TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

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What is solar cable?

solar cable is used in photovoltaic power generation and solar system solar cable interconnects solar panels andelectrical components in the photovoltaic 

system. Solar cables are designed to be UV weather resistant.(-40 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The maximum DC current voltage for mostsolar cables is 1.8 kilovolts (kV) Flexible Cable

TUV Certificated UV Resistant 2.5mm2/4.0mm2/6.0mm2 Extention Solar Cable With MC4


Hot Selling Market 


NSW QLD VIC(Sydney /Melbourne /Brisbane/Adelaide/Fremantle Port)Australia and Japan


Hot Selling Size


Solar PV Cable 2x4mm/Solar Cable 2x6mm/Dc Solar Cable 4mm /PV Cable 6mm

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China

TUV Approved Twin Solar Cable Made in China


Product Description For dual-core pv solar cable  


Standards:AS/NZS 5033.2012,  PV1-F of TUV 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007  TUV-Zert R50203088


Marking:TÜV  2  PfG  1169  PV1-F  1/2×1.5mm2-35mm2 Or OEM


Packing Length:100m/Roll Bule/Black Plastic Drum  500m/Roll Wooden Drum


Core Color:  Single core:  red or black    Twin cores:  Red and Black /Red and Blue



(Plentiful Stock, Accept Qty ( MOQ 1Roll/100meter )For Testing Quality

11*4 mm2 solar cable12500 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
21*6 mm2  solar cable
10000Meters/Pallet  solar cable
31*10mm2  solar cable
6000 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
41*16 mm2  solar cable
4000Meters/Pallet  solar cable
52*4 mm2  solar cable
6400 Meters/Pallet  solar cable
62*6 mm2  solar cable
4000Meters/Pallet  solar cable

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Q:what volt fuse do I use in my audio power cable on my car amplifier? ripspeed amp.?
G man and timothy are the only ones who are right. The others do not understand about fuses. The current rating is an absolue so an 8amp fuse will blow when 9 amps goes through it. The voltage is just an indication of the possible use, but it just does not matter in this range. At all. SO sorry your husband is right and it would work fine and give exactly the same protection as the original. You are not changing the specification in any way that matters. If you want the physics, heat produced in a wire equals I (current) squared x R (resistance) x time (seconds) Joules. No voltage element in that equation. SO if the current flowing generates more heat than can radiate away from the fuse wire, it will get hotter until it melts - when the fuse has blown.
Q:A sub-eight splitter, behind the link ONU equipment, which also need to add fiber patch panels, or can be directly connected?
How do you not say that the three-phase system or two-phase system, if the two systems is the power in addition to the voltage is equal to the current, three-phase power per kilowatt multiplied by 2 equal to the current, such as 220V, 3000W / 220V = 13.6A, 380V, 3KW * 2 = 6A. Wire 10 square below, each square can be with 5A, which is the calculation of aluminum core line, copper wire line operator count, 220V aluminum core must be greater than 2.5 square, copper core must be greater than 1.5 square, 380V with aluminum core The line must be greater than 1.5 square and the copper wire must be greater than 1 square. At this time should also consider the equipment to start the current and increase the appropriate diameter.
Q:My xbox has a red light on the power cable?
lol its not the red ring of death as the first answer said and even if it was that CAN be fixed.its obviously something wrong with the adapter (the box with the wire on it lol) and not the xbox itself so if your xbox is still under warranty then you can just send it back to get fixed.if not then you may need to invest in a new adapter/power cable
Q:What power cable can I use with a server?
You should be able to use a large three prong power cable (with a ground on it) for your server.
Q:Car Audio Installation and Setup?
Power cables are very very important when running a comp set up. You want as much current running through as you can possible get. Same goes for your ground, you want it to be just as good. Monster Cables are a very good brand of cable. RMS is basically the wattage a speaker can take continuously. If you run twice as many watts through your amp it will be significantly louder and boost your SPL.
Q:what kind of power supply cable plugs into the hard drive?
they are called molex connectors, for optical and hard drives, berg connector for floppy drive
Q:Power cable explodes in my face and I am freaking out?
Everything will be fine to turn the switches back on, but you must unplug the cord you were cutting first. If not, you'll hear another loud pop as the breaker switches off. Unplug the cord, then turn the switches back on. Before you plug the tv in, check the cord going to it for burn or charring. If you do not see any, then stand to the side of the tv away from the screen and back, and then plug it in. Be careful. Unplug the cut cord first!!!
Q:What accessories/cables should I buy for this apple computer?
Power cable, USB keyboard, USB mouse. That's it. Find a power cable (any old computer power cable will work) and see if it even powers on and does anything first. Crack it open. Set it on its face, then undo the three screws across the bottom. They do NOT come out. They only loosen up until you can't turn them anymore. The back pops off. Look for any swollen or leaking capacitors. If you find any, then it's junk. If you don't, then see if there's any RAM in it. If not, toss some PC3200 DDR RAM in there and see if you get anything.
Q:Can I just have a HDMI cable to power a monitor?
An HDMI cable is not a power cable, it is only used to view the picture from whatever source it is.
Q:Can 110kv and 10kv cables co-share with trenches? What is the relevant specification?
With a straight pipe with a matching pipe (commonly known as the hoop), in order to prevent the joints at the slippery, PVC glue can be used after the smear. If the trouble, then use the electrical cloth cloth to the two tube package can also be strict.

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