TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

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TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV CablePackaging Details:Packing in wooden drum or Accroding to customer demand

Delivery Detail::2-5 Days after receive your payment


TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

1.solar cable 6mm2 
2.Competitive Price For customers 
3.Best Reputation 
4.Solar energy cable 
5.10 year's experience~


TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in photovoltaic power generation.A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components in the photovoltaic system.

Test ltems


Specification of  LC


1×25 single core cable


The purity of copper for tinned copper   conductor



Nos. & size of single wire



Stranded OD





Electron-beam cross-linked material

Nominal thickness  



Min. thickness  



Nominal OD







Electron-beam cross-linked material

Nominal thickness  



Min. thickness  



Nominal OD





Cable marking 

Solar cable 1×25mm2  Shenzhen   Longcheng Techology Co.,Lt

TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

Nominal voltage: Uo/U-600/1000 AC, 1800DC

Test Voltage:  6500V, 5min, 50Hz

Conductor DC resistance at 20°C≤ 0.795Ω/km

Temp.  rating: -40°C~+125°C

Max. Conductor Temp.:  +120°C

Ambiet Temp. (-40°C~+90°C): >25 years

Bending radius: ≥8×cable OD

Fire performance: IEC60332-1  TUV 3Pfg1169/08:2007

UV Resistant  ≥720h

Content of halogen acid gas: IEC670754-1 EN50267-2-1

Smoke density: IEC61034, EN50268-2

Cross section of wires: 

TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

1.5mm2, 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2


TUV Global approval Photovoltaic PV Cable

A: Dual wall insulation,electron beam cross linked.


B: Excellent resistance to U.V. oil greases, oxyen and ozone.


C: Halogen free, flame retardant, low toxicity.


D: Excellent filexibility and stripping performance,and excellent resistance to abrasion.

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Q:when sending off an xbox, do I include the power cables in the box?
dont send anything but the xbox! take out the hard drive all memory cards wireless and all wires before you send it back if you send anything else to microsoft they will not send it back they only send you back an xbox without a hard drive and a month of free xbox live no matter what you send them.
Q:Will a psp go /slim usb data and power cable work on a dead psp go?
#a million. by no ability purchase memory enjoying cards from OKorder. ninety 8% of them are pretend. #2. it relies upon on what sort of telephone you have. yet sure, ive considered a minimum of two distinctive music telephones that use a similar card #3. sure, the usb cable is only a usb cable. the psp edge is a 'b', the pc edge is an 'a'
Q:Wich power supply cable do i need for Nvidia GeForce 8800gt ?
Yes, that is the right cable adapter BUT You need to be sure that your power supply can handle the additional load of the card.
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Most Amplfier will turn on without the rca cables, but some might not. Its really a matter of chance. =)
Q:Can i use an AC power cable in place of an ordinary 2-wire telephone cable?
telephone wire is twisted pair.. which reduces interference, and induction problems... using electrical cable in place of phone cable would work but not without acting like an antenna and picking up all kinds of back ground interference... as well as potentially degrading the signal for your DSL...
Q:where to plug in E4034 case power cables on motherboard?
With maximum motherboards there is purely one thank you to attach the flexibility cable to the board, otherwise it purely wont in effective condition. i think there's a splash notch on the cable which ought to line up with the notch on the board
Q:What is the largest external harddrive I can get without the need for it's own power cable?
I okorder.com that are usb powered, around 75 US
Q:Transoceans fiber optical cables need signal boosting. How are boosters powered?
The repeaters use copper wire bundled together with the fiber optic to power the repeaters, the voltage drop is managed with an engineered choice of voltage and current. Each cable has a different combination to suite the particular distance. And each cable would be tailored for the individual application.
Q:Question about replacing the power supply?
The HDD power cable has no clips, the SATA cable usually does though. The ATX power cable especially (20/24pin) will give quite a lot of resistance, just make sure to keep pushing the clip down while pulling up equally, meanwhile, keep an eye on the motherboard, it'll flex and bend as you pull it up, but yes, you will have to pull quite hard to get things out, harder than you would normally think, I was the same as you, I keep thinking if I pull/push too hard or force things they'll break, but components are far more robust and resistant than you think.
Q:Why does the power cable for the amp need to be ran away from the RCA cables?
the music will be distorted

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