TUV solar cable for phtovoltaic system single core pv cable 1x4

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Production Introduction


PV1-F photovoltaic cable is a kind of special cable used in solar power generation system. It is mainly applicable to DC voltage, derivate links of generating equipment, confluence connection between components and generating equipment system of DC1800V. It has climate resistance, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, UV and ozone resistance and other characteristics. The life service is at least 25 years.


Tinned copper conductor has superior conductive effect. High performance insulation and sheath after high energy electron accelerator radiation crosslinking plays an absolutely reliable insulating performance and mechanical performance.


This product is green, free halogen low smoke, low halogen low smoke product. In the event of fire accident, flame spread slowly, smoke concentration is low, high visibility, small amount of harmful gas release, easily evacuation for people, and have more time to deal with fire.


Production Specification


l  Production name: photovoltaic cable

l  Model: PV1-F

l  Standard: 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007

l  Conductor material: Tinned copper

l  Insulation material: Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant radiation crosslinked polyolefine

l  Sheath material: Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant radiation crosslinked polyolefine

l  Nominal cross section: 4.0mm ²

l  Ampacity: 55A

l  Core Number: 1

l  Conductor Structure: Mutiple-strand Tinned Copper

l  Weight: 72kg/km

l  Conductor diameter: 2.6mm

l  Product diameter: 6.1±0.1mm

l  Resistance(20): 5.09Ω/km

l  Test Voltage: 6.5KV/5min, no break down

l  Environmental temperature: -4090

l  The highest temperature of conductor: 120

l  Short circuit temperature: 5 seconds, 200

l  Service life: 25 years-40~90℃)

l  Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV(AC)  1.8kV(DC)

l  Climate resistance: UV

l  Flame retardant: single vertical burning(IEC60811-2-1)

l  Sunlight resistance test: HD605/A1

l  Ozone resistance test for finished cable: EN50396

l  Smoke density: IEC61034EN50268-2

l  Halogen acid release quantity: IEC670754-1 EN50267-2-1


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