Two Piece Toilet wc Toilet,Ceramic Toilet Cheap Sale-8523

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Two Piece Toilet wc Toilet,Ceramic Toilet Cheap Sale-8523

Two piece toilet wc toilet,ceramic toilet cheap sale
1.It's in high quality,  endurable, never turn yellow, and easy clean.







Brilliant white

Flush style:

Gravity fed flush

Drainage mode:

P-trap 180mm

Technical Parameters

N.W / G.W:


Unit CBM:


Packing way:

Carton + Plywood(as required)


1)Brilliant white self-cleaning glaze

2)World famous GEBERIT flushing system as option

3)Slow & silent closing PP toilet cover

4)Unique & durable hinge

5)Anti-fouling glaze, easy to clean

6)Integrated structure ,seamless and anti-leakage

7)Pipe fully-glazed internally, no waste remained

8)Product is fired under 1200oC and water absorption rate<0.5%

9)3 years Guarantee


Two Piece Toilet wc Toilet,Ceramic Toilet Cheap Sale-8523

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Q:Home decoration, want to buy a washbasin, but the bathroom is relatively small!
Look good, simple and generous
Q:What is the height of the bathroom basin?
Washbasin height of the problem is not very interesting, but it is a problem can not be ignored, wash basin is too high to use the inconvenient, too low is easy to make people standing back pain, but also sprinkled. Especially when the wall-mounted washbasin, you must pay attention to the user wash basin height of the problem, in general, the owner of the washbasin height is not particularly required, then the installation to keep the pool or table height from the ground Between 80 and 85 centimeters.
Q:Bathroom Sink?
i like the wooden cabinet w/ sink top. it think it's more elegant. can also be rustic, depending on your style.
Q:What is the best way to clear a clog bathroom sink drain?
You need a power plunger. It has a smaller inside sort of rubber thing (that is in the inside of the large rubber outside part) that fits into the drain hole. You will have to remove the stopper for this. Try small amount of Liquid Plumber or Power Draino. If this does not work. If all else fails, you may have to snake the drain. It's probably clogged with hair.
Q:How Can I Shine Up My Bathroom Sink?
I use the S.C. Johnson product called Scrubbing Bubbles, which removes dulling material and gives the sink a nice shine. Click on the below link for information.
Q:What is the basin water dispenser?
Basin basin water is not just the console basin drainage, water storage device, it connects the sewer. The quality of this thing on the market uneven, there are good and bad, I heard that the recent line is very red back to the grams of Taiwan Basin water tanker is good, the design is reasonable, but also sterilization
Q:Is it possible to put a basin on a drum washing machine?
I checked it, drum washing machine height generally above 850mm
Q:What type of Paint for Bathroom vanity sink?
What type of Paint for Bathroom vanity sink? My only bathroom has a very old, cheap sink. It feels like hard plastic? Made to appear like yellow/tan marble. It has scratches all over it that ruin the appearance. Is there any type of paint that I could use to refresh/renew it temporarily? Of course, it will have to be paint that stands up to water... Hello sweet child, I’m a Paint associate at the Home Depot. At the home depot we have a product called Homax Tub, Tile and sink refinishing kit check store for availability.The Homax Products Tough As Tile 32 oz. Tub, Tile and Sink Refinishing Kit to give an old or stained bathroom fixture a new look. The epoxy dries to a porcelain-like, bisque finish. •Epoxy paint dries to a porcelain-like finish •Repair kit provides color matching for porcelain objects •Withstands hot water •Dries to the touch in 90 minutes I hope this information is useful good luck ThePaintAvenger
Q:How far does a receptacle have to be from the bathroom sink if you have a GFCI?
It is STILL 120 Volts. The electric shaver receptacle is maybe 15 volts(I never checked) and that is more the typical or receptacle that would be put there.
Q:What are some quick ways to unclog a bathroom sink?
Put the stopper down,fill the sink with hot water then open it and plunge it if you have one. Also there is a $10.00 AS SEEN ON TV hair remover that works very much like a plumbers snake but really small that will fit in the sink or tub drain and used as directed that really works well to remove hair. This can be found at most drug and even target,kmart stores.

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