tungsten powder high density purity tungsten powder

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Tungsten Powder Features:

- Deep or bright grey powder.

- High melting point.

- Also been named SCHEELITE

Tungsten Powder Applications:

- Used in hard alloys, diamond tools, high density alloys, raw materials of W-Re electric

thermocouples, alloys of contact headers.

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Q:What are the special precautions for tungsten powder poisoning?
Dust masks (can prevent: dust, smoke, fog, microbial) protection class KN100, KN95 and KN90 three grades, high dust, ultra-fine dust and fog explosion table, it is recommended to choose KN100 level
Q:I am packing tungsten powder at the factory and wearing a mask to get dusty
In the eyes of Chinese medicine, the relationship between the largest intestine and lungs, lung toxins depends on whether the large intestine is smooth, radish can help the large intestine excrement, raw or mixed with cold dishes can be.
Q:What is the harm of tungsten powder to the body?
Tungsten is a heavy metal, tungsten and its compounds are toxic and low toxicity.
Q:What is the difference between tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder?
Tungsten powder is completely tungsten element tungsten content is generally more than 98%, there are very few magazines
Q:What is the principle of tungsten powder?
Tungsten powder to tungsten oxide as raw material, in the four-tube muffle furnace or multi-tube furnace with hydrogen reduction
Q:What color should the color of nano-tungsten oxide powder be?
Did not hear tungsten oxide as a photocatalyst, nor titanium oxide, titanium dioxide Titanium dioxide also has three kinds of crystal structure
Q:Domestic denitrification catalyst dedicated titanium tungsten powder; quality how?
Nano-scale titanium dioxide as a catalyst for SCR denitration catalyst, accounting for the catalyst powder and the total cost of more than half
Q:What is the HCP of tungsten carbide powder?
This parameter generally refers to the lattice type of cemented carbide, HCP (closed hexagonal phase), FCC (face square hexagonal phase), BCC (body cube cubic lattice)
Q:What are the major producers of tungsten and tungsten carbide powder in the world?
You can query the business directory, there are Chinese ferroalloy online
Q:What is the performance and standard of tungsten powder?
Especially the effect of purity and particle size is more obvious. Tungsten powder is classified according to purity and particle size and for different uses.

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