Two-layer Co-extrusion Water-cooled Film Blowing Machine

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PP film blowing machine`s product features with good insulation,hot-sealing,low temperature resistance, mechanical performance



1) This  Water-cooled PP Film Blowing Machine Combined machine head with two-layer extrusion, lower blowing water (rapid) cooling, rotation of mould head


2) Good insulation, sealing, transparency, cooking, fresh-keeping, hot-sealing, and printing and other performance


3) The product produced by the machine features with good insulation, hot-sealing, low temperature resistance and mechanical performance.







Max. Folded Film Width




Film Thickness








Raw Material


Screw Diameter




Screw L/D




Total Power of the Machine







Shape Size(LxWxH)








Correct specifications depend on the actual model all spcifications are subject to change without prior notice


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