TUV Solar pv cable 2x4mm²

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Solar PV cable

1.Used in photovoltaic system.

2.Comply with TUV and UL 4703

3.Wildly use in solar system

Application Solar PV cable

Used in photovoltaic system. Comply with TÜV 2PfG 1169/08.2007 and UL 4703

Product Description

Double core:

1.Rating:Voltage: 600/1000V  Temperature:-40°C-- 90°C

2. Description: (1)Conductor:  Tinned annealed  copper

                     (2)Insulation:120°C  XLPE , black

                     (3)Jacket:120°C  XLPE , black or red

3.Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  2×**mm2

4.Application: Specifically designed for connecting photovoltaic Solar system Power

Packaging & Shipping

1 1*4 mm2    12500 Meters/Pallet  

2 1*6 mm2    10000Meters/Pallet    

3 1*10mm2   6000 Meters/Pallet

4 1*16 mm2  4000Meters/Pallet

5 2*4 mm2    6400 Meters/Pallet

6 2*6 mm2    4000Meters/Pallet

One 20” Container can load max 20 wooden  Pallets or Boxes  

Load :1*4mm2  solar cable 250km,1*6mm2 solar cable 200km

         2*4mm2 solar cable 128km, 2*6mm2 solar cable 80km

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Q:4 25 square copper wire application of the large trunking
Do you mean a single wire? Is not a 4-core copper cable? The specifications of the trunking are considered by two factors: The total cross-section of the cross-section conductor does not exceed 40% of the cross-section of the trunking
Q:Do you want to set the wire on the casing?
Definition 2: Cable-like cables, usually stranded from a few or several sets of wires (at least two in each group), each of which is insulated from each other and often twisted around a center Highly insulated cover Cable with internal power, external insulation characteristics Category cables are power cables, control cables, compensating cables, shielded cables, high temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum cables and so on They are composed of single or multi-strand wire and insulation layer, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on Cable according to the photovoltaic power plant system can be divided into DC cable and AC cable,
Q:Who will use the network cable self-made USB extension line method that specific point,
One is 735w, plus the fan is about 800w (less than 4A). A square line can withstand 4-5A, so separate to the air conditioning power line 1.5 square enough.
Q:1.5 air-conditioning power cord to use more cross-section of the wire?
75 flat cable, copper and aluminum, each can withstand much current
Q:Decoration, the ground of the water pipes and wire cross-line meet, how to deal with compliance with the norms?
You think your electrical design and construction have reached a more perfect realm, of course, can be embedded in the program; otherwise, "Ming Fu" better.
Q:Old TV, only video and audio interface, ask how to take the 3a line
PE material, for example, 20-63 recommended the use of hot-melt socket-type connection, the pipe is inserted into the accessories, accessories slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipe, so that no welding gap
Q:The thickness of the protective layer of the wire tube
935 fluorescent lamp ballast UL935Class2 power UL1310 includes 2 Transformers, switching power supply, etc
Q:PE cable tube with the PE water pipe What is the difference, PE polyethylene
Upstairs wrong it PVC pipe is called the full name of the PVC flame retardant threading pipe but the flame retardant is not the true sense of the noncombusteless just leave the fire self-extinguishing KBG flame retardant than PVC is higher but the price is also high home improvement, tooling ordinary PVC flame retardant threading pipe will be able to meet the requirements of the other PVC line pipe several types of ultra-light type light heavy medium heavy heavy-duty corresponding to the pipe, of course, there are models of medium-sized heavy-duty can withstand 750N or even higher pressure to play concrete can be dark Buried
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Did not see you understand that there is water in the line, or water pipes in the water. Line management of water, that is, when your home off the assembly line just fool you, tube. If only the sewer and your home at the junction of the junction of water seepage, it is easy to handle, looking for property, that is, later do not do waterproof, kitchen and toilet floors are waterproof, new house property management. Old house property, regardless of the words can only find upstairs tenants, will be his home problem, his home this is re-decoration? The The problem is clear that a good solution
Q:What are the steps for the laying of the cable laying, the requirements of the laying of the cable bushing
You look at what he is using the power, how much, according to the standard to buy one, even the power on the line

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