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We are derived from an aviation factory , and it has the registered capital of 12million and is located in the Suzhou Industrial Park which is top of the world.That is the park where the world top enterprises are gathered and generated.

We aer the key new energy company supported by the park ; it is the onlycompany specialized in research and development of the China Photovoltaic Combiner Box and with independent intellectual property rights.

 The fifth generation of Photovoltaic CombinerBox with real-time synchronous and multiple-access digital transmission , andDC arc detection is doing to be generated from the production line of Suzhou Changfeng Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.

 Our business model: self-owned brand products marketing and ODM/OEM.

 We will only produce the most safe Photovoltaic Combiner Box of the world.

CFAT PV CombinerBOX technicalfeatures

International excellent quality

1, the firstcertified by UL structure

2, Passed the  TÜV / CE / CQC certification

Independent intellectual property rights

1,With 27 patents, wherein 10 of them are patents for invention

2,Passes the High-tech Product Certificate of Jiangsu province

Product advantages

Safe UL V0 levelinflaming retarding will definitely not catch fire

Reliable Theresearch process adopts the military standards of aviation

Durable 25 yearsof quality assurance, 5 yeas of “three guarantees” (for repair replacement orcompensation of faulty products) of products and 10 years of the box bodyguarantee can be provided

Product features

1、  Convenient: the 8th loop to the 16th loop are the same boxes withthe size of 600*600*210

2、  Solid: the material of the box is high-quality hot dip galvanizedplate, painted with outdoor toner, which will never fade and fall off

3、  Durable: 25years of quality guarantee, be able to adapt to theenvironment temperature of -30-70℃ and humidity 0-99%(without dew formation), and the protection gradeis higher than IP65

4、  Safe: UL V0 level inflaming retarding will definitely not catch fire

5、  Stable: the unique heat balance technology with the specialinternational excellent parts that meet the UL DC 1000V standards

6、  Advanced: computer aided design, embedded system, local/remote monitoringaccurate measurement

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Q:Solar PV systems
Article 1 in order to regulate the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation project management, promote distributed photovoltaic applications, according to the "People's Republic of China renewable energy law", "People's Republic of China, People's Republic of China" power law "administrative licensing law", and the "State Council on a number of opinions" to promote the healthy development of the PV industry, these measures are formulated.
Q:What are the components of the solar photovoltaic system?
Frame: aluminum alloy frame with high strength, strong resistance to mechanical impact. Is also the most valuable part of home solar power. A device for converting direct current into alternating current. Since the solar cells and batteries are DC power, while the load is AC load, the inverter is essential. The inverter can be divided into independent operation inverter and grid connected inverter. The independent operation of the inverter is used for the independent operation of the solar cell power generation system, for independent load power supply. Grid connected photovoltaic power generation system for grid connected operation. The inverter can be divided into square wave inverter and sine wave inverter according to the output wave type. The square wave inverter has the advantages of simple circuit, low cost, large harmonic component, and the utility model can be used for a system with a few hundred watts and a low harmonic requirement. Sine wave inverter is expensive, but can be applied to various loads.
Q:Solar power generation system suitable for home, how much is the cost of a set?
Solar photovoltaic power generation is suitable for families but to look at your location and sunshine time, before the country without a policy or honest with general electric, energy saving is a national matter we the people pay so without saving
Q:Rooftop solar system
Solar panel power generation, then the proposed size of the proposed group, mainly the power substation and storage of electrical equipment is very expensive, the highest conversion rate in the 17%-20% efficiency is very low, not as good as plant photosynthesis
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of small-scale solar power generation system?
Solar power has no moving parts, is not easy to damage, simple maintenance, especially suitable for unattended use; solar power will not produce any waste, no pollution, noise pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, is the ideal clean energy; solar power system short construction period, convenient and flexible, and can according to the load or, add or reduce photovoltaic capacity, avoid waste.
Q:Solar photovoltaic system
State subsidies for distributed PV policy: distributed generation price subsidies by 0.42 yuan / kWh (subsidies for a period of 20 years), distributed photovoltaic power generation system of power grid, power grid enterprises in accordance with the local coal-fired power by electricity (0.44 yuan /kWh) acquisition.
Q:What are the main features of solar photovoltaic systems
Compared with the commonly used thermal power generation system, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation:No danger of depletion; safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, absolutely clean (pollution-free); not subject to geographical distribution of the resources, can take advantage of the building roof; for example, areas without electricity, and complex terrain area; no fuel consumption and the erection of transmission line can be on-site power supply high quality energy;; users emotionally receptive; the construction period is short, get energy to spend a short time.
Q:How about the price of solar power generation system
Himin Solar Photovoltaic, as the industry leader, the standard of the pioneers, adhering to industry responsibility, the pursuit of quality is the core, excellent products, is the commitment to the customer. At the same time, Himin photovoltaic products in the development process, realize the function of just one hand, and the pursuit of beautiful, practical and aesthetic products will be fully integrated, highlight the taste is Himin has been adhering to the brand concept.
Q:What are the devices needed for PV systems?
Controller。 Device for regulating and controlling electric energy.
Q:Solar power generation system installation which precautions, ah, there is a need for special attention
Pay attention to the basic power calculation is not enough! The reality is not up to

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