Twin Core PV Solar Cable For Solar Power System(2X4mm2)

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Cores: 2

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Product Introduction
PV1-F photovoltaic cable is a kind of special cable used in solar power generation system. It is mainly applicable to DC voltage, derivate links of generating equipment, confluence connection between components and generating equipment system of DC1800V. It has climate resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, UV and ozone resistance and other characteristics. The life service is at least 25 years.
 This product is our company's patent product, patent No. 201120113349.8(dual core eight-lane separable photovoltaic cable), applicable standard CEEIA B218-2012. With the feature of polar identification on each group of cable, it can adapt MC3 and MC4 connector. It is convenient for grouping of installing and laying and on-site maintenance.
Model Specifications

Product Features

Product name: Soft separable twin-core DC power cable for solar photovoltaic system
Product model:GF-WDZEESR
Product size: 2×1.5mm2
Standard:CEEIA B218
Ambient temperature:-40ºC~90ºC
Max temperature:125ºC
Short circuit temperature:200ºC
Insulation resistance:when20ºC≥1014Ω,when90ºC≥1011Ω
Rated voltage:U0/U=600/1000V AC,1800V DC
Test voltage:6500V,50Hz/5min
Flame retardant test:IEC60332-1,UL1581 V VV-1
Double vertical flame test:DIN EN 50265-2-1 UL1571 V VV-1
Withstand test for finished product(AC):6.5KV/5min, no broke down
Halogen free material, heat resistance,cold resistance,UV resistance,ozone and hydrolysis resistance.
Service life:at least 25 years.

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