computer lock complex lock more secure, computer lock is just a professional name, not really use the computer to unlock. Computer lock keys have three to five ranging from the circular groove, the groove is the combination of factory computers out, so called the computer lock. Different manufacturers, the computer used by the program are mostly different, hit out of the groove where the location, size, depth is not the same natural, so its mutual open rate than the cross lock, a word lock much lower. Even unlock the master, open a computer lock time also in ten minutes or so. There is also a more secure anti-theft door lock, that is, composite lock. The so-called composite lock is the combination of two or more different principles of the lock cylinder in the same lock.
Q:Is the lock level c?
(GB 21556-2008), according to the provisions of the current national compulsory safety standard (GB 21556-2008), according to the anti-theft performance (pry, drill, technology, etc.) is divided into high protection level (A) and general protection level (B) Level, these two security levels. As for the super-B and C-level, it is based on the above-mentioned national standards, the development of the relevant parameters higher than the above two standards of enterprise standards or local standards and derived from the level.
Q:What is the meaning of the anti-theft door cylinder ABC level? Which level of lock is best?
Anti-theft door cylinder is basically divided into three levels, namely, A-class, B-class, super B-class. Among them, A-level lock core of the anti-destructive opening time is greater than 15 minutes, anti-technical open time is greater than 1 minute. B-class lock core of the anti-destructive opening time is greater than 30 minutes, anti-technical open time is greater than 5 minutes. And ultra-B-level anti-theft door lock core of the technical opening time is greater than 4 hours.
Q:What brand of bike is locked
There are three types of bicycle lock. Four locks: the most expensive, anti-hydraulic shear is relatively strong, very few to sell. U-type lock: the price mid-range, anti-hydraulic shear good, easy to carry. Chain: the price is right, anti-hydraulic shear is a bit poor, can be locked with other cars or fixtures.
We are specializing in making a series of mechanical locks for vehicles, safes and doors. Most of our products have obtained national patent certificates. Our products also have been recommended by the Ministry of Public Security as the security and protection products for many years. We welcome friends all over the world to visit us!

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Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 2%
South America 1%
Eastern Europe 1%
Southeast Asia 3%
Africa 5%
Mid East 5%
Eastern Asia 3%
Domestic Market 80%
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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