TSY Single Stage Double Suction Horizontal Split Casing Centrifugal Pump

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Singlestage Double Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pump 
Water supply,fire protection,irrigation/sea water 

Application of Centrifugal Pump 

Applied in power station water supply,

Cooling water

Water supply distribution
Municipal water projects, 
Fire-fighting works, 
Mines and other industries. 

Operating conditions of Centrifugal Pump 

Outlet caliber: 800-1600 mm 
Head rang: 90-200m (up to 600 ft)
Capacity range: 3400-20250m3/h 
Max. Working temperature<105 oC (up to 200 oF)

Standard material

Pump body: cast iron/ductile cast iron/cast steel/stainless steel or duplex S.S

Impeller: Cast iron/bronze/duplex S.S/stainless steel

Shaft: C-steel/Cr-steel/stainless steel

Wear ring: Cast iron/brass/stainless steel


The casing is axially split which permits removal of the complete rotor without moving either piping or motor. Pumps generating high heads have double volutes to reduce radial forces. Replaceable wear ring protect the casing at the impeller running clearance. Flange drilled to ISO, DIN, BS or ANSI.

The close double suction impeller gives practically zero axial forces. Each impeller is statically and dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940.

Vertical or horizontal, soft packing or mechanical seal, grease or oil lubrication bearing on request.

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Q:Water pump that cools water?
You okorder.com/
Q:could my water pump be going out?
You need to find the Heater Core water valve.. That's the part that works as the TEMP. Control.. Water Pumps don't die slowly..and leak tremendously.. === Sometimes the Water Control valve(seizes).. So..you need somebody to throw the TEMP Lever back and forth..until you can find the valve location.. You may see the cable moving--put not acting upon the valve.. Usually the valve is shot--spraying a lubricant at it won't do anything.. It needs to be removed--too be worked upon.. Also check all the heater hoses for wear--damage--you may need to rebuild that part of the system.
Q:why is a water pump losing pressure?
There is a leak somewhere. You may not notice it because it is outside or under ground. Or it could be your check valve that is leaking. It is located on the supply line inside the well. The only way to test it for sure is to pull the line.
Q:Using a vacuum pump to boil cold water?
I'm not telling you it all but you can take an A.C vacuum pump and it will lower the boiling point of the water where it will boil at only 65 to 75 degrees Ferlinghetti
Q:1990 gti water pump replacement?
It's not 1990 gti but maiby it's help photo.qip.ru/users/pal78/96493081/all/
Q:How do the water pump work please till me water pump mechanism?
Water pumps can be positive displacement or impeller type. Either of these increases the pressure of the water and so can move or lift the water. Centrifugal is an impeller type where a sort of fan blows the water. If the fan stops the water can flow back. You'll need to prime these if they get dry. Fishtanks might use this. Positive displacement means that the water is pushed by some sort of piston. Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement and useful if you don't want the water to run back. Also you won't need to prime it because won't drop the water out when it stops. I'm not sure where hydraulic ram type pumps come into this scheme but they rely on the inertia of moving water to generate high pressure pulses to pump water.
Q:what r the signs water pump is going out on 2000 ford focus zx3 2.0l zetec dohc? thanx in advance.?
ummm please make sure you have proper coolant and not just water in your rad
Q:Does anyone know how much a water pump would be for a ford taurus?
35 okorder.com
Q:Best way to adjust electric water pump speed?
A potentiometer will work, and this could be wired in series with the pump as long as its minimum resistance was zero ohms. You can also use an adjustable voltage regulator which would likely be more energy efficient but a more complex device. A potentiometer or regulator would need to have a minimal rating of 12V * 2A = 24 watts. A potentiometer, that is made for 12 volt applications, should be available at a local auto parts store. It has a simple, ceramic insulated, wire-wound resistor, and should have a 5 to 10 amp rating Sources below are to more sophisticated controllers than a simple potentiometer.
Q:How to prime a water pump for a turtle tank?
hi, I advise you drain the pond/inventory tank and positioned a trough hull installation to allow you to hook up a valve for prompt draining. I used a a million one on my 3 hundred gallon inventory tank and it will drain in below 5 min. otherwise a submersible sump pump is the suited type to get they have a exhibit on the backside the place the %. up is to evade plugging you are able to could sparkling the prefilter exhibit periodically. You hook up a backyard hose and drop it in.

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