Tuli Environmental protection latex(Homes, schools, hospitals,and large buildings interior wall)

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China main port
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100 kg
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10000 kg/month

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Product Description:

• Features:

 • Use: used in ordinary homes, schools, hospitals, real estate and other large buildings interior wall decoration


 • Main features: low VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, with hiding power, scrub, cover minor cracks, mold resistance etc.

• Direct brushing 2-3 times

• Theoretical coverage:

• 8 m / kg


• Construction Guidance:

  1, construction of the wall must be clean, dry (moisture content 10%), no dust and oil;

  2, Adding 0% -5% water dilution before use, stir, then spray, brush or roller application;

  3, Brushing 2-3 times, each time interval 2 hours;

  4, The product brush area 8 / kg (one time), the temperature below 5 , not construction


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Q:Paint curing agent, what those paint needs curing agent
Paint is divided into two types of single-component and two-component, two-component paint is divided into the main paint and curing agent, the need to mix the main paint and curing agent before use, and single-component paint can be used directly. Oxygen anticorrosive paint is two-component paint, acrylic polyurethane paint, polyurethane paint, fluorocarbon coating, chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating is also a two-component, chlorinated rubber paint and silicone high temperature paint, high chlorinated polyethylene coating, Alkyd paint is a one-component paint. Tianjin Jinhai special paint Decoration Co., Ltd.
Q:What is the main difference between a one-component polyurethane and a polymer cement-based waterproof coating?
One-component wet-curing polyurethane resin coating construction is simple, the substrate treatment requirements are not too strict, the surface of the construction material without clean water, construction ingredients do not strictly measured.
Q:Is ICI paint a latex paint?
Is a British manufacturer, its production of latex paint, in China more famous products are more music brand. A few years ago by Akzo Nobel acquisition.
Q:Explain how the polymer is formed
A plurality of identical organic molecules are formed by covalent bonding
Q:whats the deal with black paint?
complicated problem do a search at google or bing this could help
Q:What is the difference between paint and plastic?
The most conventional, the role of paint a lot of simple to say that the role of decorative protection, plastic is used a lot of very wide, not to say what is mainly used to do.
Q:What is "flexible polymer"?
Indoor insulation: the room must maintain a positive temperature above 5 ℃, or should be used to increase the temperature of the furnace heating method, so that up to 5 ℃ above the positive temperature conditions to start construction.
Q:How to color leather products
Squeeze dyeing method The method is to first dye and plastic by dry dyeing method for mixing, and then extruded with a special extruder into a thin, cut into granular. The method of color mixing is good, help to disperse the poor pigment.
Q:What is the origin of the names of thermoplastic polymers and thermosetting polymers?
Plastic refers to the plasticity, as the name implies, the thermoplastic polymer is heated to a certain temperature after the molecular chain between the lifting of the tangled (or crystal melting), which becomes viscous material, in the role of external force can be deformed or flow . In contrast, thermosetting polymers undergo chemical cross-linking, onlookers are three-dimensional network of macromolecules, when heated will not enter the viscous flow, and thus can not be used thermoplastic processing, if you continue to heat, the thermosetting material Will occur degradation, oxidation, carbonation, until the combustion.
Q:Paint fume?
Maybe your headache is from the strain when you were painting. It involves moving in ways you don't do everyday. Hope you feel better. Take a warm bath or shower.

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