Tubular motor for rolling windows, doors, blinds, screens and rolling shutters 28mm

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Product Description:


·         Product Description 
Tubular Motor with Manual 
Durable, Safe and convenient. Operation convenience. Brief design and convenient installation, supported by the govenment 
Designed by international advanced technology, 
high techniques, stable and reliable


The ideal tubular motor for automatic window and garage door, roller shutter and awning etc, with TUV, CE, ISO9001-2008 certificates, Low noise, efficient, energie saving, high Efficiency, long time life 


Features Tubular Motor : 
1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS,

Outer packing Tubular Motor : 
6pcs/carton with foam in it



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Q:What are the advantages of ac generators compared to dc motors?
The biggest advantage of ac generators is that there is no commutator. And alternator can laid poles on the rotor, it's more manufacturing created the condition for the large capacity generator (excitation power is a few percent of generator power only); Due to the existence of commutator, the development of dc generator is limited. The widely application of the alternator has also benefited from the invention of the ac squirrel-cage motor, ac squirrel-cage asynchronous motor has simple structure, strong, easy maintenance, the advantages of dc motor pressure up anymore; In addition, the alternating current can be changed at random and can be transported over long distances. Due to alternating current (ac) is widely used, so the alternator also got great development, in addition, the development of power electronic technology, the direct current (dc) don't need a dc generator can get, so less dc generator.
Q:The moment of inertia per motor is equal to the inertia ratio?
Yes, in the transmission shaft system, the rotational inertia of the axis of rotation is the output axis of inertia (Je) to the calculation axis reduction of the ratio squared (I squared). In other words, from the low speed axis to the high-speed axis, the high-speed axis rotational inertia (Jo) = low velocity axis rotational inertia (J1) is the reduction of the speed of the inertia (I squared). From the high speed axis to the low-speed axis, the inertia of the low speed axis (J1) = high speed axis rotational inertia (Jo) x reduction (I squared). In the calculation, the deceleration ratio is greater than or equal to 1, which is the low speed shaft tooth number/high gear number. The high-speed axis is usually the motor shaft.
Q:The vector control ac motor drive is the converter?
I can send you the data, there are two kinds of actuators, one is the servo actuator, one is the frequency converter, there is the mailbox, I send you an EMAIL.
Q:Is ac servo motor power fixed
The rated power of ac servo motor for a finished product is fixed. But the actual power of the actual runtime varies with the load.
Q:What is the difference between dc brushless motor and dc brushmotor?
The difference between a brushmotor and a brushless motor is whether it is configured with a commonly used brush - commutator. The commutation of the brush dc motor has been achieved through the contact of the graphite brush with the ring commutator mounted on the rotor. The dc brushless motor will give the rotor position feedback back to the control circuit through the hall sensor, allowing it to know the exact time of the phase change of the motor. Most manufacturers of brushless motor have three halls Effect location sensor. Because brushless motor does not have electric brush, reason also has no relevant interface, hence cleaner, the noise is smaller, actually need not maintain, life is longer.
Q:Ac frequency conversion air conditioning compressor is synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
The compressor is synchronous and asynchronous, only the synchronous motor is more efficient, the speed control is accurate. The asynchronous motor is suitable for high power compressor, such as central air conditioning. As for synchronous or asynchronous, the input is high voltage direct, because direct communication can't change frequency.
Q:Is the extruder in 110KW a good ac motor or dc motor?
Usually dc motors, the mechanical properties of low speed are better than ac motors
Q:Why does a single motor have a series of capacitors
Also useful short circuit ring, but the string capacitor is more. Starting needs.
Q:What are the main parts of alternators?
Ac generator is mainly composed of two major part is three-phase ac generators and silicon diode rectifier. x0d three-phase ac generator is mainly composed of the rotor and stator, and front and back end cover, fan, pulley, etc. x0d (1) the effect of the rotor magnetic field is. It is mainly composed of two pieces of claw pole, exciting winding and the slip ring, etc. Two pieces of the same shape claw pole cross to the pressure on the shaft, its space is equipped with steel magnetic clutches and exciting winding, at both ends of the field winding are respectively welded on each other's insulation slip ring, after two brush | bow out with the generator set iron column and magnetic field on the end cover by column. When the field current through, then form a mutual crisscross 6 pole. x0d
Q:What effect is the capacitor on the ac motor?
Start the capacitance to generate an electrical Angle in the moment the motor starts, producing a rotating magnetic field. The capacitance does not work after normal operation

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