Twin over Twin Metal Bed 4506 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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1. Material: steel tubes

2. Size: 204*106*165cm

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by standard export brown carton

5.Loadability: 130pcs/40HQ



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:Decoration questions: ask the specific size: how much wardrobe, how deep bookshelf, kitchen countertops to higher (and more to ask)
To answer your question, the depth of 60 cm to the wardrobe, bookshelf depth is 30-40 cm, the height of the kitchen table mainly to see your family to their height, the average height is 60 cm width is generally between 60-75, the seat chair height is 45 cm, the height of the table is 75 cm and the thickness of the floor (cement floor brick) 8-15 cm, the thickness of the gate is generally 4-8 cm, the height of the bed (sleeping bed height) 45-50 cm, length is a mattress position (150X200 or 180X200 cm) bed width for different bed set, the location of the general mattress this is the conventional size two, refrigerator thickness is about 60 cm. I'm in the furniture business. You can ask me any questions. The size of the furniture is clear to me.
Q:Inside the wardrobe, the compartments are too big. What should I do?
Go to the north to buy inside with iron that resembles the sorting boxes, lock that, quite strong, can pile up, or go to the supermarket to buy space master of small squares, the wood is not expensive, this is my home
Q:Does the steel pipe support cabinet contain formaldehyde?
Yes, there isThe steel pipe is formaldehyde free, and the cloth covers of the wardrobe contain formaldehyde, but if the content exceeds the standard, you can smell it carefully. Can you smell the obvious pungent smell?.Because the fabric in the process of dyeing, in order to make the dye more permeable, will be added formaldehyde in the dye. Now cloth formaldehyde exceeded the situation is also more, my company in the process of indoor air treatment, decorative curtains often formaldehyde exceeded the standard.
Q:How long is the wardrobe height?
1, different wardrobe height is not the same.2, wooden wardrobe generally around 2~2.3 meters; cloth cabinet at about 1.5~1.75.3, specific to see what kind of needs. General custom wardrobe, if you do top, it will be made of high 2400mm, long 1800mm, divided into two units of 900mm long, the cabinet is 600mm deep.
Q:What's the material of Deweier's wardrobe? When my friend's home did it, it smells bad
Deweier's wardrobe really formaldehyde exceeded, my wardrobe bought 5 months, and now test or 0.32, exceeding the standard 4 times, is now taking legal channels to solve.They seem to guarantee that each piece of board does not exceed the standard, but your wardrobe can not only have a board, and finally your wardrobe must exceed the standard.
Q:What are the good ways to remove the wardrobe deodorant?
How to remove the smell: 4 wardrobe made with bamboo charcoal bag into the wardrobe closet, can remove the smell of clothes, can also be moisture-proof, disinfection, insecticide. In the new wardrobe into charcoal, less than a week can be completely removed and the taste of wood adhesive. The use of activated carbon physical, deodorizing, detoxification, without any chemical additives, the body has no impact.
Q:General wardrobe price
Custom wardrobes can save space, and custom wardrobe measurements are greatly enhanced in reason and avoid inappropriate situations
Q:What materials should I buy to find a carpenter's wardrobe?
The main materials arePlate: you can use solid wood to do, you can also use density board to doPanel: can do a variety of beautiful effects, if it is solid wood wardrobe, do not paste panelsDoor: it can be used as a sliding door or a sliding door, wooden door or glass doorAnti-collision bar: sliding door must use anti-collision stripRoller: fitting must be installed for sliding doorAluminum alloy bar: installation of sliding doors must be parts
Q:How to buy wardrobe? What kind of wardrobe is good
All kinds of wardrobe style although the difference is not big, but the design is beautiful, suit the human skin texture, is the most important part of the quality, the most popular market wardrobe is free type wardrobe, is composed of several cabinet free collocation combinations, the drawer and the layer can be changed arbitrarily, at the same time pay attention to the master and oblique top special environment, should show their personality under the premise of saving space.
Q:I asked about the decoration, I want to make a wardrobe, but the space is limited, 350 thickness, okay?
No way。You say width, even bookcase is not enough, almost can not put clothes.

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