Two in one sweeper and steamer smart combination

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Two in one sweeper and steamer smart combination


Two in one sweeper and steamer smart combination.
30 seconds Instant steam ready
20 minutes steam cleaning after each water loading
Electrical protect design to avoid any damager
Vertical position auto cut-off design
Germs and bacteria killing 99% function
Magic steam pad leaves floors clean and dry

Technical Data:

Rated adaptor voltage: 3.6V/4.8V

Power:  20W

Dust capacity: 1.2L

Adaptor: 1.8M cord length, comply with ERP

Vacuum Kpa: 2-3Kpa

Injection color with highlight spray


1pc per gift box

Gift box size: 450*130*210mm

4pcs per export carton

Carton size: 465*425*260mm

G.W/N.W: 9.8/8.8kgs

20’/40’/40HQ: 2016pcs/4200pcs/4848pcs

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Q:Dyson Vacuum cleaners? Anyone have one and do you LOVE it, or is it just so-so?
I've had a Dyson for over 4 years now and love it just as much now as I did when I bought it. It isn't a ball model, but it works great for us. It never loses suction as the ads state. The only part I've needed to replace is the filter and that was because I sucked up drywall dust and when I cleaned the filter it turned to sludge. I bought mine as a store floor model and it was 1/2 price (around $250). I highly recommend buying the Dyson. I have seen them cheaper than $400 on OKorder.
Q:can you recycle a vacuum cleaner?
yes you can and it would be a great help to your community bring them to a place that fixes vacuum cleaners and ask them if they will fix it and then donate it to a poor family how can they say no if they do say no.take the vacuum and bring it somewhere else and never recommend that guy for any service to anybody and be sure to let him know that.
Q:Anyone have a Hepa Air Cleaners?
Has not anything in any respect to do with radiation. HEPA, I have no idea the distinctive terminology HOWEVER: High Efficiency Particles ----some thing. It relatively does use a prime voltage electric area to suck very tiny debris out of the air that passes by way of it. Some of the filters are simply filters. Others use prime voltage to energise a distinct filter out to Ionize the passing filth/spores, and many others., to get them out of the air. When searching for those matters cross to the Consumer Reports web page to uncover out which of them paintings and which of them are simply fakes!
Q:what is 420 and how does it relate to vacuum cleaners?
420 which is April 20th is a day which is kinda like a holiday for those who smoke pot. We all smoke a lot of pot and voice our opinions on how pot should be legalized. With vacuum cleaners... I have no idea are you sure they weren't referring to some sort of smoking device that they call the vacuum cleaner.
Q:What is.are the best vacuum cleaners?
Q:Vacuum cleaner smells up my house?
It could be a couple things. There are a lot of moving parts on the bottom that make the thing work. Usually the belt is slipping and makes a indescribable smell. I'd start by inspecting the belt tun it over and turn it on to see if the belt is actually moving or if the rotor is just spinning and rubbing the belt. Or it could be the motor or even a string or object that is lodged in there and causing friction. If it is new it should still be under warranty but all vacuum cleaners will have regular maintenance like replacing belts most of all. It is very simple can you post what type of Vacuum cleaner you have we may find something if we have specifics.If it is not one of the parts that need replacing try some of those fresh scents to go in the vacuum. They even have hepa filter bags that clean the air of allergens.
Q:How many vacuum cleaners do you have?
3...and two additional for outside = 5
Q:is it typical for a 5 year old to be very knowledgeable on vacuum cleaners, sear, kenmore etc?
I don't think it's abnormal... If his area of expertise were dinosaurs, I doubt you'd even be asking the question. But the bottom line is that kids find topics that they're interested in and absorb quite a bit! They really delve in and become little experts on their topic. I've met dinosaur kids, farm equipment kids, Nascar driver kids, railroad kids... And they're all extremely knowledgable in their field. Vaccuum cleaners and stoves are not a big deal. Take him out when you want to buy a washing machine. :)
Q:what are those machines called that suck up dust , dander, etc.?
vacuum cleaners?
Q:Obsessed with vacuum cleaners?
My nephew had an obsession with washing machines. He would sit for ages just staring at them going around and get all hyped and excited. Still he has grown up normal...:)

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